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A few weeks ago we brought a guy home because it was my girl’s biggest fantasy to watch me suck on a big hard cock. So far it was one of the hottest nights ever.  
We are looking for a guy who would like to join us for some fun.
Come over have a few drinks and relax on the couch. I'll get down between your legs and pull your dick out its hiding spot. Lay back as I take your nice anxious cock all the way in my mouth. After watching me slide your dick down my throat for a few minutes my girl will probably want to join.   Feel free to pull off her shirt and get your hands around her tits. Kiss her and let her make her way licking down your neck while I continue to slob on your cock.   I’m sure she would like to get down and take a turn sucking you off. So at this point we are both down in front of you sharing your dick taking it from one mouth to the other. I’ll let her take over and deep throat you for a minute while I start to tongue your balls.
I get back up on the couch to catch my breath. Watching her slave over your dick is turning me on more. I unzip my pants and pull them down giving me some room to stretch out. You’re dick is so hard I can see it starting to throb.

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   She feels your dick throbbing and wraps her lips tighter around your swollen cock head. I can almost see the cum building up in your balls. She takes you in deeply once more before stopping.   A strand of precum stretches between her lips and your dick as she pulls away.
She crawls across the floor shaking her ass back and forth.   I take my hand off of my dick and let her go to work. I am so turned on right now. I can still taste your many essence in my mouth. She is now steadily working my dick in and out of her mouth.   My hips thrust towards her as she flicks the tongue across the head of my dick. As good as it feels my eyes are fixated on your stiff cock glistening with saliva. Your hand wrapped tightly around the shaft pumping and stroking.   Her ass is playfully swaying side to side as she bobs on my dick. Her pussy is so wet she’s soaking through her panties. I reach down and pull them off of her before letting her continue sucking my cock.

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   You are glaring at her exposed ass and moist pussy. She also notices and begins to spread her ass open with her hand. Even though I am thoroughly enjoying myself seeing your work yourself over I gesture for you to come join us.  
Get down on your knees behind her and slide that tool up between her legs.   Grab her by the hips and guide your dick into her wet pussy. The head of your cock brushes up against her damp hole and across her clit.  She breaks her stroke and lets out a moan.   She tightens her grip around the base of my shaft and takes me deep down her throat.   You reposition yourself and hold your dick in your hand pointing for her opening.   Slowly guide your member between her thighs and into her pussy. She lets out another moan as your firm pole pushes into her. Take her by the hips and work your dick deeper in that pussy.   Her soft lips already felt so amazing on my cock. She is sucking more intently. Watching you fucking her from behind is such a turn on.

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   Mmm your thrusts are sending her deeper onto my dick. Hold her tight around the hips as you fuck her pussy.   I can feel her body start to tremble. It’s been awhile since she’s been fucked nice and hard. Oh yea fuck her harder. I can feel her moaning on my dick and it’s so hot.  
She works my dick faster in and out of her mouth while you fuck her. I can feel every stroke you pound into her. Oh her pussy must be so wet right now. I’ve never been this hard before. Fuck that pussy harder! That dick must feel so good.  She is beat red and quivering more with every stroke. Oh fuck yes swallow that dick! I thrust my dick deeper down her throat and it feels so good. Smack her ass! You pick up speed and begin pounding her hard. I can feel her coming close.

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   You’re taking long hard thrusts deeper into her wet pussy. Oh shit! My eyes roll back into my head as she takes me completely down her throat moaning and humming at the same time. I feel her tense up and begin to contract. Her hand mimicking on my dick what her pussy was doing to yours. I can tell by the look on your face her snatch is squeezing your dick nice and tight.   Burry it deep in her! She lets out another moan then gets up on the couch next to me.   Your dick is dripping with her juices. I can see it jumping up and down wishing it were still inside her.
You come towards me and I reach down for your dick. I take it in my hand and rub my palm over the tip of your wood. I wrap my hand around your dick. You tremble as the firm grip reminds you of where you dick had just been.   I focus on you now. Leaving my seat to get a better position on your dick. .

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  . Gripping you firmly in one hand I wrap my lips around the head of your cock and start to suck.   Your hips thrust towards me and I gag on your dick that is down all the way down the back of my throat. Mmm feeling your firm shaft throbbing in my mouth is making me hot.   Lisa is still on the couch recuperation from the orgasm you gave her. I suck harder squeezing you tighter in my mouth.   As you fuck my mouth I think to myself how badly I want you in my ass.   I’m even more turned on at the thought and suck faster and harder. All of a sudden your push me away and pull your dick back.
I look up at you confused. You had the look of intent on your face. Before I know it you turn me around and have me kneeling and bent forward over the couch.  Is this going to happen? Will I be lucky enough to get a nice hard fuck? I close my eyes and take a deep breath. You move towards Lisa and stick your tongue down her throat. I was so excited I could almost feel your thick shaft in my ass.

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    You move down from her neck and start sucking on her nipples. My face was now close enough to smell her pussy. It is just enough to distract me from what just happened.  I run a finger into her as a flick my tongue across her clit. She is still dripping wet. She pushes my head down between her legs and moans. The taste of her sweet pussy gets me all worked up again. My dick is brushing against my leg begging for attention.   I lose myself between her legs. I didn’t notice you get up. The next thing I feel is a hot piece of flesh graze my upper thigh.  
 Again I feel the heat and firm flesh of your dick. This time you kneel behind me. My tongue still focused on lashing her clit up and down. You place your rough hands down and slide up across my back and grab on to my shoulder.

