Mother Superior Instructs Her Employees


Robbie Samuels worked at St. Mary's School for Girls for the last 3 years. He was a janitor, but he liked the job anyway. It was quiet, he was largely left to his own devices, and his employer - Mother Gertrude, was a nice woman. She was a bit rotund, cherry cheeked and rather jolly for a Mother Superior. Robbie had always heard the usual Catholic School jokes about the nuns and Mother's being tyrants, but not at St. Mary's. Mother Gertrude was a sweet and warm lady. Robbie was heartbroken when Mother died. Mother Gertrude's replacement was a whole new cup of tea though.

Mother Grace was not as her name implied. She did not treat her charges with a whole lot of Grace. She wasn't mean, but she was damn sure a task master. She wasn't all that quick to smile and Robbie noticed the nuns and students gave her a wide berth. Mother Grace seemed pleased with her persona. Robbie had managed to crack her cool & stern exterior with his quick smile and complete respect and reverence for her authority, but unlike her other charges, Robbie did not live in mortal fear of Mother.

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   She seemed to accept that and they developed a slightly warmer or perhaps more accurate, a slightly less chilly relationship in the beginning.

Mother Grace would usually invite him in her office for a cup of coffee when he cleaned the administrative offices in the early morning when it was still kind of quiet around the school. They would chat on a less formal basis. Seemed even a stern Mother Superior needed a confidant and since Robbie was a nice young man and not one of her religious charges like the nuns and students, she opened up to him a bit. She was from a strict Irish Catholic family from the upper Midwest. She came to the Church after an abusive marriage and swore off the worldliness of secular life. She'd been with the Church now for almost 25 years.

Robbie often found himself staring into her eyes when they chatted. They were a pale blue, large, round and expressive. Robbie could crack Mother's exterior with his charm that included a polite and sincere respectfulness and Mother seemed to respond to that. He often volunteered to run personal errands for Mother, as she was a busy woman. She seemed to warm to Robbie's friendly nature. He would occasionally use his weekends to do her a favor she needed. He made sure the school's vehicles were taken for maintenance to the local garage and other things that just made Mother's job a bit easier and she came to rely on Robbie far more than a lowly janitor's position would indicate.

In return, Mother often befriended him in a familial manner.

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   One Saturday afternoon she invited him to attend - not as an employee but as a guest, a school outing of the 11th grade students to a local park for a softball game and cookout. She absolutely refused to let him do anything other than enjoy himself as a guest and Robbie was flattered at her kindness. Mother's seeming taking with young Robbie did not go unnoticed in a jealous manner by some of the rank and file nuns, some of whom seemed more predisposed to Hell than anything Heaven had in store for them. One, Sister Immaculata was one such individual.

She was a real smartypants. Her frown was almost perpetual; her shortness of temper legendary and her intolerance for Robbie seemingly without bounds. Robbie never noticed she was so damned mean until Mother Grace arrived after Mother Gertrude's passing, but then again, her vitriol seemed reserved for anyone who made Mother Grace at all happy. Immaculata seemed to be very jealous of anyone who was close to Mother. Seems even in the Church their are ladder climbers who will step on everyone as they ascend within the ranks. The real kicker to Robbie was that Immaculata was a really pretty woman. 30ish looking, she was attractive, but her personality was anything but. It made her well less than attractive.

When they'd had the picnic on the park last month all the nuns were dressed casually and not in their nunnery outfits and Immaculata was for all appearances less intimidating, but that was just her dress - she was still hard to handle toward Robbie. He paid her little mind and steered clear of her as much as possible. Robbie's biggest disappointment was that Mother still dressed in her uniform on that outing.

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   He'd found himself hoping to see her in street clothes to get a better impression of the woman and not the Mother Superior.

Commencement exercises came in mid-May and as Summer approached, the school slowed down. Of course there was Summer School, but it was only a portion of the number of students enrolled during the school year. As such many of the nuns took vacation and the school was quiet and peaceful. Robbie found it a bit disconcerting, but on the other hand, without the hustle and bustle of the regular schedule, Mother Grace let her hair down, so to speak. Robbie found himself becoming a little more interested in this woman than he'd expected.

With the quiet of the Summer Mother Grace and he grew closer. She even once invited him to a private Tea in her parlor at the school. It wasn't formal, but just the two of them and to his shock and absolute delight, it was the first time he'd ever seen Mother not dressed in her Mother Superior get up. Robbie hid his delight at her appearance, or so he'd thought. Mother Grace wore sneakers (sneakers on a nun, Robbie thought to himself), slacks and a blouse. Her hair was cut in a shortish bob, a light brown and it looked smooth as silk. With her pale blue eyes, less business-like dress and warm demeanor, Robbie allowed his mind to wander to places it wasn't supposed to be, especially about his employer and the fact that she was a nun for Heaven's sake.

