Past Curfew


"W-what's going on here," he stammered while finding it imposible to take his eyes off the big prick in his wife's hands!?! Completely ignoring is question, in a hard even voice Ariella asked, "And just where have you been, if I recall you are to be home by six, and if I'm not mistaken you're nearly a half hour late!!! "I'm sorry, dear," he replied contritely, "but you see, I had this client come in at the last minute and it just couldn't be helped!!!" "Oh, really," she replied acidly, "well maybe if you were on time I wouldn't need to get out side help to take care of my pussy!!!" Both Ariella and the black man laughed out loud at Austin's obvious discomfort, and as if to mock her husband even more, she casually leaned over and took the huge black head into her mouth and sucked it hard for a minute or so before turning her attention back to him!!! "Take off you pants, worm," she snapped viciously to him, "Ben wants to see what a nice big cock you have hidden in there, right, Benny!?!" "That's right, baby," he replied while running his huge hand over her milky white breasts and grinning, "I wanna see his monster cock on the loose!!!"With his face turning a bright shad of red, Austin Drake slowly dropped his pants and stood silently waiting for his wife to continue with her humiliation of him!!! "Take off you shirt," she demanded, "we wanna get a good look at your pretty pink underware!!!" He was totally mortified, but doing as he was told, he slipped of his shirt, leaving him standing their clad only in a bright pink pair of lady's bikini panties!!! "Are you sure he's not hiding a pussy in there," Ben roared when he got a good look at the panties, "I don't see much a of a bulge there, do you!?!" "Oh looks can be deceiving," Ariella replied derisively, "let's have him take off his panties to show us what he's got!!!" With tears now forming in his eyes, a red faced Austin slid off his panties and after turning to face them, stood there with his tiny little penis exposed for both of them to ridicule!!!
"Holy shit," Ben said softly, "you weren't kidding, he's got the smallest dick I've ever seen, why on earth did you ever marry this loser!?!" "Oh, Benny," she chided, "he has so many other good qualities, would you like a demonstration!?!" "You've gotta prove it to me, baby," Ben replied, "as far as I can tell he's just a worthless piece of crap!!!" "Did you hear that, Austin," his wife asked sweetly, "come over here and show Ben what you're good for!!!" With his head bowed, Austin made his way over to the couch where upon he dropped to his knees and started to tongue his wife's already wet vagina!!!" "Not me," she said sharply, "I said show Ben, so suck his cock, and you better do a good job, got it!!!"Austin hated it when Ariella made him suck cock, but as much as he abhorred it, he was drawn to them like bees to honey, so without any more prompting, he let his mouth slip over the huge head and commenced sucking!!!
"So, how is he," Ariella asked Ben!?! "Not bad for a little panty waist," Ben sighed, "but I'd hate to waste a load of perfectly good cum on such a sniveling little asshole!!!" "Don't worry about that," Ariella replied while fingering her smoothly shaven pussy, "when you're getting close just stop him and climb aboard," while indicating towards he squishy vagina!!!" For the next five minutes or so Austin worked his mouth and tongue up, down, and around Ben's big dick, until with a hard shove Ben sent him flying onto the floor where upon he mounted his wife and buried his nine and a half inch pecker into her steaming cunt!!! All Austin could do was sit and watch as his wife spread her legs as wide as she could while accepting the brutal pounding from the incredibly thick monster growing out of Ben's groin!!! "G-good god," she gasped while holding on for dear life,"this is how a real man does it, l-look at how he's tearing me apart!!!" From his vantage point on the floor Austin had a perfect view of his wife's pussy being hammered into submission and loving every second of it while Ben's dick was absolutely going into overdrive!!! Austin hated watching his wife being satisfied the way only a large erection could, but invariably his hand would always make its way to his own crotch to masturbate his pitiful cock to his tiny little orgasm!!!
"Ya know I still haven't punished him for being late," Ariella offered softly as Ben's softening pecker slid from her well fucked cunt, "whataya think I should do to him!?!"Well from the looks of things your pussy is a total mess," Ben replied with a laugh, "why not have him clean it up with his tongue, have him suck up some of that black fuck juice!?!" "That's a great idea, don't you think so too, Austin," she asked sweetly, "would you like to clean up mama's dirty wet cunt with your mouth, little boy!?!" "Yes, ma'am," he replied softly while taking his place between her thighs!!! "That's a very good little boy," she said with a smile, "now, clean mama's pussy, do it, now!!!" The aroma of fresh pussy juice and hot cum wafted up to his nostrils, causing them to flair as a shiver of sexual excitement raced through him, while automatically erecting his tiny little pecker as his mouth pressed gently into his wife's sloppy wet cunt!!! Ariella leaned back and sighed softly while her pussy husband licked and sucked her vagina clean while paying particular attention to her now engorged clitoris!!! "He does have a nice mouth," she moaned as her orgasm built in her now dripping pussy, "p-please, let me suck your cock while he's eating me!!!" Ben chuckled under his breath as he maneuvered around to allow the hot little white cunt easy access to his member, and just as her vagina convulsed in a series of hard crushing orgasms, she swallowed the head of his cock while jerking it wildly, inducing the giant black man to ejaculate his load of hot spunk deep into her waiting throat!!!
Ben's legs quaked as the last of his cum oozed from the end of his one eyed snake onto Ariella's lips while Ausitn planted hundreds of soft kisses all over the bulging lips of her labia casuing her to involuntarily sigh as the last of her orgasm slipped quietly from her pussy!!! Ben glanced at his watch and quickly pulled on his clothing before giving Ariella one last kiss on her cheek and commenting, "Let's do it again real soon, baby!!!" With Ben now gone Ariella turned her attention back to Austin while picking up a leather strap,"Now, tell me again why you were late!?!"
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