Charlottes Diaries (Part 29 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 29 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

July 2003
Ever wondered whether Princess Lier in Star Wars fucked C3P0 and what it would be like? Well this month I tried sex with fucking machines, FemDom, Bisexual sex, oral & vaginal sex and fisting. I have squirted before when I’ve climaxed but not so easily and so many times in a row.
July 2003 Adventure 1
Hi again, recently I replied to an Email that was sent to my web site from a woman who guaranteed that she could give me multiple orgasms and make me repeatedly squirt my cum out of my pussy! What a challenge, and on the plus side she lived only fifty miles from us, which made it a pleasant enough distance to drive. After arranging for Dave’s mum to baby sit our two girls for the day at our house we set out (yesterday, which was a Saturday) morning to meet up with Belinda. When we finally arrived in her village it took us a while to find her house as it was on a little road outside the main village which was situated in the Cambridgeshire countryside. When we eventually found it, it was a lovely thatched cottage with a matching thatched garage and the most beautiful garden that you could ever wish to visit.
I will describe Belinda for you because I still find her demure appearance quite a turn on after what she did with me (and Dave). She stood about five foot one in four inch stiletto heeled shoes, she was in her late forties, long dark hair, she was single, and when she answered the door to us and whilst we drank a nice cup of tea she was wearing a dark coloured wrap around dress. (Underneath she was wearing a black satin Basque, matching black satin knickers and black stockings. ) Her natural voice was huskily sexy, but she was very well spoken.

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   After the tea and polite chit chat she lead us through the house and out into the heated garage. This turned out to be where she took her client’s, we then found out that she was a dominatrix. We have no problem with that and after she had told us that she un-wrapped her dress and hung it on a hook by the door and told me to strip to my underwear and Dave to make himself comfortable on one of the comfortable chairs.
Once I was stripped down to my orangey-red matching bra, knickers, suspender-belt and stockings she led me over to a leather bench and made me lay down, she hadn’t even done anything yet but already my cum had made a damp patch in my knickers! After picking something up from the bench that was against the wall she put a tight black blindfold over my eyes and quickly and roughly tied my hands down onto the bench above my head, just being restrained like that had me already close to my first orgasm (Its amazing how powerful your brain is and how it reacts to different stimulations, having a blindfold on during sex has always turned me on, but feeling helpless as well really turns me on!). Belinda then told me to listen to what was happening in the room. What I didn’t know was that she had quietly moved Dave from where he was sitting to a chair nearer to where I was laying and she proceeded to unzip his trousers and remove them and his underwear and she started giving him a noisy blow job with lots of loud sucking, slurping and licking noises coming from her mouth with the occasional moan from Dave. Then Dave became unusually vocal as she started taking ALL of his nine inch cock down her throat and it wasn’t long before I heard him gasping out loudly the way he does when he cums! I got so hot that all I had to do was to gently rub my thighs together which was enough stimulation for my clit to make me cum too!
A moment or two later I heard a metallic snap/click sound which puzzled me for a while then I felt something cold pressing against my left breast and then teasing it’s way inside my bra cup touching my nipple, then it was withdrawn, the same thing happened to the other breast. Then I felt it slide down under the material of my bra between my breasts and I felt it pulled outwards cutting through my bra and I realised that it was a knife and I felt a shudder of pleasure and fear run through my body as the cool blade returned to start tracing patterns sexily over them and around my nipples before I felt it start to press and stimulate each one in turn for a minute or so at a time. As you know from previous diary entries I have very sensitive nipples and the mixture of danger and pleasure that I was feeling soon had me squirming on the bench getting closer and closer to another climax. All the time she was softly talking to me telling me how turned on she was getting playing with me like this, she must have been playing with herself at the same time because with a jerk the knife was pulled from my nipples and I heard her gasping and knew that she had just climaxed too. Then two mouths sucked my nipples into their warmth and that was too much for me and I arched my back off the bench as I climaxed again, but these weren’t multiple orgasms and I complained to them. I was just hushed up by Belinda and told that everything was in preparation, once I was ready she would make my desired multiple orgasms and squirting climaxes start and continue until I begged for them to stop.
Again I felt the coolness of the knifes steel blade tracing its way down over my stomach and tease its way inside my knickers before I felt it cut them away too! I felt her slim fingers trace down over my pussy lips and ease into my soaking wet opening; I gasped out as she pushed two fingers into me and worked them in and out of me a few times. Somewhere far off I heard her saying that I was nearly ready, then I felt something being strapped to the inside of one of my knees, then the other forcing them wide apart, it made me so turned on to feel so venerable with my legs wide apart that I felt my own cum trickle down between my bum cheeks and onto the bench. Then I felt her pulling on my left ankle and she moved it up to my thigh and tightly tied it to it, then she repeated that on my right leg.

