getting caught getting fucked by my best friends dog.


Iam a dude by the way. . . iv always been interested in dog sex. well one day my best friends mother called and asked if i could take care of their house,animals,and kids. my best friend was out of town and his mother was going to visit other family down south.

well i had to babysit my friends younger sister(sarah) age 15, and younger brother(steve) 8. so i went over saterday and wished sarah`s mother good trip, and she left. i then went and sat in the living room and turned on the tv. sarah joined me laying on the couch and kinda was laying up against me she was in pj`s because it was getting dark.

steve came into the living room and told me he was going to bed, as he left i said"sarah. . . . time for bed". she didnt reply.

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  she fell asleep on me, so i didnt bother waking her and i dozed off too. when i woke up it was morning, the kids were gone to school, so i had the hole house to myself, not including the two male shepreds staring at me like i was supper.

i went into the kitchen and grabed some dog food and fed the dogs. i went back into the living room and took off my pants and boxers and started to stroke my dick, i closed my eyes and imagined doing my friends mom. i then got a rough but enjoyable intrusion on my balls and dick. i open my eyes to one of the dogs licking away, i was just about to stop him but took a longer lick that grazed my ass hole and up my balls.

after about ten minutes or so i scouted closer to the edge to give him more a chance to get at my virgin hole. i enjoyed it so much i was in a trance and didnt notice him stop and climb up and try to mount me, i felt him grasp my sides and felt something poking at my raw hole. i then feel something enter my ass, i opened my eyes to see the dogs red large dick sliding out of site deep into my rectum, as i was being humped roughly i began to relax.

as he was having his way with me i noticed a swelling of his cock sliding in and out of me until it stopped coming out, he eventually slowed his pace and stopped, both of us were breathing heavily. he dismounted me and i began to get worried, his cock was stuck in me, i reached down and grabbed the base of his cock and just as i was about to pull it out a voice came out from behind me, "dont pull it out it will rip you", my heart jumped to way higher pace and i yanked my head around to see. . . . .

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More to come:P. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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