Me, Daddy and our Great Dane Doggy :)


Daddy lead me into the room, filled with promises of something new and exciting.

"here baby, look what i found on the net. I thought maybe we could try. It would make daddy really happy. " he said as he pulled me onto his lap in front of the computer.

I sat there a little shocked, but also completely in a trans at watching this chick getting pounded my a big black dog.

I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, and could feel my pussy getting wet just watching.

Daddy slid his hand down until it rested on my pussy.

"mmm daddy's baby likes what he see's. " he whispered in my ear as he started pushing his finger in my wet pussy.

I pushed down on daddy's hand, moving my pussy around.

"hmm baby, can we try this? Please baby. I'm sure we can get rambo in here to fuck your sweet pussy. And i promise daddy will fuck you so good after and make it up to you. " he said as he lifted my dress up over my head and slid my panties off.

Daddy carried me to our bed and laid me down.

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"how about we call rambo in and just see if he is interested baby? Can we please try?" he said as he walked to the door.

Saying i was a little scared was an understatement, but i was also very turned on by the thought of a doggy cock in my pussy.

"ok daddy, call him in and we will see if he will" i said as i watched daddy get excited as he left to call rambo in.

Rambo is a 5yr old great dane, he is always humping something so why not let it be me?

Daddy walked in with rambo behind him.

"baby lay back and open your pussy for him. Hmm yes like that, call him baby, lightly slap your pussy to get his attention" he said as he moved to sit next to me.

Rambo stuck his nose againt my pussy, causing me to let a small moan escape my lips.

Rambo took his velvet tongue and ran it the entire length of my pussy. "hmm daddy it feels so good" i moaned as rambo kept licking.

"thats it baby, cum on is tongue" daddy moaned as he stroked his cock.

"look baby girl, his doggy cock is coming out, reach up and play with it baby" daddy said.

"i dont know how daddy" i admitted as i started coming down from my first orgasm.

"just pretend its daddy cock honey, come on if it all comes out he can fuck your pussy. "

i reached out and started stroking his cock, Watching more and more come out, untill it was all out.

"ok baby, get up on all fours, i want to see my beautiful daughter get fucked doggy by a huge doggy cock!"

I did as daddy said, and within seconds rambo was up on my back trying to get his huge doggy cock in my pussy.

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"daddy he cant get it in!" i moaned in frustration.

Daddy got up and moved to guide rambo's cock in my pussy.

With one huge thrust, rambo was buried deep in my pussy, slamming deep inside with such strength and speed.

"oh fuck daddy im gunna cum again. " i screamed as i started to cum with a huge doggy cock slamming my pussy.

Rambo never let up, only fucking me harder and faster as i came 4 more times as he slipped his knot in my pussy, lockin us together.

Rambo started nipping at the back of my neck and pumped his huge doggy cock in to my pussy with relentless speed only an animal could gave.

" oh fuck baby he is gunna cum, tighten your pussy baby, take all that doggy cum!" daddy moaned.

I felt the first jet of cum as it squirted deep within, making me cum so hard.

I was bucking around while rambo finished cumming, and he tried to pull free.

"urgh daddy he is stuck, it hurts" i screamed as he moved.

"It's ok baby, we just need to let his knot go down a bit first. Tell me baby, did you like that? Was it good" he asked as we waited.

"mmm god yes daddy i love it, it was so good, i had no control of anything. Its was amazing.

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   But not as good as my daddy, i need my daddy's big cock to make it perfect. " i moaned to him.

Daddy moved over and slid his hand to my pussy, and slowly pushed rambo off. His cock popped out and a rush of our cum mixed together came gushing out.

With that daddy ushered rambo out and crawled up over me, resting his cock at the opening of my pussy.

"i can tell you now baby, daddy is ready to cum already. You made me so fucking horney watching you get fucked by the doggy cock!" he moaned as he pushed his cock all the way in.

"hmm fuck me daddy, cum in my pussy, fuck me hard NOW!" i screamed as i rubbed my pussy into his body.

"hmm oh fuck baby take daddy's cum, take it all baby" he screamed as he rammed is cock hard into my pussy, squirting cum deep inside my already spent pussy.

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