Sex-Ed ina small town part 4


Sex-Ed in a Small Town: Part 4      By the end of the classes I had gotten all of my special students pregnant and was eager to find out who I would have for the next set of classes.   I checked the sheets to see if any of my girls would be back in class with me, and how soon they would be ready for sex again.   I found that we were going to get several new students from a different town, whose families had moved here to get their daughters into sex-ed classes.
     The first day of class the girls all came in and I found that I had eight new girls to choose from for my pleasure.   I also noted that the girls were all different ages and this got me even more excited with the anticipation.   I waited a few minutes to see if all the girls were there and then got started.   I again started by having the girls fill out their papers showing me when I would have the best chance of getting them pregnant.      The girls were; Trina a sprite sixteen-year-old (34c-26-32), Cassie fifteen-years-old (32c-24-32), Shirley another fifteen-year-old (32b-24-31), Kalie also fifteen-years-old (33c-25-32), fourteen-year-olds Sherry (30a-22-30) and Corey (30a-26-30), thirteen-year-olds Geraldine (28a-24-26) and Tammy (28a-24-25), the last girl was Cindy who had just started having her periods as school started.
     By that Friday I had my schedule worked out for how I would get each girls cherry and leave them with a baby growing in their bellies. Trina and Corey would be the first two girls from this class, with Trina ovulating on Sunday and Corey ovulating on Monday.   When Monday came I had both girls stay after school for their private lessons.   I was soon to learn that they were sisters and this made the sex even more interesting.
     I had both girls take off their clothes and I started to point out the different parts of the female body to them just waiting for that special question.   Are you going to show us the male body parts too asked Corey.   I quickly removed my clothes and got down to pointing out the clit to the girls.   With Trina on her back I showed Corey where and how she could make herself feel good by stimulating Trina’s clit.

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    Soon I moved in and started to lick and suck on Trina’s clit bringing her to an orgasm.   I kept stimulating her for another fifteen minutes while casually pushing my fingers in and pulling them back out of her Pussy, giving her six more orgasm’s.   Corey wanted to know how it felt so I moved on to stimulate her Pussy and clit as well.
     Trina wanted to know when I would come back to her so after I brought Corey off the sixth time I moved back to Trina and asked if she wanted to learn something else as well.   Trina asked if it would feel as good as what I had already done to her.   I told her it would feel even better, but that it might hurt a little at first, but then it would feel great to her.   Trina was quick to say ok and I got between her legs and started to rub my now rock hard cock through her slit and across her engorged clit.   When I felt that I was slick enough with her juices I lined up with her hole and pushed in quickly, popping the head inside and then stopping to let her adjust to my size.   I then started to pump into her slowly going deeper with each thrust, but not pushing through her hymen yet.  
When I felt she was ready by the way she was moving I told her get ready her comes the little bit of pain and I slammed through her hymen, taken her cherry.   I stopped when I felt my head push against her cervix and let her adjust to the feel again.   Trina said ok it doesn’t hurt anymore so I started to slowly thrust in and out of her no longer Pussy going faster and harder with each thrust.   When I was pounding her hard and deep I could feel my cock push through her cervix and enter her fertile womb.   I kept stimulating her causing her to teach another hard orgasm, as she came down from it I took her up to the heights of orgasmic bliss for a second time with my cock inside of her.   I soon felt the semen building in my nut sac and getting ready to spew into her unprotected womb.

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     I filled Trina with my seed and then started in on Corey getting her ready for my cock.   I got her ready and pushed into her virgin Pussy.   I slowly fucked her to a huge orgasm and pushed deep into her with no problem.   I already knew that she had an accident during the summer that tore her hymen, so I knew it would just be a matter of getting into her and her adjusting to my size.   I pounded her little Pussy with no regard until I brought her to another huge orgasm and then I let loose with a huge load of my seed into her tiny womb.
     I decided that I really wanted to make sure that they both got pregnant on the same day.   As soon as I could get my cock hard again I moved back and fuck Trina for a second time filling her womb with more of my virile seed.   I filled Corey with a second load and then went back to Trina.
     Well as all things do my luck finally ran out and just as I was depositing my third load into Corey the school principle and a cop that I soon found out was the girls father walked in, with my seed still pumping out of my cock and into Corey’s womb.   I found myself sitting in jail for statutory rape, and they got all of the girls that I had already knocked up in and tested my blood against all of the babies.   I will never get out of prison if it goes to trial and I was given a choice by Trina and Corey’s dad that I couldn’t pass up.  
Instead of going to trial and all of my indiscretions coming out I will be going to the alter, with Trina as my bride.   I have enough money that I didn’t really need to work any way so I have set up generous trust funds to help raise the rest of my children and if I ever get caught screwing another girl all of the charges will be levied against me.  
So that was the end of my sex-ed classes, and now my wife Trina is pregnant with our sixth child, I sure hope that I get a son this time as it is murder living here with six beautiful ladies.   Maybe when my first daughter is old enough I will start with her and see if I can get her pregnant as well.

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    Trina thinks that we should teach as children all they need to know about sex-ed.   Just another year and a half to wait.   Maybe I will write about those lessons as well.

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