A Priest's Tribulation


After she left, I wept in the confessional for the forgiveness of my lecherous sin. Nowadays my mind was always on sex, and my loins were always in a state of arousal. The prayers and routines that were taught in the seminary seemed to be insufficient to keep the evil away. I was fantasizing about any woman in sight, even when Father Langley was preaching from the pulpit. Although I was still a virgin, I wasn’t completely unaware of sex. I had seen my share of porn-flicks when I was turning into puberty. And these porn-flicks were haunting me now, by re-running in my mind with amazing clarity. I had received the call (or thought I had) to priesthood after high school, and my mother supported my decision. Bishop Radcliffe, who was then our vicar and a family friend, was my inspiration. He has been a father figure to me since my father died, nine years ago. My younger brother Bobby, who is eighteen now, moved out and has a steady girlfriend. He’s not very close to mom and me, but he keeps in touch. I’m just two years older than him and I’m the youngest priest in this diocese. I’m just an assistant vicar at this church. The vicar is an elderly priest who delegates his duties to me when he is not in the best of health. The parsonage room allotted to me has become a dread to me nowadays.

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   I’ve been having wet dreams almost every night, and when I wake up I usually find my penis stuck with cum in my matted pubic hair. I can’t confess this to my vicar; he’d probably die from a heart attack if he heard such a confession from a priest like me. I’m too afraid to confess to any priest, because it would be too embarrassing. Although most priests hear much worse in the confessional, I couldn’t bring myself to endure such shame. ‘What if the Bishop finds out and orders me to be defrocked’, I thought. But then again, maybe I should be defrocked. The Church is facing too much negative publicity due to sexual misconduct on the part of debauched clergy. I couldn’t even imagine the humiliation I would put my family and church under, if something went wrong. I determined that I should give up my priesthood, or find some solution to my problem. I decided to ask my mother for her opinion. Mom and me are real close, and we still talk frequently on the phone. My mom is real cool and she would hear me out. Maybe she would tell me to resign my position and find a girlfriend. When I had been thinking of going to the seminary, mom asked me whether I thought girls, or the lack of girls, would be a problem. I was a pompous ass to tell her with confidence, that I could remain celibate for the rest of my life.

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   Today is Saturday, so mom would be home as usual. She works as a teacher in a primary school. She has accustomed herself to the role of a ‘widow’, as she thinks it’s improper to remarry when her eldest son is a priest. I tried to assure her with instances from the Bible, that it was O. K for her to remarry, but she remained adamant. She’s only 41 years old, and she’s still very attractive. She’s a buxom blonde with blue eyes that melt with compassion at the drop of a hat. I have inherited her blonde hair and blue eyes, but I’m 5’10” while she’s just 5’5”. I decided to go home, instead of calling her up on the phone, since I didn’t want somebody to overhear my dreadful revelations. I got in my beat-up car and drove as fast as the speed limit would allow, to the home where I was brought up, and which now only had some beautiful memories, and of course, mom. Although I was composed when I left the church, now I was sweating with anxiety and fear. ‘What if mom just blows a fuse or starts crying?’ I wondered in doubt, although deep down I knew that her reaction would hardly be of the sort. I finally reached home and parked my car in the driveway. Mom’s mediocre car was parked in the garage, I observed in relief. I hadn’t thought of calling to see if she was there this weekend.

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   I pressed the doorbell and waited for her to open the door. She was simply ecstatic at seeing me on the front step. She was dressed in her favorite navy blue skirt, which reached her knees, and a blouse with a flower pattern. Her shoulder length hair was permed and shining with luster. Her body seemed fit and beautiful as always. “Stuart, what a pleasant surprise. I thought you would be too busy to come over this weekend. I was just getting dinner ready. Let’s go to the kitchen, I’ll have to fix you something to eat. ” she was already halfway to the kitchen. I followed her and said, “Mom I’m not that hungry, and I can reach the parsonage back in time for dinner. ”“Don’t be silly”, she said and waived my protests away. I sat in my favorite chair at the table and watched mom, as she bustled around preparing dinner. She was the first to break the ice as usual. “So how’s everything going at the parsonage?” “Everything’s fine.