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   Now I was displayed with my legs up and spread wide apart with the cool air playing on the slippery cum that was covering my pussy lips and bum cheeks making me shiver with excitement.
Then I heard the unmistakable sounds of fucking and I knew that Dave was fucking Belinda right next to where I was laying and I got even more turned on as I love seeing Dave fucking other women, and not seeing him doing it, but hearing him do it had my mind in overdrive imagining what it looked like. Then I felt her hot breath on my pussy as she lowered her mouth to me and licked me to a wonderful orgasm as Dave fucked her from behind, it turned me on even quicker than usual because I could feel her mouth jerking around on my clit and pussy as he thrust in and out of her. I came first followed by her and Dave, although I’m not sure which of them came first!
For a few moments we all were there gasping for breath trying to recover our senses ready to carry on. Belinda then told Dave to sit down again and watch me fucked to multiple orgasms and squirting climaxes. First thing I felt was something cold squirting against my pussy lips and opening and being rubbed all over them, then I felt Belinda pushing a tubular shape into my pussy and a feeling of coldness in there as something was squirted into there too, followed by the whole of her little hand which she expertly started fist fucking me with, spreading all the (what I found out later) lubricant all around the inside of my fuck hole. Then I heard a scraping sound as something was dragged over to where we were. Belinda then laid a wide strap across my stomach and hips and strapped me tightly down onto the bench. I was so turned on that I begged her to finger me to another climax, but she didn’t! There followed some more scraping and I felt something soft, big and flexible pushed into my pussy and left there stretching my lips open wide. Judging by how full I felt it must have been at least ten inches long and about two inches across, I soon realised that it was a dildo and relaxed totally into my situation.
Wurrr I heard something electrical starting up and instantly felt the dildo starting to move in and out of me, faster and faster it moved and louder and louder I started gasping out in pleasure. I really don’t know how fast it was fucking in and out of me but it was a lot faster that any human could do it so I soon guessed that I was being fucked by a machine!
“Yes, yes, yes, YESSSSSSSS!”
I started screaming out as I started climaxing, without any rest the machine kept fucking me and fucking me building up a second, a third, a fourth,a fifth orgasm, and there I lost count, my pussy was just on fire with pleasurable fucking feelings as orgasm after orgasm tore through me. Then I felt that intense orgasmic feeling that I get when I squirt cum from my pussy, I really don’t know how long she fucked me with that machine but several times I felt my cum squirting out of me as the dildo thrust in and out of me and felt it splashing over my thighs and I started begging for them to stop!
Slowly I felt the machine starting to slow down to a stop, but not before it made me cum again! I remember that I just laid there for ages recovering, my whole body trembling with the intensity of the feelings that had been tearing through me. When I had recovered Belinda removed my blindfold, and released my hands so that I could sit up a little and see myself and I couldn’t believe how much cum I’d squirted everywhere. Quickly she released all my other restraints and helped me swing my legs down over the edge of the bench, it was several more minutes before I stopped trembling enough to walk.

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   Belinda and Dave both helped me into the house and she helped me into a nice warm bath. Whilst I got cleaned up and relaxed in the bath Dave and Belinda went and cleaned up the mess together, (Dave told me later that they had fucked once more then too!).
We all chatted for a while before I made love to Belinda and after that we left for home, I was tired out and dozed on the way home. Wow what a feeling that had been multiple orgasms and squirts of cum at the same time…Incredible!

