Moving In with Daddy


Lately I find myself really attracted to myself. I’m always looking at myself in the mirror, but I only look at my body. I’m what you could call a girl next door. My facial features are soft and rounded; my cheeks are always somewhat pink, like I’m blushing all the time. I still have a baby face. My eyes are dark, very dark, almost black, and for what most people say, they are black. My hair is a dark brown, it’s long and wavy. It falls just short of my butt when it’s down. Last year, my parents got divorced, leaving me to live with my Mom. I hated it, and I always ran away to my Daddy’s house, he lived only a few blocks over from us. After only a few months of this behavior, my Mom was tired, and sent me to live with him, since that’s where I really wanted to be. The day I moved over there, I hadn’t packed anything yet, so my Daddy helped me. We sat in my room for hours going through everything, mainly just clothes, but I have many clothes, even now. Mom had made sure she wouldn’t be there for this, she couldn’t stand being in the same state as Dad, let alone the same house. As we went through my drawers, I noticed Dad’s reaction as he started pulling out my underwear. I couldn’t help but laugh.

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   He pulled out one of my many silk thongs, then another, and another. His face went from contently packing his daughters belongings, to being terrified of why I had those. “Jo, who bought these for you?” He asked apprehensively while holding up the thongs. “Mom did silly. ” I giggled. He almost looked angry with that, it was so cute. The next day was spent unpacking, and getting settled in my new home. I was so happy to be there. It being a workday though, Daddy was gone to work all day. That left me plenty of time to look around the house. Every time I had been there before, he was there too, so I couldn’t get away to snoop around. I walked all over that house, filling with disappointment, as I found nothing new. I decided to check his room one more time, and it’s a good thing too. I stayed in there for an hour, going through the boxes in the closet, and everything under the bed, and in his drawers. I pulled out a pair of his boxers and put them on.

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   They were silk, and very soft and smooth feeling. I stood in front of the full-length mirror in the master bathroom admiring the way they hugged my butt. The way they tried to creep between my butt cheeks as I moved around. I left the boxers on while I continued to snoop around. In the closet I found five boxes that were not labeled, I opened the first and found porn mags in it. I set that one aside for later, and continued looking. I set the five boxes on the bed, and then lowered myself to the cold hardwood floor. I shuttered as my bare nipples made contact with it, they grew erect instantly. Once fully down, I could feel the coldness shoot through my pressed boobs. I reached around under the bed for about 10 minutes before I finished. I ended up pulling everything out from under the bed, I found something dirty in every box that was there, and a couple of bags too. I climbed up on the large King size bed, still wearing nothing but my Daddy’s silk boxers. I opened the first bag and dumped its contents out on the bed. There before me lay hundreds of pictures of naked women. Looking at some of the pictures more closely, I could tell that they were all taken right there, in that bedroom, on that bed.

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   I felt my pussy get wetter as I browsed through the photos. Some of them were so crude; one had an attractive blonde on all fours, with a big rubber dildo in her butt. I’m no prude, I’ve had sex with three different guys, but I never knew about anal sex. The thought of it never crossed my mind, until now. There were about 20 pictures of that woman, and in all she had that dildo in her butt. Fascination grew within me as I stared at the snapshots. I laid them out in front of me, I felt my pussy was really wet now, so I slipped my slender hand inside my Daddy’s boxers. My finger barely glanced my clit, sending a shiver through my body. I was so turned on by these photos, I had to cum. I started gently rubbing myself, trying to hold back. I was tingling all over from my touch. I slowly stroked my pussy from front to back, going the full length. On one stroke to the back, I let my finger go a little farther than before, and I felt my puckered asshole under my wet finger. Being the curious girl I am, I decided to play with it a little. The girl in the pictures seemed to like it, so it must be good.

