My Ghostly Lover


My boyfriend and I had an active sex life. The lack of sex had started giving me some really weird dreams. I never had sexy dreams until I moved into this house. Since moving in, I would literally wake up in the middle of a powerful orgasm. I would look to the side of the bed and expect someone to be there – the feeling was that strong. Unfortunately, once I realized that I was alone, I could not recall the dream that got me to that state. I also started feeling that someone was watching me. I would see shadows out of the corner of my eye or I would feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It felt so real that I would turn around and expect someone to be standing there. I thought I was going nuts. Sometime after the Christmas Holiday something happened that convinced me I wasn’t imagining anything. Around midnight, something woke me out of a deep sleep. I lay there listening trying to figure out what had awoken me when I realized that I couldn’t move. My arms and legs felt like lead. The first thing I thought was that I had had a stroke and I started to panic. Immediately a voice spoke to me.

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   Actually, it didn’t speak as you and I would speak, it put the words in my mind. “Don’t worry, you aren’t hurt and I won’t harm you,” said a very masculine voice. “Who are you?” Amazingly, I was unafraid. I realized that I could think the words and he would “hear. ”“I won’t hurt you, I want you. I’ve had you in your dreams and now I’ll have you while you’re awake. ”Suddenly, my arms and legs were freed. I looked down and could see the blankets being pulled down my body as if someone were standing at the end of the bed. The first instinct was to grab them back, but I didn’t. I let them go. I sleep in the nude even in the winter, so my body was exposed to the cold air. My nipples got hard immediately but more from the excitement than the cold I believe. “Nice,” I heard, “your body is perfect for me. ”I felt weight at the end of my bed as hands started moving up from my ankles upward. Light, soft touches have always done more for me than strong, massaging hands.

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   I couldn’t help but moan a little. “I want to see you,” I thought. “I need to see you. ”“Not this time. ”I jumped a little as the weight moved up along side of me and the hands traveled to my thighs. “Ahhhh,” I moaned, “please. ” He chuckled, “Please what…what do you want?”“I want more. ”I felt his warm mouth close over my nipple and his hand settle between my legs. I knew I was already wet and it wouldn’t take long for him to make me come. His long finger entered me as his mouth pulled and gently bit my nipple. I realized if I closed my eyes I could picture in my head what my ghost lover looked like. I reached out and although I really didn’t expect to feel anything, my hand connected with the warm feeling of a flesh and bone shoulder. I spread my legs wider and started humping the hand – after so many months with no sex, I was desperate to come. “Harder, please harder,” I cried. “Yessss,” he moaned, “come for me.

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  ” He pushed two more fingers into me and started pistoning them in and out. “I’m commmmming,” I cried. Without giving me chance to come down from my orgasm, I felt him take my hand and guide it to his cock. As I moved my hand up and down the soft skin, I could feel how warm and hard he was. Turning on my side and keeping my eyes closed, I pushed him on his back. I scooted down the bed until I could feel his hard warm cock near my mouth. “Uhhhh,” he murmured. “Suck me. ”“Not yet,” I breathed as I slowly and lightly ran my tongue up and down the shaft. I felt his hands on my head halfheartedly trying to push my mouth down on his cock, but I wasn’t done teasing him. I took my hands off his cock and told him if he tried that again, I wouldn’t cooperate. “Please,” he begged. I went back to his cock and continued with only my tongue. I moved between his thighs and slowly ran my tongue around his head, down the shaft, and gently around his balls. I could hear his breathing getting harder.

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   His legs moved apart wider and I gently bit the inside of his thigh. After several more minutes of torturing his cock with just my mouth, I stopped. I waited several seconds and plunged his cock into my mouth. His reaction was to groan and buck his hips upward. I took as much of his cock into my wet mouth and kept my hands moving up and down the base. I would suck for about 10 seconds, then lick down one side of his shaft to the base, over his balls, up the other side and take his head in my mouth again while constantly jerking him between my hands. “Ahhh, baby, enough,” he groaned, “I want to come inside of you. ”He pulled me up his body until I was laying chest to chest, cock to pussy, thigh to thigh with him. He pulled my head down and started kissing me. He ran his tongue around my lips several times before he plunged it into my mouth. His hand on my head held me in place as he thoroughly kissed me. I drew my knees up until they rested on either side of his hips. This made my pussy lips open up and his cock nestle between them. I was getting hot again. I realized if I moved my hips at just the right angle, his cock, because it wasn’t inside of me, would rub against my clit.

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   I started riding his cock as it lay between us. My erect nipples rubbed against the hair on his chest making my breasts tingle. “Oh god,” I cried, “I’m gonna come again. ” My hips were rocking up and down in a frenzy. “Oh yes, baby, come for me again. Ahhhh,” my ghost lover moaned. He grabbed my hips and held them in place as he rocked his hips beneath me. He was helping me reach orgasm. “I’m commming, oh god,” I cried as waves washed over me. He held me for a few seconds as I calmed down a little, and then he rolled me over onto my back. I felt him spread my thighs and kneel between them. He stroked my dripping pussy with his cock, again teasing me. I moved my hips up with the hope of “catching” his cock with my pussy, but he moved back away from me. I tried again, but he locked my hips to the bed with his hands and chuckled. “What a greedy pussy you have.

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   You’ve come twice and still want more. Now you’ll have to wait a few more minutes because of your greediness. ”“Oh please, noooo,” I cried, “I need it now. Please, please!”He chuckled again and I thought he was going to keep teasing me but without warning, he shoved his thick hard cock into me all the way to the hilt. “AHHHHH,” I cried, “Oh god. Oh my god! Fuck me. ”He pulled out until only the head was in, waited a second or two and then shoved his cock back in. I grabbed his shoulders and felt like I was hanging on for dear life as he kept this up for a couple of minutes. Pull out, wait a second, and then shove back in. Every time he buried his cock into the hilt, I would slide up the bed because he was thrusting so hard. I have never been fucked like this before, so deliberately, so machine like. My pussy was on fire, my nipples tight little buds. I reached down to feel my wet pussy being pummeled by his cock. My clit was so engorged, I knew that I was only a few strokes from coming again. As my orgasm approached, my hips took on a life of their own as they bucked up to meet every thrust.

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   I rubbed my clit and felt myself slipping over the edge again. “I can feel you commming,” he groaned, “I can feel your pussy tightening up around me. I’m going to come soon. ”He positioned himself so that he lay flush on top of me with his weight supported by his elbows and started hammering into me. With every thrust, I could feel him grunt and believed that I could hear his flesh slap against mine. I reached down and grabbed his ass and pulled him into me and I knew he was going to come soon. “Ohhhhh, here I come, here I come,” he gasped. “I’m commming inside of you. ”He froze above me as his orgasm claimed him, then collapsed on top of me. All of a sudden, my eyes wouldn’t open. I was suddenly so tired that I couldn’t even think straight. Instinctively, I knew he was leaving me. “Wait, will you come back?”“Of course,” he told me, “When you need me I’ll be back. ”I slept soundly throughout the night and in the morning, there was no sign that anything unusual had happened. The blankets were covering me and no sign of my ghostly lover could be found.

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   I was a little disappointed to again realize that he wasn’t real. But that’s ok, when I need him, he’ll be back. I have no doubt of this!.