Daddy in My Bed


  Â  Â  ÂIt was about two weeks after I hadthe first period of my life when Daddy got in bed with me for the first time. As you can imagine, it was a complete shock. Nothing unusual had happened thatday, except I fixed a real dinner for us without using the microwave. Atthirteen I was feeling pretty grown up about that!

          ÂWefinished dinner, looked out some TV and I took my shower like I always did. Itwas summer and school was out so there wasn’t any homework to worry about. After my shower, I put on a thin nightshirt that came to just above my kneesand a pair of panties, just like I always did. I kissed Daddy goodnight, wentto my room and text messaged my friends until I got sleepy. I never heard himopen the door to my room. I didn’t wake up until I heard him call me and felthis lips on my forehead.

          Â“BabyGirl, it’s time. ”

          ÂHealways called me that. He was in my bed, holding me in his strong arms. I wokeup dazed, confused and a little bit scared.

          ÂImust have been deeply asleep for a long time. All the lights were off but therewere a lot of candles flickering about my room. Some soft music I had neverheard before was playing on my CD player.

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   I could smell the same sweet delicateodor I used to smell coming from the master bedroom on some nights when Mom wasstill alive.

          ÂHekissed my forehead again.

          Â“Daddy,”I screamed and tried to push him away. “What are you doing? Time? Time forwhat?”

          ÂHewas too strong to push away so I tried to pull away from him and jump out ofbed but he was too quick and too strong. It was like he knew what I was goingto do before I did it. As I struggled and screamed he just held me, not enoughto hurt but enough to make sure I couldn’t get away.

          Â“It’stime for you to learn about the pleasure that comes from men and women sharingtheir bodies with each other. Do you understand what I’m saying to you, BabyGirl?”

          ÂOfcourse I understood. I was young but I wasn’t stupid.

          Â“No”I screamed at him. “You’re my father. You, you can’t do this to me Daddy. Fathers aren’t supposed to going around raping their daughters. Stop. Let mego.

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   Let me go!”

          ÂIfought him. At least I tried. He held me so close that my punches didn’t haveany force. I couldn’t get any power behind my kicking and kneeing either. Mynails were far too short to be effective weapons. I even tried to bite him. Nothing worked. Just because he was an independent software analyst working outof a home office didn’t mean he was a wimp. He was strong, agile, and fast.

          ÂHisvoice finally penetrated my brain through my screams. He was calmly whispering,“Honey, it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. ”

          ÂThosewords sent a chill through me and took all my strength away. As far back as Icould remember, those five words had always settled everything, good or bad. They ended all discussion, dispute or disagreement.

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   Any further struggle orprotest would be futile. I knew my daddy was going to rape me and there wasn’tanything I could do stop him.

          Â“Goahead, rape me. I’ll tell the police and go to court and hope you rot in jail. ”I screamed at him and called him all the names a thirteen year old knew. Thetears turned from a trickle to a flood.

          ÂHejust held me for a moment. Then he whispered, “Baby Girl, you can hate me allyou want for as long as you want, but I want your first time to be a good timewith someone who loves you and knows what he is doing. I don’t want you rippedopen by some pimply faced kid who isn’t concerned about you and who just wantsto get his rocks off so he can brag to his buddies. ”

          Â“Sure,”I tried to spit in his face. “This is just for me. What a great first time,being raped by my father. You’re just a dirty old man who gets off on rapingyoung girls and it’s even better if it’s your daughter!”

          ÂHechuckled. Can you imagine that? He chuckled!

          Â“Oh,Baby Girl, of course I’ll enjoy you. I am after all a man, but if all I wantedwas a little bit of chicken I could buy all it off the street.

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          ÂThenhe began to softly stroke my hair.

His touch was the same gentle fatherly touchI had felt all of my life. His kisses on my forehead and cheek were the same asthey had always been.

          ÂDaddylifted my chin. I could feel his looking at me but I kept my eyes squeezedtightly shut. I didn’t want to see him. I wanted to die. The tears continued toflow down my cheeks even though I had stopped sobbing. His soft lips tenderlykissed my eyes. “Kissing the tears away” was what he used to call it when Iwould run to him crying because I’d fallen or something had frightened me.

          ÂMyconscience mind rebelled as he continued to kiss my eyes and cheeks but anotherpart felt safe, warm and even secure. I smiled and hated myself for it as henibbled the end of my nose as he did when I was just a little kid. His lipstenderly brushed against my own before his tongue gently parted them.