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   Uh…. Actually I’m having a slight problem these days,” I managed to spit out the words. “What seems to be your problem son?” she asked with troubled eyes, and sat at the table facing me. I spilled my guts out. “I’m having a tough time concentrating at church. My mind is always wandering about. It’s - girls. ” I defined the problem as if it explained everything. “Are you in love?” mom asked cautiously. “No, it’s just girls in general, you know,” and she knew. “So you’re having impure thoughts while poor old Father Langley is celebrating mass,” mom said gently. “I can’t bring myself to confess to a priest or the Bishop. What would he think of me? He’s been almost like a father to me, and I bet he’s expecting a lot of me. If I can’t put a reign on these thoughts, I’m planning on getting out of the priesthood before I’m defrocked,” I finally admitted. “Don’t be ridiculous Stuart.

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   You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. You’re not the first priest to backslide, believe me,” she retorted. “But mom! What kind of a priest would I be if I couldn’t concentrate when a woman makes a confession to me? Besides, I don’t think I’m cut out for celibacy, like I used to think. If I’m always thinking about sex I’m bound to get in trouble,” I said weakly. “I think you should find a temporary outlet for this urge, and after some time you’ll find your faith build up,” mom suggested. “Masturbation is not a strong enough dam to hold back my desires,” I heard myself saying. “If you had sex, maybe it would cure the bad thoughts, and you would be able to concentrate in church,” mom said as if teaching a reluctant student. She got up from the table and turned off the microwave. I think she was hiding her flushed face from the way the conversation was leading. ‘Was mom trying to tell me to go to a prostitute or have an illicit relationship?’ I wondered in confusion. “I can’t have a relationship with any women. It would be too scandalous, you know that,” I said, suddenly realizing that, yes, she did know that. ‘So what is she implying?’ I thought. Mom’s shapely figure turned as she faced me and she said seductively,“If you find me attractive enough, I’m willing to help you. ”She was almost posing, and I realized with horror what she was implying.

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  “BUT THAT’S, BUT THAT’S…. INCEST!!!” I sputtered, managing to get that forbidden ‘I’-word out. “Poppy-cock! It’s just a temporary solution for you’re problem. You can’t get out of the priesthood, and you can’t have an illicit affair. Once you’ve tasted sex you’ll eventually get tired of it, and you can go back to your old routine. Since I’m your mother no one will know, and once you’re cured you won’t have to go through a scandalous break-up. This is the only possible solution, Stuart and you know it!” She sounded like the ‘Devil’s Advocate’. I stood up and faced her. I realized with horror that my cock made a tent in the front of my trousers. I opened my mouth to protest, but found that I was hoarse. Mom advanced towards me and reassured me,“Just be quiet, and I’ll take care of everything. ”I stood there like a wooden post as mom calmly took off my clerical collar, and placed it on the table. Then she kneeled down in front of me and smoothly unzipped my pants. I watched dumbfounded, as she freed my erect member from my underwear and caressed it in her palms. My cock is a proud nine inches long, and as she admired it her eyes gleamed.

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  “It seems you’re peter is really excited. Well, I’ll just have to make it satisfied, won’t I?” mom’s voice sounded like she was a different person, in a different world. ‘Is that really, my mother down there?!!’ I wondered. I stood mutely as her hands deftly stroked my cock back and forth, slowly. I relished her touch. “Enjoy, Stuart,” mom said and then plopped my cock into her mouth like a lolli-pop. I heard myself gasp, as her tongue cured my till then, mute tongue. “Ooohh!!…Oooohhh!!!” I stammered as mom sucked on my cock. She expertly rolled her tongue around its head, and stroked its base with her right hand. If I had any inhibitions remaining, they melted away in her saliva. I took off my shirt and unclasped my pants as fast as my hands would go. As my pants fell to the floor, mom caressed my well-toned belly with her left hand. Her hand roamed through my pubes to my ass-cheeks. I watched in wonder as my cock disappeared in mom’s mouth. She had swallowed the whole thing!Mom pulled down my underwear and cupped my balls.