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   Your dick is hanging and bouncing between my legs driving me mad.   I can feel the head of your dick pushing against my tight asshole. Rock it back and forth against my ass.   Push forward firmly. The head of your cock pushes its way in. You take a short stroke back letting your cock slip out. I spread open my cheeks as your thrust forward again. Trembles run down my legs as thick ridge of tip presses into my ass. Mmm. Rock your hips back and forth pushing in deeper and deeper. I can feel your thick cock deep in my ass. I moan and tremble while your dick stretches my tight hole. Lisa looks up to see you fucking me from behind. The sight of your dick pumping in and out of my asshole makes her jaw drop.
She sits and stares in awe while you steadily build up speed.

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   Your dick is plunging deep into my ass. Fuck me deeper! I moan.   Your strokes get deeper and harder. I can feel your strong hands holding me by the waist while you pump.   Your dick feels so good deep in my ass. Burry it deeper inside me.   Push your dick balls deep in my ass before pulling it back out to the tip. I love those deep long strokes. You let your dick slip out of my ass only for a second before ramming it back in with full force. I let out a high whimper. You do it again, and again.   Each time thrusting harder and deeper into my asshole. I moan more and more with every stroke. Omg fuck me harder. My legs are getting week from all that dick.

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   Lisa pussy is now gushing wet. She looks down and sees my erect cock hanging between my legs and gets an idea.   She moves and lies down on the floor next to the couch. Her legs are spread and waiting. Before I can pull a away to mount her you grasp me tightly around the waist and pull me upright. We waddle closer to her with your dick still buried tightly inside me.   I am now right over top of her.
She grabs my dick and guides me into her wet hole.   I Slide deep into her pussy.   Her legs are spread open wide. I’m kneeling and leaning over her.   Oh her pussy feels so good on my dick. I stroke deep into her as you pull back. I stay buried forward in her pussy waiting for you to do the same to me. Our strokes finally synch up.

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   Every time I pump into her your dick pushes into me. Omg my entire body is quivering from all this sensation. My dick must be harder than ever. Lisa is moaning and shouting at the top of her lungs. My reinforced trusts are filling her so deep. I can feel your dick begin to throb deep in my ass. Oh fuck! I can feel my balls filling up with cum. I’m Stroking harder and getting my ass fucked harder in return. I thrust deeper and faster. I start to lose control of my stroke. You’re fucking me so hard! Pump my ass. Make me fuck her harder! She moans out loudly. Her nails dig into my back. I feel her pussy tightening up on my dick. Fuck me harder I scream! Pound that ass.


   Your thrust push me deeper into her convulsing pussy. I can feel her juices gushing out around my dick.   I push deep inside her. I can feel my dick throbbing. Fuck me harder! Her pussy is holding me tight. She can feel my dick throbbing inside of her.   Oh fuck yes! I scream pumping one last time. The first rush of cum surges deep in her pussy.  
I grab my dick tightly to delay the next. I pull out of her and she sits up just in time for the second rush of cum to squirt out across her face.   I feel your dick pound deep in my ass. The third and fourth shots land in her mouth and on her lips. You grab my hips and burry you dick all the way deep inside me. Two more streams jet out into her mouth and lips again. She takes me into her mouth and begins to milk it.

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   Mmm I’m still cuming and my asshole is tightening around your dick. You’re throbbing even harder and more intensely than I was a moment ago.  
You push sharply into my ass and grab me around the chest keeping you deep inside me. The throbbing from your cock is making me tremble and continue to cum. I shoot another load causing my body to tense up. My asshole tightens up around your dick. You grunt and convulse. Mmm I feel a rush of hot cum spill into my ass.   You pull your dick out and aim it for my face. Rush after rush of thick hot cream cum shoot from your dick. The first two shots land across my face and nose. I wrap my lips around your head taking it into my mouth. Three more hot bursts of cum shoot out and soak the back of my throat.   I milk your dick as it continues to pump thick rich cum into my mouth.
Lisa and I lean towards each other.

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   My mouth is overflowing with fresh cum and it is dripping down her face. I use my had to wipe some off the side of her cheek before going into kiss her. Our lips touch cum flowing from my mouth to hers and back. I kiss her deeply swirling our tongues around in the warm salty liquid.   I push the load from my mouth into hers and pull away slowly. Cum is running from her mouth down her cheek and onto her tits.  I put my head back and she leans over top of me. Slowly allowing the thick goo to drip back into my mouth and across my lips.   I drip some down my chest onto my nipples. She goes down and sucks them clean. I drip part of my mouthful back onto her face. She catches half in her mouth and swallows it.
The rest is running across her cheek and down her neck. I use my tongue and retrieve every stray drop from her face. Licking up and swallowing the sticky mess.

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    Her face and tits are glistening in cum. Watching us play with your load was enough to get you right back to the peak. Your dick jumps and sprays cum down my chest and neck.   Another thick load lands on my face and lips. I grab you and pull you into my mouth. 4 or 5 more huge loads pour out of your throbbing dick. You almost collapse onto the floor as I milk your dick again. I hold every bit of that second load in my mouth while I milk your cock.   I finish and pull away. Lisa notices a stream of cum leaking from the corner of my mouth and quickly licks it off. I swallow most of the load saving a few gobs in my mouth. I lay Lisa down of the floor and let it run from my mouth and fall across her. I lay down on top of her spreading it all over our bodies.
My dick is solid as a rock and covered in her saliva.

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