          ÂIhad been kissed by boys a few times before but this was different. The boysabout my age tried to mash your face in.

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   The older boys seemed like they weretrying to choke you with their tongues. My daddy wasn’t like that. His kiss wasan invitation. I found myself unclenching my teeth to welcome his tongue intomy mouth. He didn’t go much further past my teeth before pulling back andlovingly running his tongue along my lips. My own tongue followed his and whenthey touched, a circuit somewhere in my body closed. A current shot through me. He sucked my tongue into his own mouth, released it, and kissed my bottom lipand then my neck.

          ÂAsoft moan escaped from my parted lips. My body squirmed.

          ÂOnehand embraced me while the other soothingly caressed my shoulders, then myback. He traced my spine to my butt. His fingers lightly traced the fissure ofmy rear before stroking the back of my thigh. He wasn’t groping blindly. Hemoved up my side and cradled one of my small breasts in one hand while loweringhis head to the other.

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          ÂIwas still wearing my nightshirt but I could feel the pressure of his lips as hetook my nipple into his mouth. Another circuit closed and fire shot through me. My nipples were so hard. I couldn’t breath.

          Â“Daddy,no, this is wrong. ” I was gasping.

          ÂTighteninghis lips around my nipple he began flicking it with his tongue, completelyignoring my protest. He nibbled and sucked my little A-cup breasts, moving hismouth from one to the other. His free hand roamed all over me, caressing me,stroking my back, thighs, butt and stomach. Touching me, touching meeverywhere, I clinched my legs and found my panties wet. I didn’t want him totouch me down there but tightening my thighs made my soaked panties push andrub against my opening sending throbbing pulses through me.

          ÂMovingquicker than even I thought he could move, he grabbed the waist band of mypanties and pulled them down to my knees. He knelt beside me and with onestrong arm he lifted my legs and bent me almost double. I couldn’t do anythingas he pulled my panties off.

          ÂHeshifted his position again.


   My screams of protest turned to guttural moans asthe lips that once covered my nipples pushed back the protective hood of thelittle button hidden in the folds between my legs. His tongue circled thatbundle of nerves and I lifted my hips to his mouth. I had never felt anythinglike that before. My body shuddered and I could feel juices flowing out of me. I just kept gasping and moaning as he lapped my slit. I could hear him softlyslurping as he drank from me. His tongue wandered everywhere down there. Itpushed and circled my button, traced my lips before pushing against the littleflap of skin that blocked the entrance to my tunnel. He licked me up and down. Sometimes he’d force the hood back and take my button between his lips, suckingit hard while stabbing it with the tip of his tongue.

          ÂMybody was on fire. My blood was boiling and my mind confused. He’d let my legsdown but I kept them as wide apart as I could for him. I’d grab his head topull him away only to push him to another spot where I needed his lips andtongue. My lips would form the word “No” but it would only come out “Oh-h” asI’d lift my hips and push against his face.

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   I wanted him to stop, honest I did,but I knew I would die if he did.

          Â“Daddy,Daddy, oh, please, right there, right there, Oh-h Daddy. ”

          ÂIfelt the bed move as he shifted his weight. I thought I heard a snapping sound. Later I figured out he was removing his pajama bottoms, but all I knew then wasthat his head was no longer between my thighs and I was still burning.

          ÂOpeningmy eyes, I saw his face glistening with the liquid from my kitten. He loweredhis fact to mine and kissed me. I thought I would be repulsed but it wasn’tgross at all. I could taste and smell me on his face. Our tongues played again. I was ashamed by the pleasure I felt as we explored each others mouths. I likedmy juice from his cheek and joyfully received his tongue, sucking on it has hedid mine.

          ÂHetook my bottom lip between his own and as he nibbled it I felt something hardpressing between the folds of my kitten’s slit.

His strong hands were holdingmy legs wide open. I knew what that hard probing thing was but before I couldmove, before I could panic, before I could even take a deep breath, I felt asharp stabbing pain.

