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  • Sandra reviews 01-12-2021
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    2021-11-30 1 hour Thessaloniki
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    Sandra - escort review from Greece Přejít na profil
    Sandra is absolutely stunning. She is beautiful and tall. When you have sex with her, she rides you like a Diva. it is difficult to control your body when she starts to moan. She loves what she does. with her, the money is well spent. When Sandra opens the door you will find a model. She takes you to the bathroom and when you come back to bed she starts her show. her uncovered Bj is the best thing that can happen to a man. after a bit she starts to ride you, you can see from down her beautiful body. After she is going down to doggy style and her moans are the sound of pleasure. when you are about to come, she takes all. and you die on the bed for the pleasure.
    Cinematic experience with her. Something to remember for long. you will come back as i will.winkwinkwink