The First Ones


I am a vampire. I can tell you how it came to be, but you would be reviled by the story.
What’s that? You want to hear? Okay then, I’ll tell you.
* * * *
It was the end of all hope. The angels had fallen and the gods had ascended. They left me stuck here in the midway planes. I was the last heavenly warrior of Earth. Although the good had raised or lowered, I could not. This was my place. It was my task alone to rid the world of its last scourge, to purify it for all time.
The scourge of which I speak was a demon by the name Tagin’Don. He was a beastly creature to behold. His skin was course, sprouting rough black hair from all over. He was a demon, I was an angel. My task was clear - Destroy he who would eat humans.
* * * *
I was not fully forewarned of Tagin’Don’s power though.

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   I was never prepared for his hypnotic influence in the time that I finally caught up with him Had he stopped running from me? Most likely. He made no attempt to flee when I brandished my sword of fire in his direction.
‘Bow down and accept your fate demon!’ I commanded. ‘No one has defeated the sword of Michael!’
‘Then it pleases me to be the first,’ he sneered as the righteous fire engulfing my sword’s blade extinguished.
It did not matter though. It wasn’t the fire that made this sword so destructive.
‘You angel, should bow before me. Renounce your lord and let me truly save you!’
‘Never!’ I shouted against the rising winds, but already I could feel my control faltering. His power was having its effect on me, the fire was what had kept me safe before. Without it I could not withstand Tagin’Don.
His dark body slipped closer to me.
‘Put down the sword. ’
My mind shouted at me to ignore his command, but it may as well have commanded me to stop breathing. I dropped the sword, my hands falling to my side. Tagin’Don stepped closer still.

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   I could feel his hot breath as he moved towards my neck. I knew of his bite, the one that had taken a thousand mortals to their death.
‘No,’ I mouthed.
Tagin’Don hesitated. Could he have actually stopped simply because I wanted him to? No. He had suddenly formed a better plan.
The darkened demon cut through my armour with his claws. The flimsy metal fell to the ground, my dress beneath falling with it. I was naked and defenseless afore him. And clearly he was pleased. He stepped closer still, his twitching member rubbing against me.
Silently commanded, my body fell backwards into the soft earth. Tagin’Don’s weight came down upon me. I was frightened, and dismayed, but he overpowered me.
‘Don’t resist,’ he said calmly.

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   And I didn’t. Even though I was on the verge of losing everything, part of me didn’t care. I was here, and it felt, falling in love. ‘Embrace me. ’ Those words bore my final doom.
My delicate, white skinned arms wrapped around Tagin’Don’s neck. I kissed him with the passion of a millions lives. My soft tongue danced with his rough forked tongue. Our bodies felt the same lust building within us. For both of us such a union was forbidden, but we never stopped.
Our kisses turned deeper. Our hands bushing the lengths of our mismatched bodies. My pussy glistened in anticipation of its first time, Tagin’Don’s cock was growing, but not rigid like mortal cocks, his was more like a tentacle, and it rubbed itself over me while the two of us kissed.
Tagin’Don’s kisses lowered, descending to my supple breasts, licking and sucking on my nipples. His roving cock moved to get beneath me.

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   He rubbed along my back, working towards my petite ass. The skin on his cock was smoother than the rest of him, and I wanted to feel it working inside me; which apparently it knew as it rubbed along my crack to find my tiny anus.
‘Take me!’ I moaned, Tagin’Don had just chewed on my nipple, but he acted not in a rough way, he wasn’t even controlling me now. He was loving me as I was him.
Slowly, his flexible member worked its way inside my tight little hole. Drawing itself out, inch by painful inch, teasing me. Tagin’Don’s body didn’t move as his cock thrust inside me, extending and retracting itself. I was in heaven on earth. I ran my fingers through Tagin’Don’s thick black hair.
His breath was coming in shorter, sharper gasps. His time was coming. Then he stopped. His cock sliding back out of my little asshole. I squirmed down, trying to keep him in, But I needn’t have. Out of ass hole, his cock lifted itself to my pussy, rubbing its tip along my pink folds.

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   I moaned lightly, and gasped as it pushed inside me, stretching my virgin pussy as it had my ass.
He pushed against my hymen, threatening to break it. He could fuck me now without even touching it, I knew from having him in my ass so comfortably, but it came down to Tagin’Don and his sensational tool.
Tagin’Don was a mind reader, that much of his power I had known. And he was clearly reading my thoughts as he continued sucking on my breasts, growing in intensity. His cocked snaked deeper, he seemed to be coiling himself inside me. The thrusting felt amazing, my juices flooded his shaft, soaking his deep set balls.
I screamed as Tagin’Don’s cock pushed itself fully into me, his balls slapped against my ass as his hips took up a thrusting pattern. I felt some pain as his now wide cock broke through my delicate hymen. My virginity was gone, And Tagin’Don was almost spent. I wanted his cum deep inside.
I wrapped my long white legs around Tagin’Don’s ass, pulling him deeper with every thrust. His cock bashed against my cervix, threatening to push deeper, and I wanted him to. I clutched him tighter, as I felt his first shot of cum splash inside me. He continued his thrusting, pushing more and more of himself inside.

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   He was getting thicker. I could feel him really stretching me. Spurt after spurt he shot inside me.
In that instant, a light glowed nearby. An archangel had arrived to sentence us. He reached out his hand as Tagin’Don and I fulfilled our loving act. A white flame passed between us. The archangel spoke.
‘You have sinned Ariana. Now the two of you shall share your gifts and have them as curses!’
My demon lover and I were too wrapped up in what we had done to listen to the archangel.
Later though I found myself hungry in a way I had never been before. Hungry in a way I knew was bad. I craved for blood. This was the curse I had been granted, and my only gift was immortality. Suddenly, it dawned on me what had happened.

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   I had become a demon, and Tagin’Don had been granted the eternal life of the angels. We would hate each other for what we had become… Vampires. Two breeds. One bestial, the other angelic. A world apart.