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          ÂHewas in me. He was in me. Sliding into me. Deeper, deeper. Stretching me,forcing me open for the first time. Hard, so hard, thick, thick, and goingdeeper into me. Filling me. Filling me up. My daddy’s dick was filling me up. His hands keeping my legs apart, so wide apart. Making me take all of himinside of me. Slowly, slowly, ever so slowly, but never stopping. In me, in me. Colored flashbulbs firing without pattern in my mind

          Â“Daddy!Daddy! Daddy! Oh! Oh! Oh, Daddy!”

          ÂStretching,stretching. So big, so hard and thick and deep inside of me.

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   All the way upinside of me. I’m full, I’m so full.

          ÂHeeased my legs down but I couldn’t move. I lay pinned to the bed with himbetween my legs and totally inside of me. I was panting like a dog on a hotJuly day. My body was quivering and shaking. With each twitch I could feel himwithin of me.

          ÂShiftinghis weight again, he began to slowly pull out of me. I was still gasping but Ithough it was over. I was glad but sort of disappointed. I had expected more. It didn’t hurt a lot, but I didn’t see any big deal.

          ÂWhenhe was a little more than half way out he slowly started to push it back intome again.

          Â“O-o-oDaddy,” I moaned as I felt his hardness filling me once more. Again, he was allthe way inside of me.


   Then he began pulling back. When he began his push again,I was prepared for it. I held my breath as he thrust into me.

          ÂThepattern was established. Slowly he would pull back to slowly push in to slowlypull back, over and over again. I began to rock with him, to open my legswider. I began to savor the feeling of fullness of him inside me. I was so wet. I could feel it running from my slit and trickling between the cheeks of mybehind. I began lifting my hips to meet his thrusts.

          ÂIneeded him in me. I needed that thick hard flesh stuffed inside of me. I groundmyself into him. Pushing hard against him, gasping each time he plunged intome. He would pull almost completely out of me before unhurriedly slipping itin.

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   He was making me crazy.

          Â“FasterDaddy. Harder, harder. Put it deep in me Daddy, deep in me. ”

          ÂHeheard me and started driving his hard shaft into me faster and faster.

          Â“Yes,yes, Daddy,” I screamed. I moaned. I felt a series of spasms rocking my body ashe FUCKED me. Yes, I knew the word. I had heard it before but now I really knewwhat it meant. I could feel him pounding into me. My breasts were bouncing fromthe force of his thrusts. His big dick, so hard and thick, slamming into me. Mybody was out of control. The muscles of my tunnel were contracting around histhickness.

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   My legs wide open but my feet on the bed driving my hips up to meethim. I was screaming “Daddy, Daddy” again and again. I was crying, dieing,gasping, tearing at him, whimpering.


          ÂIcould hear him moaning “Baby Girl, oh my Baby Girl. ”

          ÂHeseemed to grow harder and push even deeper into my newly opened gash. Hisstrokes were long and hard. I could feel his balls slapping against me. We wereboth moaning and screaming. My legs were stretched so wide I didn’t have anyleverage to grind my tight slippery slot against him, but I wanted to. Boy, howI wanted to. I wanted to get every one of his pile-driving thrusts as deep intome as I could.

          Â“Daddy,Daddy, Daddy!”

          Â“BabyGirl, so tight, so sweet Oh, Oh!”

          ÂHerammed into me hard, hesitated a second and then slammed into me again.

          Â“Ahh,ahh, Oh, shit,” he screamed. A sob came from his parted lips. I felt himtremble inside me as he exploded.

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   His body shuddered. I felt even fuller as hespilled his juice. He didn’t move. He stayed rammed up inside me as he firedload after load.

          ÂAshe began to gently kiss my face, I could feel the overflow seeping out of me ashe softened. He stroked my hair. Daddy told me how much he loved me and howwell I had moved from virgin hood.

          ÂFinally,he slipped totally out of me. He moved from between my thighs and lay beside meholding my hand. We didn’t speak. The soft music was still playing as thecandles flickered. A musky odor now mingled with the sweet smell of incense.

          ÂIfelt warm and peaceful but every muscle was tired for the exertion. I wasexhausted. My kitten, or was it now a cat, felt battered and sore, but stilltingled pleasantly.

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   I had to pee but didn’t think my legs could hold me.

          ÂRollingover, I laid my head on my Daddy’s chest. I slowly rubbed his taunt muscledstomach. I was curious. I wanted to see and touch what he had put inside of mebut I wasn’t quite ready.


          Â“Yes,Baby Girl. ”

          Â“AfterI go to the bathroom and rest a little, can we do that again?”