Rockin' and Bobbin; with Robin Part Two


So I drove my sixteen year old friend Todd with the big cock over to the other hotel to meet Robin, the Milf who was older than his mom and who had three teenage sons of her own.
Robin would never have agreed to fuck me, let alone a kid who might know her sons but I had caught her in a compromising position with her ex-husband's new wife. She knew if I ratted her off about being bisexual, she'd lose her nice fat alimony check and probably custody of her kids. So far I'd fucked her twice, discovering that the big round tits I'd wanted to see for so long were actually real and surprisingly firm being 36DD.
She was waiting in the parking lot in her big white Cadillac Escalade soccermom mobile. I knew she'd be wearing a skirt and a tight sweater with no bra and that those tits I loved so much would be hanging perfectly, her thick nipples ready for sucking. She was in terrific shape for a 40 year old mom of three and also had a 21-year-old's tight ass. Todd was in for a great fuck and so was she.
We parked and got into the Escalade. I got behind the wheel while she slipped into the back with Todd. I'd told him he could do whatever he wanted and before I had the truck in gear he asked her to suck his cock.
"Ohmigod," she said as she reached into his shorts and gave it a squeeze. "You never told me. . . " and then she put her head down in his lap and I heard him moaning.

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    It wasn't a minute later when he started gasping and then let out a long moan and shot his load down her throat. . .
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