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  I circled my anus repeatedly, slowly adding more pressure with my fingertip. Before long my fingertip was tunneling it’s way through my dirty hole, and I was abandoned by my senses. I pushed my finger all the way in, feeling every knuckle pass through the opening. It was weird feeling, and it kind of hurt, but I was so hott right then that I didn’t care. I pumped my finger in and out while with my other hand; I jacked my now protruding clit furiously. I laid back, and stretched my legs out. I had to know what it felt like to have a dick in my ass, and I knew that Daddy had one around here somewhere. I pulled my hands free from my crotch and rummaged through the other bags and boxes, until I found the big, black rubber dick the blonde was enjoying so much. With it were four other dildos and some lube. I grabbed the lube and the big rubber dildo. I spread lube around and inside my butt hole, and on the dildo. Without any further hesitation, I placed the head at my entrance, and pushed slowly. Once the head was in I stopped, it hurt so bad. I felt as though I was being ripped apart, but alas, I had to know. I took a deep breath and shoved it in, all 8 inches of that marvelous rubber friend was filling me up.

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   The blondes name was written on the back of the pictures, I found it as one of my convulsions over turned some of the pictures in front of me. Melinda was her name, the date under it said 5-5-03. She had been photographed only 3 days ago; I started slamming that dick into me hard as I realized it had been in that gorgeous ass only three days ago. I chanted her name aloud “Melinda, Melinda, Oh God Melinda. ”I felt as though I could burst from excitement, but something was missing. I then looked up towards the TV, and saw a tape sticking out of the VCR. It was labeled with big writing, allowing me to read it. It said Melinda, I stopped breathing momentarily. I jumped up off the bed, with the dildo still buried in my ass; I ran to the VCR and pushed the tape in. I turned on the TV and grabbed the VCR remote, then returned to the bed. The first image it showed was my Dad pounding his long, thick cock into Melinda’s pussy while he fucked her with the dildo I was using. I watched in awe for 10 minutes as he rammed her pussy and ass. I grabbed another dildo and stuffed it into my pussy, it was smaller than the black one, but it would have to do. I closed my eyes, and began pumping the dicks in me like a seesaw. I was fucking myself hard and fast, my moans were so loud they completely covered the sounds from Melinda on the TV.

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   I was on all fours, facing the TV, with my Dad’s boxers still on. I marveled in the feel of the rubber dicks massaging my vaginal and anal walls. The dildo in my as soon left on it’s own, with just the boxers holding it in. My clit needed attention. So there I was, stroking my clit and fucking my cunt with my Dad’s dildo, while his other dildo lightly fucked my ass. I bucked my hips around, making the dildo move around inside my ass, I was in ecstasy. I continued as the first orgasm ripped through me, making me almost too light headed to do anything. I fought through it and kept fucking myself. All I could see was my Daddy fucking this woman relentlessly, and I wanted that. I wanted his huge cock for myself; I wanted to suck on it right then and there. I kept seeing flashes of him behind me, treating me like one of the women he has on the tapes and pictures. I began moaning the word Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. I could feel the next orgasm coming as I pinched my clit hard. I screamed the words “Please Daddy” repeatedly. I humped roughly on the dick my hand was forcefully fucking me with, while I stroked my clit with my ass full of rubber.

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   I could hear things falling off the bed from my rough movements; this only made me go harder for some reason. My eyes were closed tight, my back was arched painfully, my clit was throbbing, and my pussy was tighter than ever. I froze when the first wave hit me. My only movement was the quivering of my body. My toes were curled awkwardly, the dildos were both buried deep inside me, and I couldn’t make a sound. I convulsed with pleasure as I imagined my Daddy squirting his think, gooey cum inside my dirty little pussy. I was wrecked with the throws of incestuous thoughts; I couldn’t have wanted anything more than my Daddy’s dick. My cunt muscles throbbed around the dick in me, making it jump with every squeeze, making the one in my ass jump as well, reminding me of the sinful pleasure of anal sex. My cum lasted for what seemed like hours. I was brought back to reality by the sounds of my dad grunting as he shot his load all over himself. I was in too much shock to move. He was sitting in the chair by the bed, jerking off watching his daughter fuck herself with his dildos, while watching a tape of him fucking a woman, and she was screaming his name. I thought about panicking, but why, he was cumming too. I just laid there as my orgasm subsided, watching my Daddy stroke his cock because of me. To Be Continued ………….

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