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   She rolled them in her hand as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. Mom was only able let out whimpers, as my cock went in and out of her mouth. After a few seconds I felt my cum well up in my balls. I gripped mom’s head and fucked her face. My hips bucked feverishly, as I spurted my cum into her throat. “Oh mom!!! Aaagh!” I blurted as my cock spurted into her warm and wet mouth. I don’t think mom even tasted my seed, because I was forcing my cock half way down her throat when it erupted. Mom licked my cock clean as I massaged her scalp. I was panting as if I had just run a marathon. My cock was still like a flagpole, from the licks mom was running over it. I separated mom’s face from my cock and kicked my heap of clothes off my feet. Mom looked questioningly up at me, but still remained kneeling. I lifted her up by the armpits as if she were a rubber doll, completely losing self-control. “Oh, mom!” I muttered and kissed her mouth feverishly. The slightly salty taste didn’t bother me a bit.

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   I ran my hands through her hair, and then abruptly pulled her blouse apart. Buttons flew, as I half opened her blouse, to reveal her black bra. The sight of her milky flesh rejuvenated my lust. Mom managed to unbutton her blouse and take it off, as I roughly manhandled her. I fumbled with her bra clasp on her back. Soon I was pulling off her bra, refusing to remove my mouth from her neck and mouth. Her white breasts were jiggling freely as I squeezed them in my palms. Their areolas were large, and were a light pink color. I twisted her left nipple between my fingers, as my mouth went to her other nipple. I sucked on her breasts roughly and tried to remove her skirt. Mom helped me out, and soon she was only clad in black-laced panties. As one of my hands assisted her breasts into my devouring mouth, my other hand slipped into her panties and squeezed her ass cheeks. Then I picked up mom by her thighs, and propped her onto the kitchen table. I tore off her panties and pulled her milky thighs open. I couldn’t take my eyes off her trimly haired pussy.

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   Her scant bush was dirty blonde. I pried open her pussy lips with one hand and guided my cock to her opening. I was totally out of control, and didn’t even bother to think if she was wet. I shoved my cock into her with one strong push. Luckily she was wet and ready. But mom was surprised at my sudden thrust. She moaned as her tight hole filled with my meat. “Yeah, take it all!” I found myself saying. I was in a frenzy as I pumped my cock in and out of her tight, hot hole. Her juices provided all the lubricant I needed. My rhythm wasn’t even interrupted, as I kissed her lips and breasts. My hands gripped her hips, as I pistoned my cock in her pussy furiously. My balls were slapping her ass as our bushes meshed together with each thrust. My grunts, and mom’s moans and whimpers, were getting louder at the second. Mom was bucking her hips under me, meeting my thrusts with vengeance as our pelvises bumped each other.


   My cock head was hitting her cervix, as my cock sank to the hilt in her pussy hole. Soon my hips were moving with lightning speed, setting her pussy on fire. I felt my balls fill with cum again, and looked down to see my cock disappearing and pulling out in succession. “Oh God!” mom voiced as her body rocked in orgasm. I shot my load of cum into her pussy without hesitation. My cock was milked clean by her convulsing pussy. Her pussy walls gripped my cock and then relaxed, as I collapsed on top of her torso. Our mouths united in a deep passionate kiss after we caught our breaths. “That was incredible for a virgin,” mom said mischievously, as we broke our kiss and laughed. I rolled over as my withered member slipped from her pussy, covered in her juices and my cum. Some of our juices dripped from her gaped pussy mouth to the table, and then to the floor. We ate dinner in silence and then took separate baths. I succeeded in temporarily blocking the fact that I was a priest, and that I had just fucked my own mother, from my brain. That I wouldn’t return to the parsonage tonight was understood without saying. I was standing in mom’s room, in a pair of boxers, waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

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   Soon she got out looking fresh and wearing a pink negligee. “Come on, Stuart, let’s go to bed,” mom said, approaching the double bed. I got under the covers beside her without saying a word. I was wondering whether mom was up to another bout of sex, or whether she was too tired from our marathon before dinner. My answer came within seconds, as mom leaned to me and ran her hand over my chest. “Now let’s make love, my way. I want to go real slow,” mom said seductively. I replied with a kiss. She responded with her snaking tongue. We passionately kissed, as our hands leisurely searched each other’s bodies. The quilt covering us was now rumpled in a heap at the foot of the bed. I decided to take the back seat and let mom do her stuff. Mom’s hand rubbed over the front of my boxers, making my cock come to attention. I just caressed her ass and back, while we continued kissing. Then mom straddled my thighs, and threw her negligee over her head.

