Topic: MY FLIRTATIOUS MUM 4 Pt. 4 Flirtacious yes,but a lot more comes to the surface.
 Dad springs a surprise on me,then mum does as much for having a younger brother,how does he know all these things? More of that later; I advised my brother to beat it to his own room as mum was sure to come to see what we'd been doing in the loft, - That's a laugh,in the loft my eye! - At that instant, mum, 'You lot done doing yet'? My brother disappear's as though shot fom a cannon.  Dad looking out the bedroom door made me giggle as with some late goo hanging on his knob,he swipes it off with his now removed boxer's. 'Be down now just changing my boxer's and that,you'd never credit what the loft got over them' Mum now appearing at the top of the stairs,takes a look at his knob from where she is, 'you're flashing to your daughter again,put it away' Dad disappeared back in the room. 'Take no notice Lynn,he'd walk naked down the road if he thought he wouldn't get arrested,he's forever hanging that thing out'
 Then as an after thought, 'Or trying to stick it in' 'High mum,when's tea'? Her mouth answered, 'About 20' but her eyes looked straight at his semi hardon in his boxer's, 'That's disgusting Roy, avert your eyes Lynn,if you look at that you might go blind' 'M-U-U-M, you're embarrassing you are,if you hadn't said anything our Lynn wouldn't have looked' Blatently now because she knew I knew about their hallway activity,mum made a kiss motion towards his cock,then giggling hilariously,she headed down the stairs.
 Roy beckoned to me to come nearer, 'Do you think she knows you seen us'? No, I lied. 'What a dirty brother I've got,mum looked mesmerized as soon as she saw your cock half hard,you done that on purpose didn't you'? 'Well what would you expect,dad just got you so I'm going to get mum again then you' 'Not unless I say you can' 'You'll see' to this comment,I wondered what he was infering. He added, 'I got a secret and it was from your window just when dad came the first time in you that I spotted it,you just see,from now on our mum will be like putty in my hands when it comes to being fucked'
 I thought,you blackmailing little scroat,what did you see? 'Come on,tell me now you little cretin,its obviously something she wouldn't want dad to know' All this was done in very hushed tones. 'Lynn come here a minute' Its dad and Roy darted back to his room again. - Came the shock! - I entered dad's bedroom,he was still completely naked with a rampant hardon. As I hesitated not knowing if it was for me and knowing mum was only just down stairs. 'Close that a minute' I did,fully expecting to be speared on the end of his hardon any second. Instead he indicated for me to come nearer as he clicked a button on a small recorder. In a very quiet voice now, 'This I had,to record my bosses requests so I could recheck what he said he required us to do, 'cause some of my work is very complicated. Listen' He clicked play and grinning broadly, 'This is what gave me this' Pointing to his hardon, 'Oh if only it was on film'!
 The hushed voices were all to familiarly plain,I'd heard what was being said quite recently,it was Roy trying to get mum to let him have her in the hallway, 'You wouldn't have thought that was heard from this room would you'? 'Just wait till in a minute,'cause this thing starts and stops by sensing sound' A plain click sounded a little while after my brother finished fucking in the hallway.

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   'I'm trying to work out where exactly they were doing it. From this next bit it might be in the bathroom,but I would have thought it would have sounded more hollow if it was there,you listen now' Click it started again,it was Roy talking about fucking mum and no guesses that the panting and other sounds was from him wanking in his bedroom. Click again and I knew by now what the next sound would be. I was wrong though,the next faint sounds was me masterbating myself. Dad chipped in, 'It goes on a bit like this till the tape ended,either you or Roy wanking or me fucking your mother then the one or both of you wanking again,but just listen to this' He popped out one tape and put another in. It was Mum and my brother in her bedroom when Roy fucked her on her bed.
 'So my chicken,its full ahead all the way for you and me,anytime you're randy,this is available for you, - pointing at his hardon, - but leave enough for your mum,she's an even more randy bitch than I imagined' What are you going to do to Roy? 'Nothing,look what it did to this' Fuck! Dad was as randy a bugger as mum,he was going to let his son have his mother as often as he felt like it. Then my mind switched,bugger,if my brother knows that. He'll not let on what he knew about mum. 'Dad,we need to keep this between ourselves,you know,our little secret like' 'I don't have a problem with that,but I wish I could figure how that dirty little mind of yours worked. One bit I didn't play on the first tape just as it finished, I heard Roy confirm your cunt exposure had made me hard,I suppose he'll come on to you after getting your mum'
 I nearly said he had but you got first go,but checked myself before saying anything. 'I'd let you wank me but tea must be done' I snuk back to my room with my pussy dripping juice. A head appeared as dad disappeared,My brother lingered at my door admiring my ass and pussy as I pulled on a clean pair of panty's. 'What was that all about,another fucking,you were in there long enough too' Stupid,he just wanted to show me something. 'Yeah like that fucking great hardon you keep giving him' I knew I'd flushed up in my cheeks.

