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This story takes place when I was 15, and my names Jeff. For the longest time I would think sexually about two different guys I know. One day I went over to one of those guys house, his name was Steven hes 16. At his house there was no one there, I actually went over there to wait to meet his sister, little did I know it was because he saw me looking at home in the shower room. He says to me come upstairs, I followed behind him his dick was a lot bigger than me, after this I would guess just under 7 inches, where mine is around 5. 5 inches. Now in his bedroom I take a seat in a chair and he sits down on his bed, he says to me want to see something cool. I said sure why not, he say close your eyes first, okay there closed. He then counts to three and says open, when I open hes standing there spreading his ass in my face for a few seconds then pulls his pants back up, he turns to me and says what did you think? I said "I wasn't expecting that". He then says to me well I saw you looking at me in the shower room, I said oh well. . . . in that case you've got a great ass. And it really was not to big, I like that on girls better =P.

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   Not that much hair on it either. He says to me well you saw my ass I want to see yours, I said alright. So I dropped my pants turned around then took my boxers off. He goes mmm alright now pull them up and turn around. He then dropped his pants and boxers reveling his dick. He says no your turn, I then did the same thing. He said to me would you suck my dick? I couldn't say yes fast enough. I then went down to my knees and started slowly trying to get as much as I could in my mouth, all I could feel was him growing and swelling in my mouth. I couldn't really get it all in before it started gagging me, so I looked up and said now I want you to suck mine. He then started going on mine, it was great I had got a bj before but from a girl, this was so different. I couldn't go long before I said stop, I really didnt want to cum that soon. So he stands up and says would you let me in your ass? I said I don't know if I would feel good about that, he says well how about you go in mine first, I said alright. So he got the condoms out and some lube. He gets on all fours and I lube his asshole good with a little fingering, then I put the condom on then lube up some more and started going in. It was really tight I knew I wouldn't last long so I said can I pull out and cum in your mouth? He said if you wanted to.

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   So not to long we were fucking along with it, got pretty fast then I couldnt take it so I pulled out he turned around ripped the condom off and took all the cum in his mouth, it felt amazing. I could cum a fair bit but this was the most I have ever done. After that he just swallows it! Then he says so would you let me in your ass now? I said well take it slow. So he got out a another condom I got on all fours and he did the same thing as I did to him. At first it was a little painful but nothing to complain about, he was going slow liked I asked. Then he started going a bit faster and deeper, when he put as much as he could in there it felt amazing. As were going along he gets faster then he slips out a few times, he says woops. I just ingored it and kept looking to the sided, my ass was in the air and my head down on the floor. He says I'am going to cum in the condom I said o. . k. . ay. He then gets faster and starts moaning then he slows down and pulls out. I said that was good, he replys very good.

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   I then turn around and see his condom is gone, I said wheres your condom? he goes I threw it out, then I crouch down to pickup some stuff and I can feel this strange feeling around my ass. When he slipped out those few times he took his condom off because he wanted to cum in me. I look down and see his cum dripping out all over the floor. I stand up and say what did you do? he says I came in your ass. I start getting very pissed off at him, he says to me please dont be mad I just couldn't help myself. I was so pissed I didnt say anything I just threw my boxers and pants on then left. When I got home my boxers were soaked with cum, I thought boy he came alot. After that I was in my room on my bed and was wondering what my ass looked like now so I grabbedA miror, and wow it was really loose with a little cum left in it when I put my finger in there.

That evening my phone kept ringing it was Steven calling me. Around 8pm my parents left for some party thing, and my older brother was never home, who knows where. Closer to 9 I called Steven back, he answers and says, before you start yelling I'am sorry I didnt know you would be that annoyed. I stopped him there I said listen I was annoyed, but now thats all I can think about, just thinking about now I got a boner from it. He says so your not mad? I said no i'm horny. He goes oh really? I said yes come to my house now theres no one here, then I said but bring condoms. I said why? I said because I said so.

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   Around 10 min later theres a knock at the door it was him. I said come in. I then lead him up to my room, he says so are you still horny I said yes very much. He took out the condoms and said here we can use these. I say I told you to bring them so you can see me do this. I then threw them across the room, he says why did you do that? I said because we dont need them. He gets a big smile on his face. I said come on get naked. We both did, he then says this time I wont cum in your ass, I said you got that right I want to swallow your cum. We started out with a little 69 first then I said I want you in my ass again. We then lubed up and my ass was still pretty easy to get in to. I was in control this time by sitting on top of him, which got him really deep in me. He says to me i'am getting close to cumming so I hope off, now its my turn to fuck your ass. So he then hopped on to me he says your going to cum in me arent you? I said well if you want me to? He said yea I want to know what it feels like. He starts going up and down faster and faster till I couldn't hold it no longer I came not as much as before but still was great.

