Random Seductions Pt. 1


Since I stayed with Uncle Jack and aunt Claire most of my teen years I went to different schools which was good because I never did fit in anywhere. I mean, I ran into so many problems being fully developed as a young teen. I attracted the attention I did not want and could not get the attention I did want. Being totally Bi-sexual I was attracted to some of my female teachers and they never guessed why I want to stay after class and talk to them. There were several male teachers that attracted me over the years too.
I went to one Junior High school and the very first day I thought that Ms. Courts was Bi. She was looking at me from the first day of class so I began letting her see some of my 36DD cleavage and made sure she bumped into me several times. She was blonde and very nice. About 5'8" and maybe 34DD breasts that were very firm. She had lovely legs and she wore stuff to hide her lovely figure most of the time.
I did notice that she seemed attracted to a male teacher, Mr. Simons. He was black and really great looking and I could tell that he was well equipped in more than one way. He was athletic and very very much a man that any woman would love to be with. I was at a store one evening downtown and went around a corner and saw Ms.

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   Courts get out of a car, she was all flushed as when we get after lots of heavy laking outand play. Her blouse was unbuttoned down to the cleavage and she looked at me and we made eye contact. I smiled and she did too, then as she got out of one car and got into another parked next to it I saw that Mr. Simons was in the other. He smiled and drove off as fast as he could. As he went by me and I was on the sidewalk I saw down into his car and saw a nice size black cock out of his pants, in fact his pants were unbuttoned and unzipped and he was still sort of hard.
Ms. Courts was getting into her car and I called out to her. "Ms. Courts, can I get a ride from you?" "Ah, well, I suppose so. " she said and was very nervous. I got in and thanked her and made sure my skirt was riding up my thigh and that I had unbuttoned my blouse to below the cleavage and open. I put on my seatbelt and complained how they always were a problem for my chest. "Do you have that problem too?" I asked her. "Ah, well, yeh, now that you mention it.

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  " she said and still she was nervous and not talkin. I decided to kind of jump right into it and really let her know my intentions. "So, Ms. Courts, do like black men?" I said. She almost went off the road and said, "What are you talking about?" "Well, I saw you get out of the car with Mr. Simons and you looked really red faced, flushed, like after you make love, you know. " She was silent, "Teresa, I really don't, I am really, well, I can't really. . . " she stammered. "I get it, you can't really let anyone kow about it, right?" I said. "Well, no, I gues you are right since it seems that you caught us. How much did you see anyway?" she asked me red faced. "Well, That was a great parting kiss, and what was your hand doing?" I asked bluffing since I did not see them kiss. "Oh my god, you saw us, I mean, you.

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  . . . " she was really on the verge of tears now. "Do you know the park outside of town Ms. Courts?" I asked her. "Yes. " she said. "Lets go there so we can talk. " I said. "Okay. " she said and drove in silence and as she did I managed to raise my skirt higher until it was just below my pussy and I began touching my thighs and caressing my legs up and down and even up a little under my skirt. She saw this out of the corner of her eyes as she drove.
I showed her and isolated place to drive to and we parked there under some trees. I sat there until she had turned off the car and then she looked straight ahead, "So, do I have to buy your silence with 'A's" the whole semester?" she asked me holding the wheel.

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   I had turned away and undone my blouse and the front snap bra and freed my breasts and the nipples that were hard got out. "No, Ms. Courts, I had something else in mind. " I said and turned towards her. She looked at me and her face was really red now. "Teresa," she said, "No, you can't mean that we should, you aren't a, you aren't a lesbian are you?" "No Ms. Courts, oh, can I call you joyce? No Joyce, I am totally Bi. I like both men and women. " I said and reached for her blouse and undid the buttons all the way down as she sat there and watched me. I got closer and touched her lips with my fingers and she began to have tears in her eyes. "Oh don't cry Joyce" I said, "You and Carl are going to enjoy what we are going to do. " and I kissed her wet eyes. She looked at me, "Me and Carl? What has he to do with this?" she asked me. "Well, I am going to make love with both of you, first one at a time and then together and if you both want to keep teaching you will do all that I say. " I said then kissed her deep.

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   She did not respond but I kept kissing until her mouth began to kiss back and then she sighed and relaxed.
"What should I do?" she asked me. "Well, what do you like to have done for you?" I asked her. "Oh, kissing,touching and sucking and well, making love in every way possible. " she said. I pulled off my panties and laid the seat back and pulled my skirt, "Then you may begin dear. " She leaned over ahd kissed me and was shaking all over and I pulled her to me and moved her face to my chest. "Suck them Joyce, suck then like you enjoy. " I said and she began doing just that. "Finger me too. " I told her and she moed her hand to my open legs and felt the soaking wet pussy waiting for her. "Oh my god, you really love this don't you. " she said. "Yes, and soon so will you. " I sad and she gave me two nice orgasms with her fingers.

