My New Algebra Teacher


My pussy started to get wet of the thought of fantasying about him after school. My parents would not be home until five and I have no cheerleading practice tonight so I will have at least an hour of pleasuring myself. Before I go on I should tell you a little about myself. I am 5'9, with black hair, green gray eyes, I am on the slim side since cheerleading is a lot of work. But I do have a few great things going for me I have a small tight ass and 36 C breasts. “Can I have everyone attention please?”the new teacher said. “My name is Kelvin Smelter and I am your new Algebra teacher. I am new to this school and need a little time to get used to things around here. Is there anything you would like to ask me?”Almost the whole classes hands flew up. The first question being from a girl sitting next to me, “What should we call you?”“What ever you are comfortable with. ”“So we can call you Kelvin. ” said the girl with the long blond hair in the front. “Yes, now I must tell everyone that this class is not going to be a fly by thing. I take education very importantly and I want everyone here to pass with decent grades. Hopefully everyone will get an A. ”I sighed thinking this was not going to be easy.

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   Being attracted to a teacher so much that my panties soaked through just being near him for ten minuets and also having a very hard class all rolled up into one. That night I went home and did not get to finger my clit since I had so much work to do. In fact I did not have time to for the next two weeks. The first week with the new teacher went really fast. Everyone one of my teachers have given HW (homework) every night this week and I soon realized that I was falling way behind. Paretically in Algebra. Mr. Smelter had been saying all week that if anyone needed help he was there after school until five. I made plans to see him that next Friday since there was not any practice that day because of not having the space in the gym. I could think of nothing else but that meeting. I knew nothing would happen, because I was never that lucky. Friday finally came and it was my seventh period. I could not wait to get to our meeting. That day I have packed extra clothes in my backpack. I wanted to look my best for Mr.

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   Smelter. After class I ran to the girls bathroom to change. I have a thing about catholic girl uniforms and since they had come back into style I could pull it off. I slipped into the short red checkered skirt and the white blouse which I forgotten to button the top three bottons. Given anyone looking a full view of my cleavage. I then put on the white stockings and black shoes that I had boughten the day before to mach my new outfit. I showed up at Mr Smelters office five minuets early. He was in conference with another girl that I knew needed no help from him. She was the smartest girl in class. Even through she was attractive she could not live up to me. She was trying her hardest to get some kind of rise out of Mr. Smelter but he did not seem to notice her. After about five minuets of this she gave up and left saying she had to somewhere. I in turn was waiting outside his office until he was ready for me. “Nikki you can come in now.

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  ’ I heard him say from inside his office. I walked in slowly trying to act sexy. “Please have a seat. I thought this was a good decision on your part to come and see me. ” “Yes sir”“ I see here that you are way behind on your homework and the ones you did turn in you had gotten really low grades on. ”“Yes sir”“ What exactly are you having problems on . ”I then preceded to tell him all the problem that I was having in Algebra. All but the one of getting so wet from him I could not concentrate. I could already fill myself wetting his leather chair with my juices. “ We can work on a lot of your problems right here tonight. It might help you get some homework done over the weekend. ”All I can think to say was yes sir. I must have sounded like an idiot. After about an hour of him explaining the works of algebra to me I was starting to get a hang of it. I was also getting the hang of teasing Mr.

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   Smelter. I would catch him looking down my blouse and he would turn away clearly embarrassed of getting caught. Soon the teasing had stopped since it was five 5:00 and he was getting ready to go home. “Mr. Smelter can I ask you a question?”“Sure Nikki what is it?”“Do you think I am pretty?”“Why sure but I don’t think it is right for me to say it. ”“Why not?”“While you’re a student and I am a teacher and it would not be proper to talk to you in such a manner. Now you better head home now”I turned to go but had a thought. This could be my chance. I could have sex with him right know if I played my cards right. I turned back around facing him. He was sitting at his desk working on some papers. I strolled over to him slowly unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on my blouse exposing my bare breast. He turned to see me coming closer taking off my blouse. “What are you doing!?”“Thanking you for your help. ”He stared at my breast for the longest time not moving.

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   I decided that I would have to make the first move. I went over to him kneeling down in front of him unbuttoning his slacks. I reach my hand in and grab his very large dick. I could not believe my luck. A hot teacher with a 9 inch dick. This was a dream come true. I slowly took the humongous cock inside my mouth licking it up and down and trying to get it all into my mouth without gagging. I love sucking on big dicks. I sucked on his cock for a few more minuets before I felt him grab me by my hair pulling me off of him. He shoved me on the desk getting down on his knees and putting my legs on his shoulders. He found that I was not wearing any panties. Finding them to constrictive. He lowered his head to my aching pussy and started to tease my clit. He did this for a few minuets. I could not wait any longer so I grabbed his head and shoved his mouth into my pussy.

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   He gave me the best oral of my life. I came three times from him just sucking my clit and licking my pussy. “Your pussy is so sweet” he said. He got up off his knees and positioned himself in front of my hot dripping love hole. At first he would slowly pop his head in and out of my pussy. I could tell he was working hard not to ram it home. He was grunting and moaning from the pressure on his penis. He finally lost control and shoved his nine inches of meat into my pussy. I could not stop screaming in pleasure. I was getting pounded by him and his big cock. He pumped me harder and faster ramming it home until my pussy was raw and I thought I could not take another minute of having his huge dick inside of me. All I could do is moan under him waiting for him to shot his load inside of me. He then started to fuck me even harder. When I thought he was going to tear me in half I felt him shove his dick so far up my pussy that I could feel his balls start to enter me. I could fill him squirt a full load of come into my belly.

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   At that moment I heard a gasp. We both looked over to see our principle Mr. Baylor standing at the door. Do you think I should continue this. Let me know. .