Cheerleader and Boyfriends Coach, Casey's Revenge


I got into my car and left the student parking lot. On my way home my plan was becoming and more and more in focus. I'd do it during the night. The rest of the cheerleading squad and myself often stayed over at Coach Spence's house, to discuss things with Sarah, his wife, the squad leader. It was the perfect oppertunity. When I reached my house I hurried inside to write down everything that was going through my brain. While the squad was discussing all of the gossip around the school, I'd go to "get a drink" and I'd sneak into his room. While he's asleep, I'll pay him back so he never forgets my name. I had a fool proof plan, and I was ready to take action. I spoke to Sarah the next day and she said she could set up the sleep over for Saturday night. Everything was looking great, and I was sure my plan would work. The weekend was coming up fast, and to make things move along faster, I spent every night of the week with David. He still meant the world to me, and I couldn't believe I had to keep such a big thing from him, but who could I tell if I was going to get him back?Saturday at around 8:00pm the whole squad met at Sarah's house. Coach Spence had to coach a football game only a few hours before and he decided he was going to come home, eat and go to bed. Anytime the squad stays at Sarah's we always made dinner, so I was more then happy to get the drinks for everyone. Sarah and Coach Spence wanted coffee, the girls on the squad wanted different soda's, and I stuck with milk.


   While everyone took their food into the dinning room. I took the drinks out and we all shared small talk around the dinner table. I could tell the long day was soon taking it's toll on Coach Spence, his name is Chris by the way. Chris excused himself and made his way to his bedroom. We made our way to the living room after dinner and began with the usual gossip. After what I believed to be an hour I excused myself to get something to drink. I was sure that no one say where I was going, and I quietly snuck into Chris' room. There he was, asleep, he looked so innocent that way. But what he appeard to be and what he was were two different things, as I knew now. I called his name a few times before I was sure he was asleep. This was it. It was now that I would find out, did I have the guts?I walked over to his bed and climbed in next to him. He was going to get what he deserved. I shook him and told him to wake up. He smiled innocently at me as he saw it was me.

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   I talked him into getting up and going into the bathroom with me. When we were in the bathroom I started grinding my hips against him. I had to get him caught. I pushed off his boxers and he looked at me in bewilderment. I just smiled and dropped to my knee's. He looked down at me as I slid my fingers around his cock and began to stroke very softly. He couldn't say anything before I wrapped my lips around his semi-hard cock. As I did he moaned softly and began rubbing my head. I ran my lips up and down along his thick shaft as he grabbed my hair and moaned each time his cock went down my throat. I felt him grow harder and harder in my mouth and after a few minutes of sucking I stood up and looked at him. "Chris, I want you to fuck me like you did in the pool. I want you to force me again" I said, thinking to myself "so this time you can be caught, not only by the school, but by your wife as well. " He grabbed my tank top and ripped it off of me, then he ripped off my shorts and looked at me. "You're becoming a real slut Casey. What would David think?" I looked at him and whispered quietly "He'll never know.

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  " That was all it took. Chris shoved me against the bathroom wall hard and pulled my legs apart. He rubbed the head of his cock along my slit and asked if it was what I wanted. I looked at him and said "Chris, I want you to force me like you did before. " With that he looked at me and without saying a word he forced his cock inside my tight cunt. I started screaming and telling him to stop, and he whispered to me "Keep it down My wife will hear. " He started forcing his cock deeper and deeper inside of me, it was starting to hurt and I didnt know how much longer I could stand it. He started moaning and telling me what a good slut I was. I screamed even louder. At that point I heard someone rushing up the stairs and knew he was caught, so I screamed louder and looked at him and quietly said "That's what I want. " He looked at me alarmed as the door flew open and his wife stood their gawking at the site of me crying and begging him to stop, and him just ramming his cock deeper. She rushed over and pushed Chris away from me, after this he grunted really loud and came all over himself. Sarah started calling him all sorts of filthy names, he was at a loss for words as his wife ran down stairs to call the cops. He glared at me and all he could say is "You dirty little whore. " That night the cops came and took him into custody.

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   I felt so much better about myself knowing that he wouldn't do it again. The squad members all went home, we all said bye to Sarah and I climbed into my car, knowing I had gotten him back. Although I would have prefered to mutilate his balls, I know this way HE will be the one taking it up the ass from people bigger then him. Kind of ironic isn't it?.

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