Whatever it Takes


This is a story about my son and me.   My name is Claire and I am 34 years old. I also have blonde hair that goes down to my shoulders. I had James when I was 16 years old and my husband decided to stay with me even though it was only a one-night stand at the time. Since then we have had two other kids, a boy and a girl, who are 16 and 14. they are both staying at their grandparents house. Recently my husband and I had been going through a rough patch in our marriage.
I am about 5 foot 10 and have a pretty good body. My breasts are still very perky and I have a nice toned ass. My son’s friends all stare at me whenever I come to pick him up from school, which makes me feel pretty good. My son has just turned 18 but he is still in high school. He, like his father, is very hansom and has a very cut body. He was very well built and has great abs.
One day came home early and found my husband having sex with some random women. I was so shocked that I just stood there and watched as he slammed his 8-inch cock into her pussy. She looked like she was halfway through an orgasm when she finally noticed me.

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   She looked right at me before closing her eyes and continued fucking him until she finished. When they noticed I screamed at my husband to get out. I was still in shock but I told him I wanted a divorce. He looked at me right in the eyes, still naked.
‘What about James, you know he’ll never choose you over me’ he said with a sneer
‘Get dressed and get out’ was all I could manage before going into the kitchen
I heard him leave and that when I began to worry. My husband was right, James had always had a better relationship with his dad. Its not like we didn’t get along or anything, but I had always been the one who had to discipline him. He was 18 now and could live whereever he liked, the courts wouldn’t have a say.
‘I mum, where’s dad’ James said, startling me
‘Sorry honey I didn’t hear you come in’ I said ‘honey your dad and I are getting a divorce he’s been cheating on me’ I said trying to get some sympathy out of him
‘I want to live with dad’ he said solemnly after a long pause
I was crushed. I told him that I would drop him off in the morning. What could I do that would make my son stay with me. I had noticed that my son would look at me in a way that I saw many other men look at me. I knew what it meant. But could I really do something like that. How far would I go for my son? That was when I knew what I had to do.

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   I put on my leather boots and a short skirt and went to my son’s room.
I came in and found my son on his bead reading. I walked over and sat on the bead next to him.
‘Listen, son, you know that I love you and I’ll do anything if you’ll stay with me’ I said, putting my arm around him.
‘Mum’ he started but before he could finish I started massaging his penis through his pants. ‘Anything’
He looked at me in shock. I moved in to kiss him and as we did his hands started to explore. He really gave my breasts a going over. As he did I took off his shirt and pants, leaving him completely naked. His cock was about an inch bigger than his fathers which made it about 9 inches. I had to admit at this point he looked glorious nude.
He lay flat on the bed, which made his penis stand strait up. I took it in my hand at the base and put the head in my mouth. I began slurping his cock and rubbing it with my hand.
‘Oh god that feels so good mum, don’t stop’ he said in-between moans
His praise seemed to spur me on.

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   I began to deep throat him even though his length made me gag. I could feel that he was about to cum as he placed his hands on top of my head and pushed my head down on his cock.
‘Oh fuck, im gonna cum, oh swallow it all mummy’ he said with his face scrunched up.
I felt his cock shoot huge amounts of cum down my throat and I swallowed it all. James sat panting on the bed as I rested on his legs. In a swift movement he sat up and threw me on the bed. He stood up and ripped my shirt off my body, before pulling off my skirt to reveal my wet pussy.
‘Aren’t you going to take my boots off, honey?’ I asked, as he got on his knees
‘No, you look way sexier with them on’ he said with a hunger in his eyes.
He inserted his finger into my pussy and started finger fucking me very fast. I moaned as he put two more fingers. He took his fingers out and put his tongue in. this nearly pushed me to an orgasm that I managed to hold in as he licked my clitoris. I could feel my self-getting wetter and wetter and I knew I was nearing an orgasm.
‘Oh fuck, OH FUCK, baby your making me cum’ I screamed as came and my juiced poured over James face.
I lay there panting.

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   When I decided this was going to happen I hadn’t counted on me enjoying it so much. James had really learnt some tricks. I sat up, sweaty and naked and stared at my beautiful, hansom, son. I was actually proud of him being able to satisfy me orally.
‘Mum, I want to fuck you’ he said
‘Ok’ I said
He stood up in front of me with his cock standing erect again. I spread my legs so he had clear entry, which made his cock twitch a little. He came down and shoved his cock into my pussy. I let out a long moan as my sons big cock slid into my well-lubricated pussy. He started fucking in a slow rhythm that made me crazy.
‘Fuck mum, you feel so good’ he said as he picked up the pace
I got the feeling that he was getting turned on by using the word ‘mum’. I could feel him picking up the pace and now he was slamming all of his massive cock into my pussy. I was nearly screaming in ecstasy and had dug my nails into James back.
‘Ohhhhh, Mummy im gonna cum’ he moaned
‘Oh that’s it baby cum in your Mum’s pussy’
That was all he needed and we both began to cum at the same time. I felt him shoot streams of cum into my pussy and we both moaned until we are exhausted. James was still on top of me with his cock still inside as we both recovered.

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   He looked up at me
‘Thanks mum that was the best sex I have ever had’ he said
‘Honey, if you stay with me we can do that whenever you want’ I said running my over his cheek.
‘Mum, after that, there’s no way I am leaving’ he said
I was so happy that I didn’t even ask James to get off me, and that’s how we slept that night.
I woke up the next morning to my husband banging on the door. I woke James up; he got dressed and went down to talk to his father. I put on my silk nightgown and stood at the door watching them sort it out. He looked shocked before staring at me. I simply raised my left eyebrow and smiled at him. I went inside to start breakfast.
I heard James come inside and asked what he wanted for breakfast. Before I could ask again he had me pinned against the wall with my back facing him. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass through my dressing gown. I noticed that he fully naked again and heard him panting hard. He pulled my gown off,  tearing it down the middle. Leaving me naked as well. I was incredibly horny but at the same time I was I little scared because I had never seen him so ravenous.

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Pulled my ass cheeks apart put a finger in there and fucked hard. While feeling food, it also hurt a little.
‘That feel good’ he breathed
‘Yeah’ was all I could get out
With that he grabbed me and bent me over on the kitchen table. I stood still with my body pressing against the table and my ass fully exposed to my, out of control horny, son. I could feel him let go but I didn’t dare move. He came back and used his finger to slather what felt like canola oil all over my ass hole. I looked back and had also put it on his dick.
I wasn’t an anal virgin but it had been a while and I was nervous. I felt him position his throbbing cock towards my ass hole. Without warning he slammed the full length of his dick into my ass.
I let out a scream that was mainly pain but a it felt a little bit good. Unlike last night when he started slow, today he was slamming right away.
‘Oh fuck, honey slow down please, I need time to adjust’
He went on like he had never heard me and kept smashing his huge cock into my ass.
‘Yeah  mum, take my dick you skanky hoe’ he yelled
I would have been mad at him but this was starting to feel really good. I liked the way he was making me feel so sluty.

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‘Oh yeah baby fuck your mums ass, fuck it’ I moaned
I started to cum and was yelling as loud as I could when James let out a huge roar. He pulled his dick out shoot an unbelievable amount of cum all over my ass and my back.
Without touching or looking at me he went upstairs to take a shower. He just left me there covered in cum with my gapping asshole fully exposed. I was so conflicted. I had got to keep my son but now he was treating me like I wasn’t any better than a sidewalk hooker. And I had liked it.
 The End
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