sex with teacher (part two)


It had been a few lessons since my encounter with Miss Mackay, however in every one of them there were other students there, so I was back to wanking myself in the toilet. After about a week my luck changed we had been alone in the class for about two minutes when miss came over and sat on my desk, I instantly felt my pants tightening " do you need a hand with anything" she asked with a cheeky smile on her face "sorry I've not came across anything hard yet" I replied trying to be cool "well when you do let me no " she said as she swung her legs over the desk so she was sitting square in front of me with one of her glorious , silky thighs down either side of me, as i looked up i saw the tops of her stockings and her black panties just managing to cover her pussy "sorry Miss there's still nothing to hard here" I said as I was about to burst out of my pants I was so hard. Miss slowly started unbuttoning her blouse, as she pulled her blouse apart I saw her perfectly formed breasts just sitting there in her lacy black bra. I stood up and leant over and gently kissed her, first on the lips and then down her neck and finally onto her breasts, as i kissed her i slowly slid a hand up her skirt and onto her panties, I could feel how moist she was getting so I pulled my hand away and up to her breasts, I gently caressed her ample assets then managed to unhitch her bra, as it fell to the ground i stood back and saw her just sitting there with her skirt up to her waste and breasts hanging out of her open blouse. "You are absolutely stunning Miss" i told her " i want to fuck you right now miss" " okay " was all she replied. I went back to kissing her breasts and neck and stroking her pussy then after a few minutes i managed to slide a finger under her panties and pull them off, she gave a gentle kick to help them to slide down her silky legs, as i my hand slid back up to her drippin pussy i felt her hands fumbling with my zip finally she got it down, my cock sprung out of my pants, I paused for a moment thinking to myself oh god im just about to have sex with my teacher on a desk in her classroom, this was all the thinking i needed so i pulled her to the edge of the desk and reached down and held onto my cock as i moved forward and started to push it into her pussy, when i was completely in i started to pump in and out, I could here her gently moan as i started to get faster after a few minutes I was almost ready to cum when i heard her panting getting louder and louder, I manaed to keep going long enough for her to finally cum aswell. As i was pulling out we looked over to see the door to the classroom swing open,I instantly jumped back but, to late they had seen us, what they would do was worrying though. But thats another story for another day