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My wife and I had swung a few times with othe couples, We had always had foursomes. We had had some great experiences as we both get off on watching the othe have sex.
My wife was surfing sex sites for couples and kept me updated with how she was going. Then one day she called me into the study and showed me a picture of a guy. She then told me they had been chatting for ages. She had started looking at single guys advertising and had got turned on by one particular guy fom interstate. She had always told me she wanted a really big cock to test her. Thats what stated her attraction. She appologised.
She showed me their emails they had shared since they started their correspondence some months before. He had started sending pictures. I was surprised how turned on i was by his massive cock imagining it enetering my wife. we discussed this while having sex for several weeks and I even watched while they both masterbated on webcam. He was asking if she wanted him to visit and he could discreetly see her. WShe ended up telling him i knew but was cool. A lot of talk later and he was travelling over to stay a w/end in a hotel.

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   We met him in a city pub and had a few drinks. My wife looked hot in a very sexy body hugging short black dress. The guy was about ten years younger than us. He told us how horny my wife made him talking about how much she wanted to be stretched. He admitted girls loved his cock but not many handled it well. My wife had raved about it and said she hadn't been able to have sex without thinking about it for months. We returned to his room as there was no point delaying any longer. Before long my wife had his cock in her mouth sucking away. I ate her while she sucked him. She then announced it was time to go fo a ride. He layed down and she slowly lowered herself ontop of his massive cock. This was honestly the sexiest sight ever as my wifes tight pussy (no kids and no big cocks before) was stretching. She moaned away as she tried to take as much as she could. I stood infront of her and put my cock in her mouth. She was telling me how great his cock felt.

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   She started riding him as i layed next to them and started wanking. She was taking most of his 10"+ cock. She then said "do me doggy"He moved aound behind her. He started entering her from behind. She reaqlly moaned and groaned now as before long he was announcing he was going to cum. we had talked about condomsd but it hadn't happened. He pulled out and blew ove her back. Wow it sprayed right up over her hair. My wife turned and smiled. She told him to lie down and started sucking his cock. I moved to enter my wifes pussy from behind. She stopped me and pulled me to her. We kissed. She wispered help me. She took his cock in her mouth while smiling at me.

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   Come on she said "help" wow This thought turned me on. He just layed there. I nervously touched his cock with my tongue. I kissed my wife again. This was hot with my wifes juices on this monster. Before long I had the head of this monster in my mouth. We sucked away and then my wife rode him again as I licked her pussy and slide my tongue against his cock. We did this for ages and my wife orgasimed several times. He was about to explode. My wife slowly lifted off him. She layed on the bed and spread her legs as he stroked his cock. Wow this massive cock was going to spurt over her bald pussy, and spray he did. So much cum over her pussy. My wife pussed me towards her pussy she wanted me to eat her more. I was so horny.

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   She was grabbing his cum with her finger and pushing it into her pussy so I had to taste it as i ate her. After eating lots of his cum I finally got to enter my wifes open pussy. She continued sucking the "monster" as I came so quick inside her. He was had again and this time he fucked her so hard and she let him blow deep inside her.
This was the first night of 3. More to cum. . . . . .
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