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   My brother was jealous that he hadn't had me first.  'There I knew it was' he said, I left it at that. My brain was thinking,If I'm going to try Roy I better do it out the house so dad can't listen to us cumming together,well not straight away anyway,let him get used to fucking me and hearing how often his son is fucking mum.
 I'd been thinking about dad not getting quite all of his dick in me and if my brother with even more length and thickness,might try to go to wild when pushing and hurt my slit. I rolled a question at mum, 'Mum,do you think there might be a man's,you know,that would be to long or thick for a woman to manage'? Possibly! 'Well what can a woman do like,can she have it in a different position or something'? 'Well,take your brother, - not literally I don't mean, - Now,as you have now seen,he has more than his share for most women but I had no trouble having it all up me did I'? I flushed a bit at this straight talk. 'Well when you were watching he had me against the wall, I must admit,when he hit my deep end I had to wiggle a bit to get some in my wombs neck,but that opened up alright for it' Yeah but you've had babies,I'll be tighter won't I? 'So? I had no trouble when he took me from behind,it slipped straight in to the hilt,no trouble. You just got to keep control of these cock swingers and let it happen how and as deep as you say. Their brains are in their balls like I said before.
 Then the second big shock of the day! 'Like you controlled your dad with your first time fuck,why did you think I went to Brenda's that long for'? How the fuck did mum know what we'd done? Not spitefully, I threw another in the ring, 'Yeah,I wondered about that,Brenda and her husband is away'? 'You're to smart by half,smarty pants,I had to feed their pets,ok? you never thought of that I bet'? Me again, 'So why would Roy infer,he saw something,do you reckon,he said to me he spotted something out my window' - I omitted,while listening to dad fuck me. - I swear I saw mum go a shade paler to this. 'Find out what he saw for me,I expect its about someone else,dogging little beast' No mum,it must be about you because he said,you wouldn't be able to resist his offer,No offerings. 'Little bastard,after I let him do you know what' - I just couldn't hold myself back. - FUCK YOU MUM,that's what you mean,isn't it.  I got a push on the shoulder for that, 'SSSH! Your dad might hear' I chuckled, HEAR! being so funny in this instant, 'WHAT NOW'? Nothing,I moved off to the diner.
 'Your sister/daughter is in the strangest mood today' mum introducing tea commented.

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   Dad looking dumb looked at me and said nothing,my brother couldn't resist a comment,being a woman mum is she,just like you! Swish,he just ducked a slap round the ear,then tea was ate and cleared away. My brother grabbed my arm for attention. 'When'? SSH! I'll let you know in a bit,I got to tell you something. With a quizzical look he said he was off to Tims for a while,while giving me a knowing look. That look told me he planned a two playing thing for me. Well why not,mustn't let dad know all my games must I.
 No living room flashing tonight I've got another plan outside,to see to! I go to my bedroom and just look out of my window. In no time I see Roy with Tim heading down our back lane, With a light jacket over my clothes I'm down and out as soon as Roy waves to come. Bye, as I fly through the back door. Mum's on her own,dad is obviously gone to his shed. Damn,I'd forgot,unlike early afternoon when they'd tried to get me in that shed,dad was about and so my plan needed a modification as to where I could let them get at my pussy and tits. I got it. Brenda's,she has a shed similar to ours and just as secluded,mum's in house so we'll have all the time it takes. Linking to the two out in the lane,I explain where we're going but not why we're going there. Roy knows and Tim must have guessed or been prompted by my brother because he was already showing at his trousers.

