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Výška170 cm (5'7" ft)
Váha55 kg (121.25 lb)
Jazyk: Angličtina 
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Sexuální orientace: Heterosexuální 
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If it's not enough to have one girl, you can have both of them! Ultra sexy duo show and active love with you. Alina is naughty and floozy, while Samanta is soft and obedient. Alina and Samanta fill each other with passion, activeness, love and talking. If you like the company of naughty girls, then this duo should be at the first place of your choise.This is all in one : nice lesbian show for eyes, attention from two girls, active love and unforgettable full of fun time. Write only sms: +447810272165

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  • greekstud 06-03-2010
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    05-03-2010 1 hour Athény
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    Yes, swallows

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    What can I say about this duo, besides it was the f@ck of my life! Both girls were fantastic and most importantly they had chemistry between them. They had the look I also had - wanting to fuck each others brains out!
    Details which made this exchellent:
    1. Sex with both, using the same condom! I went from one to the other at least 5 times before I finished. Fantastic! Same condom two women!
    2. First time I finished with a 69, and I didn't know in who's mouth I finished. Both girls were sucking extremely well
    3. The breasts: both big and natural!

    What else to ask for? I didn't try anal because I couldn't stop fucking their mouths and pussies. And they couldn't also stop playing with each other, which was the other thing that made it fantastic!