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Topic: fucking my bossim jason, im 18 years old 5' 10'' 210 lbs.   I work at a dead end job try to get somewere better with my job.  I alway ask my sexy boss about moveing  up.   her name is carrie.   She 20 years old about 5' 5'' 150 lbs, long balck hair and slim with nice frim tits and ass.  I got to work the day before i start my vacation.   She asked me what I was going to do with the 2 weeks off i had.  I told her nothing just staying at home.   she looked at me with a look i never seen before from her.   We worked  all night she asked me if i would stay after  with her,  i said ok not knowing what she had planed.   After everyone whent home for the evening me and her stayed after and said she would like to talk to me. Hoping not to get canned not becuse i didnt what to leve but becuse i love looking at her waching her walk in tight paints, i looked at her and she said if i would like to move up with my job? i said yes, what do i have to do. she looked at me and gave me a kiss on the lips then gave me he address.   i got rock hard righ away cuse i alway whatted to have sex with her. the next night i got to her house and rung the doorbell.   she came to the  door wereing tank top and short shorts.

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    I tryed not to look at her tits wich you cuold see thougt the tank top.   i walk in her house and sat on the couch and she sat next to me.   She looked at me and said if you what to get a better job you have to ask your boss, but im going to give you the best job you can have.   i got hard fast.   she lened over and gave me a long kiss on the lips.   as she was kissing me she was rubbing my dick from my pants.   She stop kissing me still rubbing my hard dick and said she aways hope i would fuck her, then she told me that she was on 2 week vaction the same time i was and kiss me again.   I rubbed the back of her neck as wee kissed.   she moved her hand down to unzip  and unbutten my paints.   She stop kissing me and removed her tank top and to my supprise she had no bra on.   I looked at her somewhat small titsthen took of my shirt.   She reched down and pulled by paints down with my underwereand my dick was standing strat up.   She looked at it and told me it was as big as it she hoped it was.   i couldn't beleve that my boss was thinking about how big my dick was.  As we both were naked she go on her knees and rubed my dick up and down then stated to lick it i couldnt beleve my sexy boss was going to give me a blowjob i looked at her and said suck my dickand she whent down my cockabout half way suckingg it as hard as she could.

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    i reched down and was playing with her tits rubbing them and feeling her hard nipples.   she kept on suck on my cock and rubbing my balls i told her to take it all in her mouth and with that she did all the way down to my ball. with her free hand she was rubbing her clilt and was cring out in plesser.   i rubed the back of  her head and told her i was abut to cu, she stop and toke all of my dick in her mouth and sucked me as hard as she can.   i shoot my load all over her mouth little cam out and ran down her chin.   she let go and liked the cum off her lip then off my dick.   i got down and sucked on her tits liking her hard ninpes kissing her down her stomchand down her leg up her thigh and around her pussy she yelled out that she like this.   I put her legs up in the air and start to lick her pussyshe grabed my head and pulled me into her hard.   I licked and sucked her clit and puss with everything i got. As i was sucking her i pushed my finger up her pussy and started to finger fuck her. i couldnt beleve how tight her pussy was it was so tight i didnt think i could get my finger back.   as i finger fucked her i reach up and rubed her nice frim tits. her body moveing around so much i thought she was going to die. she yelled out she was going to cum and she pushed herself into my face as i suck her hard i could feelher cum on my finger then shoot on my facei licked it all up like she did to me.   I layed next to her and kissed her some more tasting a little of my cum.

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    i looked at her and said that was the best blowjob i ever had, she look at me and said that was her frist time.   i was shocked by this hear this sext 20 year old with the body of a supermodle never had a blowjobthen she also told me that she was a virgin. once again i was shocked by this.   she told me she whatted to fuck be for a long time.   after hearing all this my dick became hard againshe  asked me if i would be her frist and she could get me a better job offer. at this point i didnt careabout my job i was going to take the charry of my boss.   we got upand walk to her bedroomshe laied on the bed with her lags open . i could see her virgin cunt and calling for my dick.   I got beteew her legs and rubed my dick head up and down her pussy.   i said if she was readyand she nodded.   i pushuntill the head poped in and kept pushing untill i hit her charry. once there she yelled i what all of ur dick in me and with that i push as hard as i could to take her virginty forever. I banged her like there was no tomarrow her tight pussy grabing my dick tight.   Iwould go fast then slow as wippers came from her mouth. i was banger her so fast that the bed almost came apart.

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   she dug her nails in my back. she was yell to go in deeper and go faster and i was.   she was looing up at me said fuck my pussy i what to not be your boss i what to be ur slut as well ,  i love ur fat cock in my tight little pussy. my ball slapping her ass i pulled out and she got on her hand and  knees and i did her doggy stile. grabing her tits and banging her was to much for me i told her i was about to cum. she said she whatted it in her pussy. she got on her back and i puch my dick in her pussy and bang her pussy.   after 30 sec. i shot my load deep in her whombas i was cumming in her pussy she was cumming on my dick . her tight pussy milking my dick for everything it had.   i fell on top of her felling my dick soften she kissed me and said hows that for a better job. after i got it i looked at her and said the best job i had ever.   in the 2 week off of work we had we fucked each other over 50 times all the time cumming in her pussy. me and her sill work at the same plase but i like going to work now know what waits for me after work.    .

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