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 Roy couldn't contain himself for the shed,excitedly, 'Sis' when we get you going,will you wank us'? I will Tim,but you're my brother. - throwing Tim off the secret happening, -  Tim chipped in, 'Its only like Roy lic',I mean seeing your pussy and anyway,Joanna does her brothers every day,sometimes more than once,I think he's fucked her as well'! I looked at him, You're only saying that to get me too,you know she's my friend and she hasn't told me she has,you know; done it to or with him.  'I'll ask her to tell you' NO! Don't you dare you burke,its probably secret. As Tim being very excited,moved to the side to have a pee and in doing so showing me his hard cock. I whispered to Roy, Idiot,surely you knew he mustn't know you have licked my pussy. 'He doesn't,he was refering to when we tried to get you the other day'
 Oh! that stupid statement that you wouldn't see my tits. 'Yeah' By now we'd drifted round the end of our road and was now on the other side heading for Brenda's shed. Not locked! I guess its because mum is covering,I thought. So in we go. There was an area where I could have led with them on some soft stuff but remembering how mum said she took all my brothers eight incher,I was determined to try it stood up. Immediately they're both at me pulling my top up, - I'd purposely left my bra off,no hand marks. - Roy had one tit playing with and Tim the other. 'Let me hold both' it was Tim as he attempted to push my brothers hand out of the way. Roy relinquished his squeezing of my tit and Tim had both with relish,squeezing and holding.
 Tim don't bruise them,go steadier.

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   'Sorry,when are you going to wank us' Shut up and wait. My mind was more interested in my brothers fingers trying to move my knickers to one side as he grinned secretly at me,feeling me opening my legs to let him have more room to feel my pussy. Like conspiritors Tim never gave it a thought why my brother had let go of my tit so easily. I could feel I was already getting very wet and my brother had no problem getting his fingers inside now that dad had given me a fucking. He grabbed my panty's gusset and dragged it away from my quim enough to get his hand fully on my furry one.
 I put my hand down and took Roy's cock out, Tim hearing the noise of his zip took hold of my other hand and said 'And mine,do mine as well' He unzipped and I put my hand in and pulled his hardon free.  'OW! FUCK! You as well,go steady,you nearly snapped it,its so stiff it wouldn't bend,you could have snapped the top off' My brother sniggering,gave me some real hard thrusts in and out with his fingers. It made me push forward as I started to get horny. I had two hardon's and pulling them I knew Tim would cum quickly,I could feel him moving his ass in a fucking motion and his hands while still holding my tits had stopped fondling them.
 My brother on the other hand had pushed my skirt up around my waist and if Tim had,had the sense to look down he would had seen me trying to fuck Roys fingers as my knickers had been pulled down by Roy and was around my ankles. I felt some hot squirts hit my hip,Tim was shooting his spunk against my leg and as his ass pushed in a fucking motion I felt his knob push and go and push against my thigh again. 'OO! Fuck,you didn't half make me cum off. It was then that he had the sense to feel for my pussy.  As his fingers touched me,my brother pulled his hand away and helped my hand wanking him. 'See Tim,I told you I'd get her knickers off to let you have a feel of her pussy' He lied,looking at me in the deminishing light coming through the windows.

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 'Thanks mate,I just wouldn't believe she'd let me feel her,Thanks Lynn,Roy said he'd get them off for me to have a feel,fuck its so slippery' He just didn't realise that as his novice fingers searched all over my slit the unknown touching was turning me on so much,he could have got to fuck me regardless of Roy. I got his dick in my hand again,it was about half my brother's thickness and I was tempted to let him have a go first. Then I had a thought, I went down to his groin level and put it in my mouth. He gasped wobbled and 'Fuck Roy,she's going to gobble me' Roy knew,he could see what I was doing because he'd followed me down and was fucking my pussy with,I'm not sure how many fingers of one hand while he now continued what I'd left off doing. WANKING his cock.
 Tim was on another planet as I sucked him off and as he started shooting again my brother grunted and I felt his sperm shoot all over my ass as he knelt behind me. I felt his heat spurt on my ass cheek and my right thigh,then his last two spurts was as he rubbed his cock up and down my bum crease. I stood leaving Tim's cock wet with spit and some cum. I still had his cum in my mouth and as I stood in front of him I opened my mouth with my head bet forward and let it plop to the shed floor. My brother was stood behind with his still hard cock slipping up and down my bum crease as he slid it gently back and forward without Tim realising. Each time he sensed his cock near my asshole he prodded at it. The bastard! It was making me oh so horny and I'd still not had an orgasm.
 Tim was still feeling me then it seemed to dawn on him, 'Go on,let Roy feel you' No don't be so stupid he's my brother. 'That's not fair to him' He took his hand off my quim,for a second I thought he was pissed off but no, He took Roy's hand and put it at my pussy, 'Go on she'll let you,wont you Lynn, FUCK' We all ducked. The light had gone on in the house.

