Road Trip


I actually admired her for being so open to me and sincerely wanting my help. Over the next few years I watched Patty grow into an exceptional young woman. Her grades and popularity far exceeded my highschool experience, and I found myself being very attracted to her new spirit and the fantastic body she had developed. I was working part time and attending college so I wasn't around much anymore. And as our lives changed we hardly saw eachother. She went away to college and I started working full time and the years flew by. We sent Christmas cards and talked on the phone when something big would happen, but other than we probably never thought of one another. Three days after my thirty fifth birthday I got a call from Patty. She was moving back to Austin and was rattled from her divorce. She asked me about how the area changed and what kind of truck to rent and so on. As I heard her needing me to help her I thought of that skinny 16 yr old girl feeling vunerable again and my heart wanted to help. After much convincing, I told Patty that the time off I had for the summer could be spent moving her from Oregon back to Austin. I would fly out tomorrow and we would get started. When she opened the door I was stunned. I hadn't see Patty for about 12 years and would never have imagined what a beauty she was. Her long tanned legs glistened with sweat from the work she had already been doing and that was the first thing I noticed.


   She was dressed in shorts and a tank and as I looked up her body towards her eyes I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. I finally got to her big brown eyes and when I saw her smile, I caught my breath and could hardly speak. She didn't even say hello but just threw her arms around my neck and gave me a long hug. I could feel her body relax against mine, as if she had finally felt safe again. I was torn between my feelings love for my kin and a desire to sexually explore this amazingly beautiful woman. We made small talk as we packed the moving van. She was such a dynamo that she had already rented a truck and boxed everything up. She said she had wanted to get on the road as quickly as possible and get back home. We decided to leave when the van was packed and get as far as possible before we had to stop for the night. The sun was going down over the Pacific as we pulled away from her old life. She was riding shot gun and looking back as we left the city. Soon the miles turned into states and somewhere in Wyoming the subject of sex came up. It was innocent and dirty at the same time. My cock was filling with blood as she talked about her sexual preferences and favorite positions. I could see her nipples straining against her top and she began to fidgit against the warm vinyl seat.

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   And from out of left field Patty asked, "Are you getting hard?", with a giggle in her voice. I protested, "No. " "But I can see it Mitch. " she said with a confident laugh. "So anyway, what should we talk about next. ", I said trying to change the subject. I was uncomfortable being so aroused by my step sister. "I have an idea. ", she said. "But you have to promise to not be a chicken shit and just go with it. It is something I loved doing when when we were kids but have never done it with you. " With apprehension I said, "ummm, I'm game. Do tell. " "Lets play truth or dare. " "Patty, we are grown ups and.

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  . . . . . . " "Come on, it'll be fun. I go first. ' At first the questions were about like and dislikes and partners we have had and partners we wanted to have and that kind of stuff. then I told her I would take a dare. "I dare you to slide your hand into your jeans and keep it there until your next turn, and you have to touch it. " she said as she giggled. Silently I started to slide my hand into my jeans and our eyes met. She wasn't watching my hand, but watching my expression. I knew she was into this and my cock sprang to life thinking of where this was going.

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   I drove with one hand thinking of a dare and actually started to stroke myself with strokes so small she wouldn't see. Patty was giggling the whole time and I was a little embarrassed and very aroused which felt strange. "Ok smartass, Truth or Dare?" "Dare of course. "I dare you to take off your shirt and leave it off until YOUR next turn" I said with a devious grin. "But Mitch, I don't have a bra on. " she tried to protest. "You started this shit and I now have my hand on my cock. Do you wanna quit?" As she took her shirt off she said no, she was not a quitter. The moon light outlined her womanly figure. At thirty three, Patty was in very good shape. The darkenss allowed me only to see her now puffy nipples and the outline of her breasts and it was getting hard to concentrait on the long stretch of deserted highway. "Now that I am half naked, we can only take Dares ok. No more truth. ", Patty said with a sense of control in her voice. She didnt even ask me what I wanted when she said, " I dare you to show me what you are doing in your jeans.

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  " Man I was torn. I was gonna quit at that moment but her body was so beautiful and my cock was so hard that I used my knee to guide the big truck as I quickly unbuttoned my jeans exposing my hand wrapped around my fully engorged cock. "Oh My! This is getting serious isint it?" I nodded as I watched the road and stroked myself in front of my step sister in the middle of nowhere around midnight. She leaned over to get a better look when I said, "I dare you to show me how wet you are. " I looked so deeply in her eyes as I said that, I swear I heard her gasp. She looked a little perplexed for a second and with the raise of her eyebrow she slid her hand into her shorts and showed me her finger. "Can you see how wet you have made me?" "No Patty, its too dark. Should I turn on the dome light?" "No I am too naked. Hold on. " For the next few seconds I was so turned on that I almost came. She slid her hand back in her shorts, spread her legs and I could tell that she was fingering herself. She was breathing harder and squirming her body to allow her long fingers to penetrate her wet tight pussy. This went on for about 45 seconds and then she removed her hand from her shorts. She extended her first two fingers as she slid closer to me. "Do you wanna feel or taste how wet I am?" My mind was spinning.

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   How in the hell did we get this far this fast. And she is your step sister you loser. Here you are masturbating with your step sister, what in the hell was the matter with me? "Taste. ", I muttered. I was breathing hard and sliding my hand up and down my cock as she pressed her fingers against my lips and into my mouth. I was straining to keep my eyes open and loving the taste of her wet juices. She took my hand from my cock and set it on the seat. She took her own hand and firmly grasped my jeans and slid them just beneith my ass. She was caressing my thighs and teasing my dick all the while playing with herself. We were flying down the high way at 70, panting and wanting to touch eachother so much. She took her shorts from her body an spread her legs as wide as the truck would allow. She used one of her hands for my pleasure and one for her wet pussy. From time to time she would let me taste her and rub her wet pussy juice on the head of my cock. The truck was silent except for our deep breathing and the wet squishing noises coming from her body. I was in heaven but wanted to be inside of Patty so much now.

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   "Cum for me Mitch. I am so ready to cum that I want to see you squirt all over my hand. " That just about put me over the edge. "A little harder Patty and I am yours. I will come for you. " With that she quickly slid down the seat and took my cock into her warm wet mouth. She tounged the shaft of my ready to explode member and sucked very hard on the head. That caused me to slow the truck down to a snails pace and shake and moan. I was going to cum and she knew it. I was going to cum in my step sisters mouth and I was loving every minuet of it. "I. . . I. .

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  . . I am going to cum Patty. " I said with a shallow pant. "You are gonna make me cum so hard. God Patty your mouth feels so good. " I caressed her back as her strong mouth caused my dick to explode. Every muscle of my body contracted and I swear I nearly crashed us with the passion she had released from my body. She sucked me harder as I came in her mouth taking everything I had. When I was finished, she continued to suck my now softening cock and caressing my balls with her hand. After a few minuets she sat up and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste the traces of my cum on her lips and I think that made her feel close to me. She knew that when a woman could make a man taste his own cum, he was hers. I was in for whatever our road trip held. She knew she had me and could do whatever she wanted to now.

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   Should I tell the rest of the story??? Please let me know. .