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   He slowly pulls off then the cum drips out back onto my dick, it was a great view. He says mmm that was great, now you have to suck me off. I then grabbed his dick and in one motion took it all in my mouth, i really didnt think I could and I gagged alittle, he says to me here I will show you a better way. He then tells me to lay down with my head over the edge of the bed. He then walks over to my head and says he try now. It was much easier to get it all in. He asks me do you know what face fucking is? I said yes I do. He then asks can we try that? I well okay but go slow at first, he goes really slow then I try to say something so he stops. I then say to himcome on faster than that, I said also when I make a noise go faster. So back in his dick went much faster still gagging me a bit. I mumbled a bit so he went faster, then he started cumming well he was fucking my mouth like that. I started choking on both his cum and his dick, he pulls out my eyes were watering and he said open your mouth. I opened and he says now swallow it, I brought my head up and swallowed. He says that was even better. I said to him yea it was except for when I started choking and almost puking on you.

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   He says well sorry about that. After that he stayed over that night we slept naked together.

In the morning I said to him see now maybe if you would have asked if you can cum in me I might have said yes. He says well I didnt think you would. After that he went home, but not before we both gave each other a bj. After that I never did anything with him, he called a few days later asking if I was busy, I said yes but i'am free on the weekend, he said cool I will call you then.
That saturday he called and asked if you wanted to fuck? I well I'am kind of tired right now. So he says well you can come over here and have a nap first? I said well okay I will be about 20 mins. I arrived there and he said here take a nap on the floor because my bedding is being cleaned, so I gave you a sleep bag here. Around five minutes he was playing video games and slowly fell asleep. I woke up because I had set my watch alarm. When I woke up he was using his washroom with the door open, all I could see was him with his dick out pissing in the toilet. He said come here I told okay I got to use to washroom anyway, I ran over because I had to go pretty bad. I wipped it out and started going just as he was finishing. He asked me after do you want to fuck now? I said well I'am not that horny but your dick always gets me going. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   He says to me well in that case I will take it back out. This time though there was no fucking just sucking. I blew him I thought he would want me to swallow but instead he grabbed his dick and came on my face, which was A new feeling, not much but it new to me. I said well thanks for that I guess. He said yea I was hoping you wouldnt get mad, I said well now I need to shower you got some in my hair.

Just I was finishing showering I could hear him talking to someone, it was a girls voice. Being nosy as I'am I left the shower on and get out and stood by the door just to see if I could here anything. When I listened I could hear Steven say to the girl Jeff is in the shower here. I heard her say really? In a very excited voice. He then goes shhh keep it down. He then softly says I didnt hear him lock the bathroom door, why dont you sneak in? I quickly jumped back in the shower, and I thought who could this be, my first thought was his sister but why would he tell her to come in there. I liked his sister she was 17 and she knew I liked her but she said i was to young at 15. So i thought well this should be exciting to find out who it is. I stood there pretending to show when I saw her shadow on the shower curtain. She had one ponytail, and fair size boobs, as quickly as I saw that the curtain wipped open, once I saw who it was I was amazed.

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The girl that was there was this girl in grade 12, that I would do anything to be with. As much as I liked Stevens sister this girl was much better. The first words I could think of was to cover myself and say what the hell are you doing. Vanessa (thats her name) relpys and said Steven invited me over. I said ok but why are you in here? She says well remember how I told you I wouldn't go out with someone as young as you? I said yes severaly times. She says well I only said that I really didnt mean it. I said okay so does that mean you will go out with me? She said well Steven told me all about what you did these last couple of days, i could barely talk i mubled out well. . . Then she said you dont need to say anything, i think its pretty awesome for a guy to trust his sexuality like that. She tells me now I want you to fuck me, I didnt know what to say all I could muble out was o. . . ok.

As she stripped I was standing behind the curtain with a raging boner, then she peaks her head around and jumps in.

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   She then looks down and says is that for me? I said yes, yes it is. We started kissing, when we moved in closer my dick slid right between her legs pushing up on her pussy. She mmm boy thats hard, she wasnt a very heavy person so I picked her up and slid my dick in. It was even better than Stevens ass, it was much more nice feeling. She had hair down there and that was great she was a red head and she had red hair down there. I did not last long at all a few pumps and I was saying i'am about to cum, she mmm yea I bet you are. I cound't help but cumming in her nice pussy, but after all I could think of was hopefully shes on the pill. I put her down and kiss and she whispers in my ear and says i'am on the pill so dont worry, but now your going to lick my pussy, I of course said yes. As i started licking she got loader and loader with her moans, her pussy was quivering and she said stop now that was great.

Since then i've been dating her, wait for part two. .