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   Tim, 'Fuck,they're back,we'd better get out of here' I looking at Roy smiling a whispy smile. Yeah,better head straight home,Tim,you go up towards your house and me and Roy'll go the other way but we better go individually. 'Yeah,that makes sense' My brother looking at me,knows what I know and I knew his instincts was to say, "What are you like,you know its only our mum"
 He plays along,guessing I guess or more likely hoping he's about to get my pussy on his cock,which he is,but not with an audience that may innocently blow what he'd seen us doing. Tim was off,happy that he'd got much more than he'd expected. A feel of my tits,a wank and even a sucking and to top it he's had a good feel of my very wet and horny pussy. His mother will have to unstick him from his sheets tomorrow morning I giggled to my brother. 'I wondered what you were at for a sec' then I realised,No witnesses to see me fuck my sister. You scheming dirty bitch' 'Why out here where we might get caught'? I'll tell you another time. But!!! There's a fee. 'Don't be daft,that would make you a prostitute'! NO, Not a fee,fee. A price to pay. What do you have on mum,that she wont be able to stop you from fucking her whenever you want to?
 'AH! Like what you said,I'll tell you after,even better,I'll show you. Its obvious,I can only show you when its happening so we'll fuck each other now then head for your bedroom to see her' You rat,why didn't you tell me that before,then I could have kept a watch till it happened. 'No,the situation got to be right to see it' The bastards driving me nuts now,but I had no intention of loosing my hornyness,so I closed on him and pulled his cock towards me. Lick! Lick! I want you to finish what we were doing the other time.

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   Just as I opened my legs his tongue got me. His fingers gripped into my ass cheeks and he went madly at my clit' My legs trembled and I just could not stop my hips trying to fuck his face. Then I trembled from head to toe as my orgasm wracked through my frame. With eyes shut I felt my brother grasping up my body till his hardon came into contact with my pussy.
 My knees bent as did I feel his doing the same to get under me as I opened as wide as I could. The head of his cock pressed and went tight against my hole then I could feel my pussy like a boa constrictor start to swallow his knob and shaft. Hanging to me tightly he pushed harder, 'Fuck you're so much tighter than mum,how the fuck did dad open you up' THRUST! It felt as though my whole belly was swelling then as if excepting what a pussy was there to do I felt everything go slippery and his cock slipped easily up till I felt a nudge inside. Roy pulled back and pushed again, it didn't hurt exactly,it just said ,no more. Putting my hand down with the intension of holding the part out that was to long for me I could feel it was the length of the width of my typically small female hand.
 As I gripped it as you would when stopping to much cock from going down your throat. I could feel it bumping at the top then sliding a bit more. My fingers allowed me to judge how much this was and my biology lesson flagged up. Its hitting my womb neck and sliding to its side. Wait,although it may be to fat let me try to point it at the right spot to let you get it all up me. Surprising me,my worked up brother stopped pushing, - Mum was right,keep control,their brain is in their balls, - I was manipulating its cock head from the outside.

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   Raising away a bit I lowered back once or twice which I knew was bringing Roy's cock to a crescendo. 'Fuck,what are you doing to it I'm spitting by the feel of it' I knew how he felt as my pussy felt the same,it must have been his hole end getting flipped open by my uterus's hole.
 Then I just knew I'd responded inside,Now! push it now! It nearly exploded my pussy. First it felt NO,then maybe,then come in here. the head of his cock just sunk up me till I felt completely full and his hairy bush squelched at my cunts lips. I felt his sperm explode up me pump after pump of cum pressed into my womb,not my cunt but my womb. The senstion of it got immediately overtaken by my gigantic orgasm. All I now felt was his thrusting. Thrust,back,& thrust again and each time it just opened up my wombs neck and jetted into my egg nest. My ass cheeks were being squeezed so tight by his hand I knew he was going to die with this experience.
 'Fuck! my head and cock is throbbing in time with each other' Ah! he's not dead,just fucked good,I smiled to myself. 'How did you learn how to do that'? Mum's control theory I whispered. He kept it up me until he was ready to go again. This was much more moderate as I found in all future fucks. As we finished, 'Put your pants on or we'll miss mum' I stuck them in my jacket pocket.