July 2003 – Adventure 2
Phew! We’ve just got back from Chelmsford and I’m so sore from this sex adventure that I can hardly bare to close my legs. I think I just need to give you some details before I write this one out, a few weeks ago we visited a private members only BDSM club in London. I really enjoyed that visit because I wasn’t in charge; they tied me to a park bench in the grounds of the club with my legs wide open for anyone to use me for pleasure. Mmmmmm I came so many times that I lost count! Whilst we were there a youngish couple got talking to us and invited us to their house in Chelmsford to sample the delights of ‘Machine Fucking and Bondage’. After a little persuading by the young woman, (Her name was Patricia, but for some strange reason liked to be called by her middle name Tracy!) I agreed.
Now I don’t know if any of you are familiar with ‘machine fucking’ but there are a number of different styles of machine out there, they range from the ‘Sybian’ barrel shaped machines which have a dildo attached to the top of them which the woman straddles and gets fucked by (the dildo is sometimes interchangeable for different sizes and shapes and vibrates and thrusts at different speed settings, through to machines that again have different speed and dildo settings that thrust in and out at high speeds and finally hand held dildo ‘drills’ that are built on reciprocating saw power tools that again thrust at high speeds! From my recent experiences I would recommend any of these to women that have difficulty climaxing during normal sex as the stimulation to your pussy is extreme and will give nearly any woman multiple orgasms!
Anyway under my top clothes I dressed in matching white underwear and stockings with red shoes for this adventure, I had a rough idea of what to expect but Wow it was better than I could have dreamed. We arrived and instantly Tracy started dominating me, she soon had me stripped down to my underwear and had a blindfold over my eyes. She half led and half dragged me down some steps into another room. She then guided me between what I found out later were two upright steel frames to which she tied my wrists at about shoulder height. I was already getting turned on just by being blindfolded and restrained; my horny pussy was already starting to leak cum into my knickers. Tracy pulled my knickers down and off me, and then she hooked my legs over her shoulders and licked my bald pussy to a wonderfully quick climax. After returning my feet back down onto the ground she took my face in her hands and gave me a passionate kiss so that I could taste my cum on her lips and tongue.

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Tracy broke away from our kiss and after placing a ball gag in my mouth she positioned my legs either side of the first machine that was going to fuck me and said;
“Now Charly lower yourself down onto your knees and I’ll guide the dildo into your beautiful bald pussy. ”
I did as she asked me and just before my knees touched the ground I felt her guide a thick dildo past my pussy lips and as my knees finally touched the ground I felt it push deeply into my pussy, stretching my lips around its girth, mmm I love having my pussy filled up. Tracy then whispered in my ear;
“Move yourself up and down on it a few times to make it all slippery before I switch it on. ”
I did as she instructed and soon felt the dildo easily moving inside me, and I couldn’t help but moan, even with the gag in my mouth. I then felt a wide belt fixed around my waist and heard two metallic clicks as it was fixed down to the floor, trapping me on the machine. Then she turned the machine on, slow at first it started as a gentle vibration through the dildo into my pussy, Mmmmmm! Then Tracy must have turned it up because it started moving backwards and forwards (not up and down as I expected) and vibrating even more. Because of the size of the dildo I could feel the tip of it moving inside me faster and faster as she turned it up to full. I came really quickly again and again. No sooner had one climax finished then the next was tearing its way through me. After about ten or fifteen minutes I was feeling shattered and tried to lift myself off the machine, I tried pulling myself off the dildo but the restraints around my waist stopped me! It was another five minutes before the machine was switched off and I could rest! I could hear Dave and Tracy speaking to each other as I hung there snorting lung-fulls of air in and out through my nose until I calmed down.
Tracy and Dave came over and released the waist and wrist restraints and helped me to stand, my legs were still feeling like jelly and just wouldn’t hold me up so between them they took me over to a bed (still gagged and blindfolded) and laid me down. I thought that I was being laid down to rest but Tracy soon pulled my arms up above my head and tied them down, then she tied my ankles to my thighs and then tied my legs wide open. As I laid there I could feel the cool air inside my pussy and realised that it must still be gaping open slightly from the first machine that had fucked me to so many orgasms! Then I heard a scraping noise and felt another big dildo pushed deeply into my pussy and I groaned out again with pleasure.
This machine vibrated into life and started at first slowly thrusting in and out of my pussy. Its thrust ranged from buried deeply in my pussy to about half way out of my pussy and seemed to have random patterns of thrusts, sometimes it would thrust six or seven times, stop briefly then repeat with different numbers of thrusts and brakes, and speeds.