Robbie felt slightly uncomfortable within himself by his reactions to this woman. He found her enthralling, and he was beginning to think things that he should not have.


   Their little Tea over, Robbie returned home and could not get her out of his mind. And while his sexual interest was peaked, he was also very shocked by his feelings for her. He thought how crazy and totally misplaced to have any feelings - romantic or sexual - about Mother Grace, but he saw her as a woman and an interesting and alluring one in his eyes.

Mother was to him at least, warm and friendly. She was also, of course not surprisingly, motherly toward him. She was after all twice his age and as she had no offspring and was "married to God and the Church" her instincts toward him normal and out of place all at once. Robbie found himself looking forward to cleaning her office Monday morning, hoping for a cup of coffee with her. He just wanted to be around her, and he was thrilled and terrified at this new found situation.

The week proceeded along as per usual until late Thursday afternoon. Mother Grace asked if he would mind squiring her around in one of the school's vehicles for her to do some personal shopping - her eldest sister had an upcoming birthday and Robbie jumped at the chance to spend time in her company. He was even more delighted when on Saturday at 10AM he arrived at the school to see her standing near the school's entrance dressed in street clothes.

She wore a very flattering pair of modest shorts and Robbie was taken aback at her nice legs and very pretty feet - not that he had a foot fetish, but like her hands, her feet were small, pretty and feminine. She wore a sleeveless blouse, a crucifix hanging from a delicate chain around her neck. Her hair looked fresh washed and shined in the sunlight. Her smile and warm welcoming only more put Robbie into an inner panic.

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   He wanted Mother Grace, and he could not now play that off as anything less than what it was - lust and a desire to know her better.

Their morning was uneventful. He drove her to a few department stores and accompanied her on her shopping. She purchased a nice scarf for her sister's upcoming birthday and paid a pretty penny for it at a very upscale store. Mother Grace was pleased with her purchase and she and Robbie went to lunch. Robbie smiled at his predicament. He was sitting in a TGI Friday's with a Mother Superior dressed in casual clothes, and looking exceptionally good while doing so. She even ate a fancy hamburger.

He thought to tease her about her having a great appetite, but thought better, as Mother Grace was ample, but to him that was one of the things that attracted him to her despite her station. He caught himself figuring perhaps an "ample" woman would fail to see the humor. He was wrong. Mother Grace even went so far as to make a joke about her being "so hungry I could eat a horse. " He smiled and replied "Mother, if anyone deserves a really juicy burger it's you!" She smiled at his kindness.

"Robbie, I have a request. When we are not at the school, and we are alone, would you call me Grace? I would like that.

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   Despite my position, I am a person too, and as I know you are aware of that, it is nice to sometimes NOT be treated as Mother Superior," she sort of whispered so no one could eavesdrop. He smiled at her request. "Will do, Grace," He replied. She smiled warmly and seemed pleased as she patted his hand. Robbie felt electricity and now he was doubly in a confused state. Her touch, this time unlike any other incidental body contact they'd shared, was causing him tremendous consternation.

Their lunch ended and they got back into the car and headed toward the school. As they drove down the 4 lane highway back toward the school, Grace started some small talk with Robbie. "Where do you live Robbie?" she asked. As it so happened they were passing within about a half mile from Robbie's apartment. "Just over there, actually, Mother. . . I'm sorry. .

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  . I forgot. . . . Grace," he said pointing to the upcoming traffic light. "Would you mind taking me there Robbie? I want to see who you are away from the school," she intimated. "Would that be okay Robbie," she asked? "Of course Grace. "

He drove to his apartment above a garage that he rented from an older widow. In return for cutting her grass and helping her do the upkeep to her home and property he lived there rent free, and had for almost 3 years. Mrs. Craft, his landlady, was an old family friend and he was grateful for the opportunity. He figured he saved about $500. 00 per month. He was able to buy a new car and still put some back in savings due to this arrangement.

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   He parked in the wide drive next to his garage apartment and rushed to open the door for Grace. She was always pleased with is gentlemanly manners, and she took his hand as he helped her from the car. She sort of playfully curtsied at his chivalry and smiled "Why thank you young Sir. "

He led her up the outside steps and into his small but tidy abode. "This is just as I'd imagined!" Grace said. Robbie was taken with that statement. Mother had "pictured" his home on her mind's eye? He noted that. He ushered her to a large overstuffed chair and offered her a refreshment. She shocked him when she hit him with "Would you happen to have a cold beer Robbie?" Robbie smiled as his jaw dropped. Grace grinned at his shock. "I'm Catholic Robbie, not Baptist, ya know!" she joked. Robbie returned with two Beck's in the tall green bottle and opened hers. "I've never had Beck's before" Grace said. She sipped it and sighed, "That's tasty and very refreshing on a warm afternoon. " They chatted aimlessly for 30 minutes or so when Grace asked for another, if that was possible.

