Calendar Girls - Miss January


Mia had been shocked when the girls in her sorority had voted for her to be one of the twelve who would grace the pages of the “Girls of Omega Tau” calendar. It was not really a surprise to anyone who saw her that she would be voted one of the most attractive girls in that house, or even on campus. She had long, wavy, golden hair that cascaded down her shoulders and covered most of her full, ample breasts. Her eyes were such a deep blue that it was quite easy to get lost in them. Her body was amazing. Her curvy 34-24-36 body never failed to get her all the attention she could handle regardless of what she was wearing.

She knew that tonight, wearing her outfit from the shoot, the little white faux fur trimmed micro skirt and barely there bikini top with the little white cropped faux fur lined jacket, white lace trimmed stockings and stilettos, that she would cause quite a scene. She knew that with the calendar being premiered that night that they would have quite a turn out. After staring into the full length mirror for a few final minutes, she headed toward the door and hopped into the cab she had called. With the party was being held at the Maison Hotel ballroom, she thought it best not to drive since she knew she would indulge in a bit of alcohol. The entire ride there all she could think about was Sara McClellan.

It was no secret that the two of them did not get along. It really wasn't Mia's fault that the rivalry began. It was all because of Jared Stark, Sara's on again off again boyfriend. During one of their little “breaks” Jared had been found making out with Mia at an Alpha Phi party. One of Sara's little minions saw the ordeal and immediately texted her to get over there.

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   Everyone knew that if Sara had not shown up unexpectedly, it would have not stopped there. Ever since, the two had been at each other’s throats. Tonight, however, Sara and her little pack of skanks had been left off the guest list. A very catty move, but Mia did not really care. The other girls did not want to deal with the drama that would surely ensue.

She was already 20 minutes late when she walked into the ballroom. Everything was perfect. The decorations were amazing. Throughout the room there were over-sized poster prints of each month's layout. She chuckled as she saw Keilee standing over in front of May's poster looking completely bored as several gamers begged her to pose for pictures with them. Mia laughed, thankful that she had not been suckered into posing for that month, despite the anime based costume being completely hot. She continued to glance around the room, looking for Jared.

She saw him at a table, not far from the bar, with several other Alpha Phi guys. She strutted past, walking toward the bar. He watched as she passed by, noticing the evil little grin that was playing across her lips as she went by.

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   She was watching the bartender pour her drink when suddenly she was startled.

“Nice move. ” Jared said. “Not inviting Sara. Didn't want the competition?”

Mia spun around, smirking. “Competition? I know, even you know, that she is no competition for me. Besides, you are the one who cannot keep your hands or your eyes off me. ” He did not bother to deny it. She slammed the shot of tequila. “Not to mention, I was not the one who kept them off the list. The girls voted against the drama. ”

He snickered. There was no doubt that there would have been drama if she had been let in. He was sure it would start anyway when she and the girls tried to get in later that evening.


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  . . are you just going to make observations all night or are you going to do a shot with me?” She motioned to the bartender for two more. She slid one over at him, waiting to see if he would take the bait.
Jared lifted the shot glass, staring into her eyes. “To missed opportunities. ” He said before downing the liquid.

Her evil grin crept back across her lips as she lifted her glass. “Who said it was missed?” She sucked down the potent liquid. “Maybe just delayed. ”

“Delayed?” He said after draining his glass. “So you still want to finish what we started that night?” He smiled.

“Hell yeah. ” She replied, licking the traces of tequila off her lips. “What do you have in mind?”

“There is a room they have for meetings and shit like that.

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   It is just down the hall from here. If I can get us in, are you up for it?” He anxiously asked.

She smiled and nodded. “You know I am always up for it. ”

“OK then. I will go take care of it now. ” He said, walking quickly away.

She ordered another drink, and kept watching for his return. After about 20 minutes, she had nearly given up on him. A couple of frat guys had cornered her at the bar, trying to get her to do body shots. After turning them down several times, she looked up and noticed Jared by the side door to the ballroom. He subtly motioned for her to come over. Just as she crossed the room, he slipped back out the door. She followed, hearing a loud commotion at the main door as she exited. .

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   He grabbed her hand and led her down a back hall usually used by staff, to avoid being seen. He had seen Sara and her friends headed toward the door, and before they could notice him, he had made a quick escape.

By the door near the end of the hall stood a tall young geeky looking guy, watching them approach. Jared reached in his pocket and slipped him some money, and the door was unlocked. The guy, whose name tag read Joshua, walked away counting his windfall. Once inside, they did not even bother to turn on the lights. Mia quickly walked over to the large table at the head of the room. She turned and smiled wickedly at Jared, sitting on the table. He followed her up to the table.

He needed no invitation. His hands landed on her lower back as he pulled her hard against him. His lips attacked hers, his tongue forcing into her mouth. She moaned softly into the kiss as his right hand slid around between them. He pulled her panties aside, forcing two fingers inside of her tight wet pussy. She broke the kiss, tossing her head back as she moaned.

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   He could see the urgency in her eyes as he continued to plunge his fingers deep inside her. His free hand gripped a handful of her hair, holding it tightly in his grasp as he looked into her eyes.

“God you are already so fucking wet. You must really want my cock in you. ” He boasted with a grin.

“YES” she cried “OH GOD YES. ”

“You have got to be quiet baby or I will have to fill that mouth of yours. ” He said in a low, firm voice. “You don't want everyone to see you squirming on the table here with my fingers in your cunt do you?”

She whimpered and squirmed, not really caring who saw her as long as he didn't stop. The more she moved, the tighter he gripped her hair. He pulled her toward him, kissing her hard once again. This helped quiet her moans which were growing louder and more frequent with each stroke of his fingers. Reluctantly, he broke the kiss.

