Vampire pt6


I woke up the next morning with my face still in Haley’s breasts. I kissed her breasts and leaned up and kissed her tenderly, putting my arms around her and pressing her close to me. She slowly put her arms around me and returned my kiss. I pulled my lips away from hers and softly kissed her neck.
“Morning baby,” Haley purred to me, running her fingers through my hair, “Want to see the rest of the castle today?”
“Sure, but only if you let me suck on these yummy breasts for awhile. ” I answered, kneading her breasts, then sucking on her nipple softly, nibbling her nipple and running my teeth over it, “How do you keep your hands off these?”
“Baby, I got that out of my system when I was younger,” Haley said, kneading her breasts, “You’re really becoming a full fledged lesbian. ”
“Who could resist when there are girls as sexy as you and the mistress around?” I purred to her, biting her nipple softly and then kissing her lovingly.
“You’re not bad yourself, I absolutely loved fucking your ass last night,” Haley said, pulling me away and licking my cheek, “How is it by the way?”
“It feels really weird and it sort of hurts,” I rolled off the bed and stood up and bent over, “How does it look?”
“Your ass is gaping a bit, and your cut is still bleeding, but still sexy as hell,” Haley answered me, licking her finger and putting it up my ass, “I don’t know how I’m going to keep my hands off you today. ”
“I don’t know how I’ll be able to keep my hands off these today,” I grabbed her breasts and kissed her, she ran her free hand up my back and pressed me close to her, “I love you.
“I love you too Rebecca,” She said, kissing me then pulling her finger out of my ass. She walked over to the wall and pulled a robe down and threw it to me then put her own on, “Come on baby, there’s someone I think you’d like to meet. ”
We walked over to the door and there was a note stuck to the door.
“’I have a surprise for you girls, you’ll find out tonight’?” Haley said, reading it out loud.
“Mmmm, I can’t wait to find out,” I walked up behind Haley and purred in her ear, “Maybe she brought us a new girl to play with. ”
“Come on baby, let’s go to the kitchen. ” Haley took my hand and led me through the door, down the hallway, and into another wing of the castle.

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   She led me through a huge dining room with a giant table and through a door into a huge kitchen. Two women were moving about, cooking, chopping, one was naked; the other was wearing a bra and a thong.
“Ashley! Irene! Take a break; I want you to meet Rebecca, the mistress’ newest girl. ” Haley hollered, pushing the door to the dining room open and ushering me through. The two girls washed their hands off and then went through the door, the naked one grabbed a robe off the wall as she walked by, they both kissed Haley before going into the dining room. They both were blond, hair down to the middle of their backs both with pussies shaved bare, one was taller, in her early 30s, probably 5’10, a few extra pounds, but she had big, beautiful DDD breasts with succulent pink nipples, and the biggest ass I’ve ever seen, with an H cut into the left cheek, she was Haley’s, she had long, beautiful legs with cute feet, and she had beautiful blue eyes and perfect red lips. The other was much shorter, 5 foot even probably; she was very pale, with huge, blood red eyes, and beautiful pink lips. She had B cups tits at most, very firm with cute pink nipples and she had a very luscious ass.
“Hey cutie, I’m Irene. ” Said the older one, leaning down to kiss me. As our lips met, I couldn’t help myself; I grabbed her breasts through her bra and kneaded them.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. ” I said, trying to look ashamed.
“Hehe, oh Haley was the same way, I’m glad they get some attention. ” Irene reached back and unhooked her bra and slid it down her arms, her breasts bounced out, she grabbed them and gave them a little squeeze.

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“I am Ashley,” The smaller one said, walking up to me. She kissed me deeply, sliding her tongue into my mouth, she was ice cold. I hugged her closer to me and slid my tongue into her mouth, I felt two fangs, but they were smaller then the mistress’. She leaned away then bit into my neck, I felt two pricks, and then her start to drain my blood, I ran my fingers through her hair and pressed her close to me, she leaned away and kissed me, blood dripping from her lips, “Nice to meet you Rebecca. ”
“Are you a vampire?” I asked her, putting my fingers on the two fang marks.
“Half. ” Ashley answered me.
“Her mother was a vampire, her father was a human, her mother killed her father after she was done, but she was pregnant, 9 months later, here’s our Ashley. ” Irene said, kissing Ashley on the neck.
“That taste of blood made me horny, are you ladies up for some fun?” Ashley said, opening her robe.
“Yes!” We all said at once.
“I’m starting with the new girl. ” Ashley said, dropping her robe off her shoulders and then crouched and sprang at me like a cat. She bowled me backwards onto the table just as I shrugged my robe off. She roughly grabbed my breasts and started to knead them, pinching my nipples then she sank her fangs into my neck again, I slid my fingers down her back and cupped her beautiful ass, giving it a hard smack and moaned quietly as she ran her fingers down my body and slid two of her icy fingers deep into my pussy.

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   I moaned loudly as she rubbed my clit faster then I thought possible. I came immediately and screamed. She withdrew from my neck and then ran her bloody fangs down my body, over my breasts. She stopped at my left nipple and sank her fangs into my breast, one on either side of my nipple. I arched my back up to get more of my breast into her mouth and moaned out loud as she put another finger into my soaked pussy. I felt her icy tongue on my nipple just as she started to drink my blood, I came violently, my entire body convulsed and my juices ran all over her fingers, I screamed out loud and then everything went black.

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