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   I was soon climaxing, only this time it was one long climax, never stopping, just getting more and more intense until even through the gag I was begging for them to switch it off. That didn’t work, it just turned it from a random pattern of thrusts to continuous fast thrusts and my pussy just exploded shooting my cum out in big squirts of liquid all over my legs, the bed and the machine. I briefly past out and as I came round the machine was slowing down to a stop and then was slid out of me! Phew I needed a rest so after releasing me and removing my gag and blindfold I sat on the edge of the bed trembling, sipping on a glass of white wine. Once I had settled down and finished my glass of wine Tracy tied my hands behind me, and lead me over to a narrow leather covered bench and helped me lay down on my front before she again tied my ankles to my thighs, this time she didn’t bother with the blindfold and gag! Again I heard and then felt the thrusting sex machine dragged over to me and pushed into me again, this time it felt as if it was even deeper than before (if that was possible!). I love being penetrated from behind as it does feel deeper, this time just the friction of having it pushed into my pussy made me groan out in pleasure (as the tip of the dildo slid into my it dragged over my ‘G’ spot!). I climaxed within a minute of the machine being switched on, and it wasn’t long before the intensity of the orgasms built up so much that I squirted out cum from my pussy again, it wasn’t until I’d done that that Tracy listened to my plea’s for her to turn it off! Dave released me from my restraints this time.
We talked for about half an hour, again I drank more wine, before Tracy and her husband led me over to a mattress on the ground and made me lay down on my tummy again with my legs open. This time I could look over my shoulder to see what was going to happen, what I saw looked like a big electric drill with an eight inch dildo on it. Before he pushed it into my bum Tracy smeared a cool slippery lubricant all over my bum hole and pushed the tip of the tube into my bum and squeezed some inside too, then Mal pressed the trigger and to my surprise instead of spinning around it thrust backwards and forwards! (They explained later that it was built on a reciprocating saw power tool!). I was soon orgasming again, this time Tracy laid down in front of me with her legs wide open and I heard Dave saying to me,
“This time the machine doesn’t stop until you’ve made both Tracy and me cum!”
I didn’t need forcing I pushed my mouth down onto her pussy and started tongue fucking her fuck hole and licking and biting her clit until she came, it didn’t take long either so she must have been really turned on already! Once she had calmed down Dave sat down in front of me and pushed his already pre-cum covered cock into my mouth, and between orgasms I sucked him off, almost again on his cum as he fired a huge load down my throat!
No rest this time, Dave and Mal dragged me over and laid me on top of a metal and wooden table, on my back. And between them moved another machine over to me, this one had two dildo’s on it and I guessed that it was designed to double penetrate a woman’s pussy and bum (or both in one hole or other!). This time Dave lubed up both of my holes for me and they eased both dildos into my holes. This time they gave Dave the speed controller and he started the machine up, first he started the dildo in my bum thrusting slowly, then he matched its speed with the one in my pussy. Then he increased the speed in the anal dildo, and again in the vaginal dildo until both were going reasonably fast taking me closer and closer to another climax, then he stopped them both! What a tease he was! He left me like that while my impending orgasm faded away and then he started again. He did this twice more before he let me climax!
Again they didn’t let me rest they turned me over replaced the dildo’s in both of my holes and this time they tied my wrists to the top end of the table, my ankles to the bottom end and then they tied a rope around my waist and then back to the machine and around that so I couldn’t pull myself off it and they turned them both on full! This time Mal stood in front of me with his small cock, I knew what I had to do and I started sucking him off.

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   I had several orgasms including one climax where I again squirted my cum out of my pussy and briefly passed out (no one noticed because by this time Mal had hold of my head and was just fucking my mouth as hard as he could with his little cock until he came! Then thankfully they turned the machine off and released me.
All I would say to any woman is you’ve got to try fucking a ‘fucking machine’

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