“Oh god I …. I don't care.

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  ” She whined. “All I want is for you to let me cum. ” His fingers kept working in and out as she stared into his eyes. “Oh god. DON'T STOP. ”

“Are you going to beg for my cock like a little slut?” He asked. “Are you?” Each word punctuated by a hard thrust of his fingers into her tender flesh.

She nodded. “Oh yeah baby. I want that cock of yours deep inside me. I want to feel you slam it in hard and fast. ” She moaned repeatedly, finding it harder and harder to get the words to form. Each syllable becoming more strained as he curled his fingers inside her, rubbing just the right spot to make it nearly impossible for her to speak. “Please baby, fuck me. Fuck me like you know I want you to.

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He smiled releasing his grip on her hair and untying the top knot in her bikini, letting the soft white fabric slip down her chest. His gaze moved to her firm round breasts. He lowered his head to her chest, his lips seeking out her nipple. She gasped loudly as he began to suck hard. His fingers continued to weave their magic spell over her as they plunged deep into her with each stroke. He bit down slightly as he felt her muscles begin to contract around his fingers.

“Oh my fucking god. ” She cried as a torrent of her warm juices washed over his fingers.

Slowly, he withdrew his fingers, smearing her juices over her left nipple before spitting out the right. He latched on to it, suckling it hard, and his tongue flickering against it. She pushed him away, her chest heaving with each panting breath.

“Come on Jared, fuck me. ” She purred. “You know you want it just as much as I do. ”

She reached down and began undoing his pants.

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   He pushed them down revealing his thick swollen cock. He pulled her off the table, flashing a devilish grin as he turned her around so she faced away from him. She giggled, knowing exactly what he had planned. His fingers slipped under her panties as he pulled them down, letting them flutter to the floor around her feet. She bit down hard on her lower lip as the tip of his cock separated her pussy lips. She pushed back into him, forcing his throbbing cock to slip in much deeper. She tossed her head back, crying out in pure pleasure as he stuffed his cock fully into her. Jared put his left hand between her shoulders, pushing her upper body down against the table. His hand moved down to her lower back, keeping her pinned down as he started to slam his cock deep inside her juicy pussy. He grunted as each powerful thrust hit its mark. In a matter of seconds, his cock was completely coated in her slick juices. He started pumping harder and faster as she squirmed, trying her hardest to push back into him.

“Oh god your pussy feels so fucking incredible. ” He grunted.

All Mia could do was moan and whimper.


   All of her efforts to form intelligible words failed miserably as he pumped his cock into her over and over again. He drew back his right hand, slapping her ass hard. She cried out, looking over her shoulder at him with a wicked gleam in her eyes. He slapped the opposite cheek, alternating several blows between the two of them. His left hand moved up her back once again, grabbing a thick handful of her blonde tresses and pulling her up by them. She could feel his hot breath on the curve of her neck as he grunted and snorted.

“God I could fuck your pussy all the god damn time. ” He growled. “I bet you would like that, wouldn't you. To be my little fuck toy. ” She moaned loudly, jolted by each thrust. He gave her hair a sharp yank. “Answer me Mia. Do you want my cock in you all the time?”

“YES. ” She squealed.


   “FUCK YEAH. ”

For a moment, she thought that she heard a noise in the dark corner of the room, but the feel of his lips against her neck made her forget all about it. He kissed the gentle curve of her neck, not loosening his grip on her hair in the slightest. His right arm was around her stomach, holding her firmly against him as he bucked wildly into her.

“Cum for me. ” He grunted.

His teeth caught a bit of her flesh, causing her to shudder. Within seconds, her body began to tremble and her muscles spasmed wildly around him. He felt that familiar flood of wetness, this time drowning his throbbing cock with her sweet honey.

“Oh yeah cum all over my cock. ” He groaned, holding his cock deep inside her until her orgasm finally subsided.

Her body was limp in his grasp. He held her up for several second before she felt like her legs could support her. He turned her to face him and kissed her passionately, his cock still aching for relief. He pulled back, staring into her eyes.

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“Are you going to let me cum wherever I want?” He asked with an evil grin.

“Yes. ” She panted, still trying to regain her composure.

He laid her down on the sturdy table, and then crawled on top of her, straddling her chest. She knew exactly what he had in mind and moved her hands on either side of her breasts, and pushed them together around his swollen shaft. He groaned as he started to slowly pump his cock between them. She leaned her head up, licking the tip of his cock when it would peek out from between her tits. He moaned as her tongue teased the sensitive head. He began to pick up his pace, unable to hold back the need to cum any longer.

“Here it comes. Open up. ” He said, aiming the tip of his cock as her mouth.

She parted her lips, holding her tongue out, waiting for it. The first few hot splashes of cum landed on her tongue, pooling on its pink surface. He pulled back, stroking his shaft, letting several more shots land on her quivering breasts.

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   She sat slightly up, forcing his cock into her mouth to swallow the final blasts of cum. He milked every drop out into her hungry mouth as she sucked him dry.

Carefully, Jared crawled off her, helping her off the table as well. He smiled as he looked at her leaning against the table. He knew it would definitely be the beginning of so many more rendezvous between them. Neither of them said much as they straightened out their clothing and prepared to slip back out of the conference room. She left a few minutes before he did, forgetting her panties that had gotten kicked under the table in a moment of passion. Before Jared left, he made sure to stop and thank Joshua again for letting him in. Joshua then thanked him for letting him watch the performance, before Jared headed back into the party to find his awaiting friends.

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