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   I sat up and told her, Thanks, that was nice, now take off your clothes, all of them. " she did as I told her and I undessed the rest of the way. I got out of the car and told her tofollow me. We walked up a path totally naked and she held my hand as if the feel safe. We came to a picnic area and there were tables. I sat her on the edge of one and began kissing our naked bodies against each other and she really began to get into it. She was kissing me back and soon we were fingering each other and having orgasms. I laid her back on the table, "Now I am hungry" I told her and began licking her legs and finally my tongue found her clit and made her jump. After a good licking she wet my face with a nice orgasm. She sat up and turned me to the table, "Now you. " she said and I laid back and her mouth found my pussy and ate me as if she had been an expert. "I am going to cum, are you ready. " I moaned. She said yes and my pussy sprayed all over her face and chest. "Oh shit.

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  " she said and she licked me as if to get it all. "Do it again,I have anothe in there. " I moaned and she began again and again I sprayed her face. We got up and walked back to the car and dressed.
"Well, what else is in that head of yours?" she asked me and the nice thing is she did not bother putting her bra or panties on. I leaned to her and asked her, "How big is Carl's cock?" "My you are blunt aren't you?" she said. "Yes, when I am after something I always get it, now how big is it. " I repeated. "Well, it is so big I can't take it all. " she said and I got wet again all over. "Maybe you just need to have me show you how. " I said. She laughed. "You mean to tell me you can take something in you than I can't get into my pussy?" she said for the first time. "Oh, you meant the pussy" I said, "I was talking about sucking.

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  " I said. She just looked at me. We were driving now and I asked her to stop and call him. She did and I had told her what to sy. "I think you should come over Carl. " she said. "Well, I just ned for you to come over, something has come up and we need to talk. No, I am not pregnant, just caome over. 10? Okay, good, park in the back. " She hung up. It was 8 now and I called my Aunt Claire, Joyce stood next to me. "Hey Claire, I am going to be at one of my teacher's house. Yeh, she is good, I seduced her today and tonight I am going to seduce her boyfriend too, yeh, the three of us. " I said and then "Bye, love you too. " and hung up.

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   Joyce looked at me. "My aunt and uncle know all that I do. They won't tell but you may have to come over to meet them, Carl too. " I said.
We got to her home and went in and I got some wine from the frig and began pouring some for us. "You drink too?" she said. "If I want to and I feel like it tonight. " I said and let me blouse fall off and sat next to her. "Tell me all that you and Carl have done. " I said and she took the next hour telling me every time they had met, what they had done and everything. After a while and a little more wine it was almost 10. "Get naked" I said. "And put a towel around you. " "Answer the door like that, perfect. " I told her.

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   With the lights dim I told her to kiss him at the door then close and lock it and then let the towel drop and undress him and then walk him to the bedroom without telling him anything except that she needed him in bed. I would be waiting in the bed for them. The door bell rang and she did as I said and I heard them at the door, "Damn, Joyce, you must need a lot to ask me to your house. " "Yes I do" she said in a very seductive voice. "Come on to the bedroom. " she saidand I heard his belt coming off and then he said, "Well, guess I won't need the clothes there anyway. " "No, you won't, not tonight. " she told him.
I had candles burning all around the room and sat on the edge of the bed naked. They came in and he froze and stood there, "This is Teresa, one of our students. " he said. "Yes, it is," I said "And you are going to give me something of an extra-credit project tonight Carl" I said and stood and kissed him. She stood there carressing him and then I kissed her too and he smiled, "Damn, so you two have played some?" he said. "Just today Carl, she saw us parting and well, she has taught me a lot. " she told him.


   His cock was growing and it was now standing straight up. It was between my tits and so I just took it and began massaging it and licking the swelling head. "Nothing like a cockcycle for dinner" I said and he said, "Baby, this is a man's cock, you may not be able to handle it. " "Oh, you mean because Joyce can't that I can't?" I said and then I sank it down till my face was against his belley. He moaned and I began taking it in and out all the way each time. He just laid back as Joyce watched and I deep-throated him for a half hour, "Gonna unload Baby" he said and sid, "Been waiting, do it. " and he humped some and began to fill my throat and I swallowed it all down. "Okay Joyce, just do as I did. " I told her and she began sucking him like I had. Slowly he got hard again and soon  she had half of him in and then I told her that I was going to move her head for her. I did and each time it went deeper and she gagged some. I kissed her neck and then as she went own on him I pushed her head all the way down and she moed to try to stop me but at the same time he filled her throat with another load and held her down on it. She came up with cum dripping from her mouth and I kissed it off. "Oh god, that felt hot. " she saidand we kissed until we were in a 69 and Carl was caressing us and watched.

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We finished and I saw him stroking his full length cock and again. "Time for the next lession' I saidand squatted over he head. "Ready Carl?" I said. I smiled and I put the head between my soaking pussy lips and began going up and down and slowly more of it disappeared. Finally I just sat on it all the way and gave a little shout, "Oh hell yes, that is a good cock. " I said and grabbed Joyce and began kissing her. I roe him and rode him for a long time and finally he grabbed my hips, "Gonna fill that pussy with cum Baby. " he moaned. "Oh fuck, fill me up. " I begged him and he did just tha with cum dripping out of me. He finished and pulled out and I laid on my back, "eat my pussy Joyce, lick his cum out. " and she did just that, sucking and swallowing his cum. AS we lay there I looked at him, "Got one more for Joyce and her pussy, she is gonna take it all tonight. " Hell yes," he said and she did, we fucked the rest of the night and Carl left before sunrise to hide who he was. That was the first time we all met and fucked each other crazy, but not the last.

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