Jordan and the Lady Part 2


Jordan and the Lady Part 2

Thoughts of Jordan, his young, fit, muscular body and his huge joy-stick entered Mrs. Peters mind daily. She dreamed of having him fill her and thrill her.

On the Wednesday afternoon, she saw him go by as usual, but instead of turning to look at her she noticed him wobble on his bike and then stop. She rushed over to see if anything was the matter, only to see Jordan at the side of the road bent down, fiddling with one of the wheels and getting filthier by the minute.

"Hey, what's the problem?" she asked.

Jordan looked up and grinned, his teeth still gleaming white through his dirt and sweat stained face.

"Oh, hello Mrs Peters, I didn't see you there. " He said.

"Seems like the chain was about to come off so I got off to fix it. Normally I thought chains were either on or off. " He laughed.

"I bet that's thirsty work! I have a couple of bottles of cold beer in the fridge. Just wheel it down the drive, lean it against my wall and come and have a drink," she offered.

"But I told you before, call me Meg. "

She laughed as she jokingly scolded him.

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"Ok Meg. That would be nice. "

Mrs Peters wanted to offer Jordan much more than a drink, she watched the way his hips moved as he stood, longed to grab the zip on his jeans and undo it, to reveal that black beauty once more!

Jordan followed Meg into the kitchen, and sat at the table whilst Meg retrieved two cold beers from the fridge.

Oh Meg! What a gorgeous body you have, thought Jordan, as she reached up for two glasses from a cupboard. The sun shone through the window and on to her, and made her dress seem almost transparent. Jordan couldn't take his eyes off her.

They chatted and drank their drinks. Meg invited Jordan to stop for tea, and he gratefully accepted.

"But I should get cleaned up first," he said.

Meg disappeared from the kitchen for a few minutes.

When she returned she said;

"I've run you a bath, and put fresh towels in the bathroom for you. Leave your shirt for me to wash. "

"You're too kind Meg, thank you. "

He took off his sweaty shirt and she put it straight in to wash. Then, while Meg laid the table ready for tea, Jordan headed off to get clean.

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A few minutes later Jordan was luxuriating in a large bath full of warm water and bubbles, half in a day-dream, when he heard the sound of the door handle, and the door open. He heard footsteps, then suddenly. . .

He felt the touch of Meg as she placed her hands on his shoulders. They stroked and massaged him, and it made him feel so relaxed he didn't protest at all, but lay back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention. But then she picked up a sponge and started to wash him.

Jordan opened his eyes, and looked up. He saw her as she leaned over him in a bathrobe, that opened just enough for him to see the full curvature of her large inviting breasts.

Oh wow! He stared for a moment or two, but couldn't resist them. They were so close to his face! Jordan touched them with his wet hands, then lifted his head and kissed them.

But Meg wanted more. She sponged lower, very aroused. She delighted to see Jordan's cock as it peeked out of the water, and leaned forward and kissed the head.

God, I want that rod she thought, as she took hold of it and gently rubbed it up and down, and felt it throb in her hand.

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So Meg abandoned the sponge, shrugged off her robe, and as she held his huge dick stepped into the bath with Jordan.

She sat opposite him, and lifted her legs up on Jordan's shoulders, still rubbing his cock. He now had a bird's eye view of her tits, which he thought to be about 40DD, and stared at her smooth open cunt which was covered in the foam bubbles.

He took one of her feet and nibbled and sucked on the toes, one by one. With each toe Meg gasped as she received shivers coursed her body. Electrical pulses shot right through her. After one foot Jordan worked through the toes on the other foot. Meg grasped the side of the bath as her hips gyrated.

She never realized she could get such feelings in her body. Her nipples were so hard they ached, and her pussy tingled.

Jordan brought a leg up in-between hers, and played with Meg's pussy with his big toe. He ran it up and down and made her squirm, and rubbed her clit. Her cries echoed round the bathroom.

"Oh God!" she called out. Then got to her knees in the bath and rubbed Jordan's meaty rod up and down.

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Her tits jiggled as she did, and he got to his knees, legs between hers, and bent to suck them.

"Oh Ma'am," he said breathlessly, "You have amazing tits!"

Then he felt down lower and rubbed her puffy labia as he felt for her clit. Meg squealed as he circled it with his wet finger then gave it a little pinch. He hooked two fingers inside her slit and finger fucked her.

"You're one hot lady Meg, and I want you!"

"Show me what you got baby. Fuck me hard!"

And with that Meg bent and pulled the plug in the bath.

Holding his meaty rod in her hand they got out of the water and Jordan pushed her down on the cool tiles and he laid on top of her. He roughly pinned her arms down on the floor.

"Oh lady, I'll fuck you so hard you won't know what hit you. . . !"

She stared into his eyes and screamed. Her screams reverberating round the bathroom just as Jordan thrust into her willing cunt, rubbing her inner walls, and reached high up her. Her legs locked round his body, as time after time he shoved himself in her. It was difficult to distinguish whose moans and groans were the loudest.

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   His body smacked against hers, and his balls hit her ass each time he hit high.

"Yes. Yes. YES!" Meg screamed each time his balls hit.

Her dam broke and her juices flowed like never before. Her head was spinning. This was what she needed!