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   She unclasped her bra slowly, as if she was doing a cabaret number. Her mischievous smile made her look even sexier. The sight of her free breasts unleashed the animal inside me, and I started to maul them. “Slow down, Stuart. We’re gonna make love, not like before. ”I reluctantly complied and licked her nipples to erection with a pace that heightened our pleasure; like mom must have known would happen. “I want you to use your tongue all over me. I want you to go down on me,” mom revealed her plan of action. I had no problem with that. I gently rolled mom onto her back and gave her a quick kiss. I eased her panties down her hips revealing her sparse bush. I pulled them over her legs, and threw them to the floor. My tongue started from her now erect nipples, and ran down her firm belly. I licked her inner thighs, and she opened her legs for me. I got a whiff of her sex mound before I sank my tongue to the target.

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   My hands held her thighs as my tongue ran over the length of her slit. The tip of my tongue bumped against her nub, and then circled it. I gently sucked on her clit, as mom started to moan in satisfaction. I used one hand to support her bucking ass, and inserted a finger into her pussy with my other hand. Mom’s juices were flowing freely and I knew she was going to cum within a moment. My finger worked inside her hole as my tongue licked and sucked on her clit, bringing her to the brink of an orgasm. Mom was pinching her own nipples and crying in ecstasy. I didn’t dare stop, as she writhed in an overwhelming climax. I think she was having multiple orgasms as my tongue kept working on her honey-pot. Her juices kept flowing as I lapped away feverishly. When mom’s convulsions subsided I got up from her crotch, and lay down beside her. Mom let out a sigh of satisfaction. My cock was like a tent-pole in the front of my boxers. I took off my boxers as mom said, “That was incredible!”Her body was shaky as she straddled me. “Now it’s you’re turn to lie back and enjoy,” mom said with a smile.

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  She leaned down and gave my cock head a few licks, while her hand pumped it slowly up and down. Then she positioned her pussy over my cock, and rubbed her clit with my cock head. She pushed my cock head past her pussy lips slowly. Her pussy was still dripping wet, from her multiple orgasms. She eased herself down, making her pussy swallow my whole cock. I just relaxed and watched, as mom accustomed herself to the feel of my cock inside of her. Then she started pumping her bottom up and down on my cock, with dazed eyes. She supported herself on my shoulders, and my hands roamed over her sides. Her pussy was a hot squishy hole, gaining speed by the minute, over my member. I observed my juice-coated cock appearing and sinking inside her bush in quick succession. Her juices were seeping down my cock to my bush, making our bushes matted, as they meshed with each stroke. ‘This must be heaven,’ I thought in pleasure. Mom’s ass was rising and falling like a machine as our orgasms approached. Our moans grew louder as our juices and sweat mixed. Soon I felt mom convulsing and her pussy gripping my cock in a vice.

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   I felt my cum shoot from the base of my cock into her depths, in what must have been a geyser. I grunted as mom’s pussy milked every drop from my cock, as she convulsed in another orgasm. She let out a sigh of relief and fatigue, and collapsed on my chest. We embraced and kissed passionately in our after-glow. Mom rolled over and my withered cock slid out of her, opening an outpour of our mixed juices onto the sheets. Mom took out cigarettes from her drawer and we enjoyed the welcome smoke as our bodies slowly recuperated. “I don’t think there’ll be any clergy on this planet to hear my confession without breaking a valve, now,” I confided as I blew smoke to the ceiling. “Something tells me that Bishop Radcliffe will be quite understanding, dear. Believe me,” she said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. (This is my second piece of fiction. I hope I’ve improved. Plz send ur suggestions-snakecore).