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   We dragged ourselves together just as the living room light clicked off.
 'If the door opens its off for tonight,if it stays shut,I bet we'll get a look' As far as we could tell as we got back to my room,mum was still inside. Firmly shutting my door and putting my music on quietly but loud enough for what I knew was needed. I switched my bedroom light off and we both looked out the window towards Brenda's. She gets a neighbour to come in and fuck her I bet. Roy just nodded a no, 'Just wait,you'll see in a minute' A light went on in the hallway and although the lower glass was opaque,the upper panes were clear. Sure enough it was mum still there,she sits on a step of the staicase and it was plain to see she had no knickers on and her dress was pulled back behind her bum and she was holding the front bunched up in her hand above her belly button.
 On looking at my brother in the glare of the street light,he has his cock out and its as hard as ever. I admit even seeing thus far was making me randy again. My attention is drawn back to mum and I want to demand what it is my brother had saw. but I needed no more explanation as I see Brenda's dog wagging its tail. Ahead of the game,I whisper,FUCK,That's so gross man,I wish you'd never told me. 'SSH! SHH! Just watch a bit. Entranced but digusted with myself,I do and I'm even more disgusted as I realise the longer I look the wetter I'm getting.
 The patting of mum's thigh's has had the effect she obviously hoped for as Rupert,for that was his name settled in to lick my mum's thighs then into her cunt lips.


   I could see in very little time it was having the desired affect as now mum had her eyes closed and was jerking at Ruperts tongue. My brother was wanking himself avidly and I felt myself feeling for my own pussy. Mum's bum bounced up and down as her legs stiffened straight from their original sitting stance. She'd just been made to cum by Ruperts tongue and I still flipping at my clit was relieved it was over but had no intension of stopping till my clit had taken me to an orgasm.
 I knew I should have left the window,but just stayed looking at mum coming down from her orgasm. Fuck,that was so dirty,lets get on my bed. My brother moved as I thought to get on my bed,but he wasn't intending to,he moved behind me and I felt his stickiness against my thigh as he lifted my skirt and started to pull my knickers down again. This I helped with because like it or not,mum and Roy had just made me so hot again. With my panty's now half way down my legs by my knees he pushed from behind looking to put it up me. His cock was slipping oh so nicely along my pussy slit that again my legs were opening to help it go up me.
 I whispered,Get me on the bed as my eyes half closed with the sensations I was getting. 'No,she hasn't finished' I took another look, God she was stood with Rupert trying to get at her pussy from the front and back. She steadying him by the head while still holding her bunched up skirt at the front was now heading to a kneeling position on the bottom stairs. As her knees got to the carpet,Rupert was back liking like a made thing. Clearly her standing and turning has squeezed her juices out to where he could smell and lick them.

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   Rupert was really excited now. My brother had just got his first thrust right to my cunts top and started fucking my pussy so hard I had a job to concentrate what mum was doing now.
 'She stopped after this bit, - Roy said -  when I was watching before,but I reckon he'll fuck her eventually,that's why she was so wet that time. I was now in a trance nearly,not only was my pussy throbbing to an orgasm as my brother spewed his seed in me again,but I just knew mum was going to risk it. I just could tell. As I watched I felt if I'd just cum like mum and was going to call it a day I would be moving to stop anymore. She wasn't and sure enough as I looked Rupert presented his knob to her face as she looked sideways at it. With one arm bent at the elbow still clinging onto her bunched up skirt,while also taking her weight, she patted her bum cheek and Rupert started to mount her. Roy having just cum and now even more excited started to pound my ass cheeks like hell. 'Fuck,she's actually going to let him' Frantic now,his cock took me to orgasm but I managed to see mum take what looked like a pink stick of rock into her insides. My orgasm took care of any revulsion I'd felt as I saw my mum thrust back and have another orgasm. Its going to burst,look at the big bit,she's done something to his dick. 'Don't be stupid you clown,that's his knot,from how mum felt on mine,she's to small to get that in so he'll pull out in a minute,see how his ass is moving,he's cum up her now'
 How did this smart ass know all these things. PLOP,Its now dangled and Rupert walked away from mum. Mum with a stupid mutt smile on her face stood up and keeping her hand between her legs,waddled awkwardly towards the kitchen sink area.

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   After we had cleaned up and settled ourselves so innocently in the lounge,mum appeared. 'I hate going over there really,that Rupert just never seems to want me to go,poor thing' Brother and I look at each other and snigger. 'You two,you always seem to find things funny,what is it this time'? Nothing mum. we pipe up. 'Well then,watch it' Another of those daft sayings,but if she knew we had. Watched I mean. She'd had died at that moment; Oh mum,by the way I found out about what that was you were asking about. 'Go on then'! No,I'll tell you later.
 Ha! Ha! bye.


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