But when Meg thought he had ended his assault on her body, Jordan withdrew. He pulled her up, and pushed her on her knees and made her lean over the side of the bath, and spread her legs. Then he lifted her hips and thrust his rod hard in her cunt.

Meg's body slapped against the side of the bath time after time as he rammed home. His hands smacked her pale ample round cheeked ass, till they were red and smarted. She felt her juices run down her legs.

"Aaaaargghhh!!" She yelled. "Give it to me! More! More!"

So Jordan looked down to where her ass cheeks had opened in her excitement and her rosebud puckered at him. Two of his fingers entered and wriggled around as he continued to thrust.

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"Oh My God!" He yelled. And Meg echoed him.

Jordan pushed and twisted his fingers further into Meg's ass, as he thrust his cock hard into her cunt over and over. She pushed back into him as he did. Then all of a sudden he took his thick cock, covered in her juices and guided it to her wet ass.

"Yes baby yes!" Screamed Meg. "Don't stop now!!"

She couldn't ever remember such blatant excitement in being fucked, and she didn't want it to end.

So Jordan took his rigid cock in his hand and guided it gently between her cheeks into her hole, moving it in slow gentle rhythm.

"Faster, baby! Harder!!"

"Aaaargghhh!" He groaned. "You want it lady, you got it!"

And with that he fucked her hard and fast. Her screams rang louder and louder as he thrust harder. Jordan grunted and groaned, low primitive sounds exiting his mouth as his arousal intensified.

Suddenly, Jordan pulled Meg hard up against him. His balls tightened, and he spewed his thick white creamy spunk high up in her ass.

"Fucking Hell!" They both yelled.

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What a great ass! Thought Jordan, as he just rested a minute or two, till his cock slipped out. He leaned against Meg to catch his breath. And what a lady! Meg turned her head smiled and kissed him. Then she picked up a towel and patted them both down dry.

"You're one hot fuck lady!"

"Oh baby, you're what I need. Come, rest now. "

And with that Meg took hold of Jordan's now flaccid cock and led him to her bedroom. He lay on the bed with her and they took a short nap.

After a short while Meg woke and turned to see Jordan, naked and sprawled next to her, still with his eyes closed. She thought back on what had gone on in the bathroom, and rubbed her ass cheeks and grinned. Then, on her knees she bent and gently sucked Jordan's cock, swirling her tongue around it. She watched him wake as it sprang to life, grew hard, thick and throbbed in her mouth.

"Oh you do that good Meg. " Jordan said as he sat up and fondled her hair.

"You make me want you again.

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As she sat up he gently caressed her tits, sending shivers down her spine, then pinched her nipples so they became dark pink and hard, with puffy pink areola. As Jordan sucked on them he laid her naked body back down on the bed.

"Sexy lady, I want you," He whispered.

Jordan then rewarded his tongue, and it trailed down her body and along her slightly rounded belly to her hips, and noticed the faint murmurs she exhaled as he sucked on her hips and nibbled on her thighs.

"Oh baby yes!" Meg called out. And her hips started to gyrate furiously.

As he licked her inner thighs and along her pussy lips Meg's breathing became more rapid and her head whipped from side to side on the bed. Jordan lifted her hips and shoved his tongue through her slit and licked inside for a minute. Then he sucked and nibbled on her clit, just before he held on to her hips and tongue fucked her.

Meg never realized the intense electrical pulses that could be felt from sex, and now knew just how much she needed it. Her eyes filled with tears.

Jordan looked up at Meg, with his face smothered in cum. He noticed the tears, but she shook them away and he said nothing.

As his tongue continued to tickle her pussy Jordan hooked two fingers and pushed them inside Meg, in search of her G-spot and tickled it. Meg screamed again as he found it, and her whole body shook uncontrollably.

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"Fuck!" She yelled, as she came again and writhed around, breathless.

"Oh Meg baby, you have a great body!"

He moved up her body and held her down again.

He rammed his revitalized meat in her cunt, as he lifted her legs high up over his shoulders. Harder and faster he went and the sweat poured down him with each thrust.

"Scream baby scream!"

Meg suddenly brought her legs down and rolled them over so she was on top riding him.

"I'm gonna ride you now baby!" She yelled.

Jordan watched Meg's tits swing around every time she bounced on him and grasped the swaying mounds and played with them. Then grabbed her ass cheeks hard and groaned as he felt his cock reach so high inside her.

He watched her face contort and her mouth as it achieved the 'O' when she reached orgasm. They both moaned as Meg's cum dripped all down his stiff rod.

Just as Jordan filled her with his cum once more, Meg felt the tears in her eyes again.
She had never before felt this much emotion from having sex. Maybe it was the exhaustion, or the realization of really being fucked hard in every hole, or finding thrills from being touched in newly discovered areas, or even knowing she had done something totally out of character. But she collapsed on top of Jordan and sobbed.


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  " He said, and wiped her tears away. "What's this all about?"

Meg apologized, and after a few minutes they got up and dressed themselves.

"That was fucking amazing! When are you coming round again?" Meg asked.

"Next time you invite me for tea, I suppose. " He replied.

"Ah yes, tea" said Meg as she suddenly remembered.

"Let's go and eat. We'll need to build our strength up after that. And I'll check the calendar to see when Len is coming home. . . . "

To be continued ….

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