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   "Okay Grace, but will I be in trouble for getting Mother Superior to imbibe too much?" She laughed and played stern with her "Don't be impertinent young man!" "Yes ma'am" was his happy reply.

Grace walked around and looked at some of the photos Robbie had hanging on his wall. His version of artwork were photos of him, his friends and family. There were a bunch of photos from his trip to Europe as his High School graduation present. There was a photo of him in St. Peter's Square and Grace was thrilled and they discussed Rome and Vatican City where she'd also been on numerous occasions. He never went into the Basilica, but she had and described it to him. They enjoyed their chat.

"I am having such a pleasant afternoon Robbie. Thank you for being so kind to an old nun. Sometimes I just need to feel like someone other than Mother Superior. Does that seem odd to you?" "No Grace. You are first a woman. " with those words she looked at him but more through him. "Oh, you've noticed, have you?" she playfully prodded.

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   Robby turned on the charm - part intentional and part out of discomfort at her admission - "Oh, I've noticed that Grace," he rather emphatically replied. She smiled and her eyes danced a bit. She looked at him and he felt uncomfortable, so to assuage that he ran his mouth too much, as some do when put on the spot. "I mean Grace, you may be Mother Superior but you are a gorgeous woman," He felt his ears burning, but she seemed to warm to that comment. "That's very kind of you Robbie. " She quickly changed the subject, but only slightly.

"So how is it such a polite, warm and good looking young man isn't married?" "Guess I just haven't really concentrated on that yet. I mean I have had plenty of girlfriends . . . " "Oh, I'm sure you have" Grace interrupted. "But," Robbie continued, "I am content now to be the janitor at St. Mary's. I love my job, and I have a really nice new boss," he said as he arched his eyebrows at her playfully. " "I don't know," she replied, playing the game, "I've heard she can be quite the tyrant!" "Well," he shot back, "she may be a stern master, but she's a friendly, benevolent and beautiful one, if I may say so.


  " "You may," she replied. Her body language was open and inviting.

They both looked at each other silently for what seemed an hour but was likely 5 seconds and Robbie grew unnerved by her piercing expression. "Grace," He blurted, " I am having a dilemma. " She looked at him and immediately it was obvious to what he referred, for she could see, with sly and quick looks, that he seemed to be "aroused" a bit. She felt flush and light headed.

Robbie was in distress. If this were any other woman, and with the conversation, warmth and looks traded back and forth he would have pounced upon her as a hungry lion on a gazelle, but this was a Catholic nun - a Mother Superior. His brain was exploding with confusion. "Is there something you'd like to tell me Robbie?" she asked in a very knowing and leading manner as if she were hoping to hear a specific response. "I don't know what to say Grace" he uncomfortably muttered under his breath.

"Are you attracted to mature women Robbie?" He felt faint at her question, He squirmed on the couch, hardly able to make the normal eye contact they usually engaged in. She slowly and deliberately rose from the soft overstuffed chair that ensconced her. She thrust out her plentiful bosom as she did and approached him. He began to panic but thought whatever happens happens and he resigned himself.

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   "Do you see me as a woman and not just Mother Superior Robbie?" she asked as she very slowly approached the couch and sat gingerly next to him.

"I'm afraid I do Grace. . . " he trailed off. She scooted closer as she adjusted her position to put one leg under her to sit and face him. She was close. He felt flushed and lethargic. He began to try and apologize for himself. "I am so sorry Grace. I have become curious about you. . . as a woman. I am very sorry.

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   I beg your forgiveness and understanding for my improper considerations. " She leaned into him and kissed him as she placed her hand on his thigh near his swelling bulge.

He grabbed her and kissed her deeply and she warmly received his passion. He leaned her back and sort of slid on top and beside her, wedging her between the back of the overstuffed couch and his body perched on the edge. He was going to maneuver to not so pin her as he felt too forceful in trapping her, but she removed all thought of that as she pulled him closer and deeper into his mouth and their bodies involuntarily ground against one another. She pulled him on to her and wrapped her outside leg around his waist as they ground against each other in extreme passion. Their kissing was hot and reckless. Her hands were all over his firm young body and he took her lead and began to fondle her thighs and ass. She gently moaned into his mouth. She pulled back an inch and breathlessly whispered "Make love to me Robbie. Please make love to me," she pleaded.

He rose and took her by the hand to his bedroom. She followed along in pure heat, as if a little girl unable to alter the coming events and in fact she so wanted it there would be no entertaining of stopping anything. She wanted him like she hadn't wanted a man in 25 years and she would not be denied. They knelt on the bed and kissed passionately and undressed each other.

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   She broke the lustful drive with "I am not young Robbie. I am fat and old. Can you accept me and that and who I am away from this place and away from you?"

He looked her in the eye, "Grace, you are the most alluring woman I have ever seen. You are bountiful and mature and built as if God Himself made you for me, buy request," he soothed. She smiled slightly and peppered his mouth, chin, cheeks and the tip of his nose with little wet kisses. "Show me" she hoarsely whispered in his ear as she gently nibbled his lobe. He did.

Their union was born of fire and lust. Hers from so long without it and due to the desperation she felt as this gorgeous young man made love to her as she'd never known in her past life as a hot-panted young Catholic girl. He held in so gently and then would alternatively gently and then more forcefully take her over and over. Their mating lasted until late afternoon. They made love in every imaginable position, and he was most amazed by two things; her incredible body - full breasts, wide hips, a well shaped and firm ass and thighs and her explosive passion. Well, that and she could suck cock like she taught a class in it. He in turn used his tongue on her again and again and she wailed through orgasm after orgasm.

As their tryst tired her she began to weep - at her situation and at the fact that she, Mother Superior - was falling in love with this 25 year old young man.


   She almost let slip that she'd been obsessed by him since soon after meeting him. She was tempted to tell him she'd wanted him for months and had plotted to make it happen. Her weeping made him uncomfortable and regretful as he was afraid he'd ruined their wonderful friendship. He comforted her and still stark naked, apologized for all of it.

She was having none of it though. Still naked she sat up in bed, her generous breasts rubbing his chest as she pulled herself in close. "Robbie, this was meant to happen. For 25 years temptation of the flesh was never a concern, but you've changed that for me. There is nothing for you apologize for. I am a woman and I used that to manipulate you," she offered. Now it was he who corrected such foolishness.

"Grace, I wanted you for so long. I never actually entertained I could have you. You have filled my lustful thoughts since soon after we met and every time we spent alone time together it only grew more intense. " She liked that.

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   "Me too, Robbie" she replied. "So, not to confuse you even more, but now what?" "I don't know Grace," he regretfully replied. "Tell me what's on your mind," she prodded. "Considering where we are, what we've done and the things we've said, now is not the time to clam up and have a mountain of regret," she assured him.

"Well, if I had my druthers, this would happen again, and often!' She squealed like a teenager and sincerely asked "Really? Are you trying to soothe the feelings of your employer, a lover, a stern Catholic nun or a woman?" "Uh, if truth be told I am trying to make it so I can make love to you again at every opportunity," he answered. She was pleased and told him so. They showered together and even made love once more standing in the shower.

By the time the late afternoon Sun was blazing in the windows of his garage apartment they had talked more and dressed. He was shocked at the ease and comfort of himself with this astounding woman and she him. It was as if this was destined to become reality and he said so. She looked him in the eye more seriously than he'd ever been looked at and she sad "I feel exactly the same - no regrets at all!" She took him by the hand and led him toward the door. She turned and pulled him in close. "Kiss me again my love. It will be the longest 7 days until next Saturday until we see each other again - in this capacity I mean. " He kissed her and assured her the longing until then would be as torturous for him as for her.

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The last act as a private and intimate couple was her reminding him the importance of everything outside of these four walls being all the rest of the world demanded. She kissed him and said her loving goodbyes for this situation and they broke and opened the door and headed back to the school's car. They drove back the two miles to the school in light and happy thoughts and hopes. He pulled up, parked and offered to help her carry her gift box for her sister into her residence.

She grinned at him and quietly whispered, "Robbie after that, I could carry anything. I feel 25 years younger. " Then he handed her the keys to the car and he prepared to head for his own car and go home. As he went to turn she scolded him kindly 'Don't be late for work on Monday young man!" He smiled and replied, "Mother Grace, nothing could keep me away!" She flashed her magnetic and knowing smile and winked at him. "See you then Mother Grace," he added.

"Yes Robbie. Enjoy your weekend and thank you ever so much for ALL your kind and gentlemanly assistance to old Mother Superior. " He turned and almost skipped to his car. I wonder if I can get her to wear the Mother Superior vestments and habit, he toyed in his mind. How hot would that be, he wondered as he got in the car and looked back. Grace stood inside the door to her residence and smiled, watching him drive away.

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