Glory hell


Hope you all enjoy this, its my 1st time writing this kinda stuff so leave any comments for improvement.  


Rachel awoke to the cold kiss of the ceramic floor against her cheak. As she opened her eyes she saw a blurred vision of the bright room she was in. she was in a small cubicle 6 foot by six foot, made out of white tiles, against one wall was a large metal door with a dog flap, both of which were locked. against another at waist hieght was a large hole with a red button next to it. in a corner was a small toilet and on the 3rd wall was a tv screen split into 9 small video feeds each showing an identical room with 8 different girls all asleep, naked on the floor. 1 of the naked girls was looking at the screen in her own room. Rachel realise with a sickening twist in her stomarch, the 9th girl was her.

 Rachel tried to scream but she couldn't. she was frozen, staring at her own naked figure on the moniter. her shoulder length blonde hair, with her slim size 10 figure but bulging DD breasts. she began too feel sick looking around she noticed the small CCTV camera trained on her with a small red light blinking. next to it a small speaker crackled.

 'ahh. . .


   Rachel, your awake at last. I was just about to go to bed, but I'm glad I caught you in time. I suspect you are wondering as to what is going on'

Rachel remained where she was, numb.

'I know its alot to take in and the sedative I used to get you here does have a rough after effect on you head. This is your new home Rachel, I would get comfortable if I were you. I know it doesn't beat your little mansion with your rich parents and your ponsey friends who hold their fancy house parties. But you will soon learn to enjoy it here. . . or you will if you want to survive. '

 'w-w-what to you want with me?????' Rachel finally mumbled shivvering with fright.

 'Want with you? Rachel, I own you now, your body is mine, your one of my precious little servants. I run a buisness of glory holes, there is one in your cell, to you left. I have men from round the world who come to here and pay very high prices to have their cocks serviced by young little sluts like yourself. '

'But I'm not a slut!!!' Rachel screamed, tears streaming down her cheeks

 'Oh, really? then what is this i have here' The moniter flickered to a video footage taken from a video phone.

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   Rachel instantly recognised it, she had seen it several times before. It was from a house party from when she was 16, she had gotten very drunk at a party and lured 5 guys from the year above into the bathroom. She had told them all to line up and them hand given them blowjobs one by one until they cummed. she had swallowed the first four loads and let the last guy blow his on her face. She had been proud at the time, making five 17 year old guys cum in 40minutes using only her mouth was quite and ego boosting achievment. now almost a year later she wished she had never gone to that party. she looked down in shame and disgust. The voice returned  in a mocking tone.

 'Seen enough already? I'm happy to play it all. My favourite part of is when you swallow the second load and you say something about yourself. . . can you remember it rachel?' Rachel nodded. 'GOOD, and what did you say?'

Rachel mumbled 'I'm a filthy cum whore'

 'Thats right! and now you are going to know the meaning of it.

If you want food or drink you will have to work for it.

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   you will have to press the red button and suck any cock that comes through that hole. you wiill blow those cocks and swallow their loads, like you love doing! the more you swallow the more food you will get. Goodbye Rachel. and remember this, you don't have to press the button. But you won't be the first girl who has starved to death in that cell. '

The speaker went dead. Rachel shouted to it, begging to be released, but there was no response. she curled up into the fetal position against the cold floor, waiting for her to wake up from this horrible nightmare.

 When she next did wake up her stomarch was rumbling, she sat up. looked at the monitor. The 8 other girls were 'working' most of them were on their knees, heads bopping up and down against the hole in their walls. Two, more ambitious girls, where bent over facing away. smiling at their cameras as they fucked their clients cocks. Rachel's stomach began to ache. she had no idea how long she had been in this cell, but she was starving and needed food.

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   she didn't want to starve to death.

 dreading the thought of it as she moved over the the hole in the wall Rachel positioned herself on her knee's. She stayed there for a few minutes fighting between what to do. Then another rumble of her stomach setteled it. she pressed the red button.

 Through the hole she heard footsteps. Then the purple head of a mans erect cock came through the hole. followed by 6 inches of shaft. she began to lick the hard cock from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head, making it shivver and swell. she then took the hard cock into her mouth, moving up and down. her tongue dancing across the head of the cock expertly like she had learn to do over her teenage years.

 Rachel had first given a blow job 2 weeks before her 15th birthday, her older brother was having his 16th birthday party and she had gone to the end of her garden with his best friend, craig. They kissed passionately and he had begun to finger her.

He then had talked her into giving him a blowjob. She wasn't sure whether she liked doing it at first but when he began to moan in pleasure and shot his load inside her mouth, she got the greatest feeling of excitement, that her mouthh could give a man the greatest feeling in the world.

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   since then she had often gotten drunk at parties and  found the fittest guy there, taken him somewhere quite and either given him head  or (if he had a condom) fucked him. She became know as quite a slut at her school and boys in the 6th form had often offered her lifts home from school in the hope of her repaying them somehow, more often than not, she did.

Rachel focused on her technique, unlike every other blowjob she had given, not enjoying it. moving her mouth up and down, massaging the cock with her tongue and occasional deepthroating it. She could taste the pre-cum flowing out of the pulsing cock. She heard the stranger on the other side of the wall moan and then shots of cum flying into her mouth. It was hot and salty, how she often prefered it, but rather than savour the flavour this time, she swallowed it straight down. She worked on the cock a little longer, licking the head, until she could feel it flopping. The stranger left muttering 'thanks bitch' as he left.

 Rachel stayed where she was for a moment, dazed, then she called to the box.

'I gave a guy a blowjob and i swallowed, just like you said! please! can I eat something!

A chillingly polite tone replied 'of course! see Rachel! it's not so hard is it'

Rachel did not reply. A few moments later the dog flap opened briefly an a small plate with about 2 mouthfuls of rice and a small cup of water were placed into her room. The dog flap slammed closed. Seeing the obvious, disappointment on her face the box taunted Rachel 'you didn't think you would get a whole meal from sucking one cock did you!!! oh Rachel you silly little girl. If you want something better than rice and water you had best suck some more cock you little whore!' the box cackled and then cut out.

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 Rachel quickly ate her rice and drunk the water, but she was no where near full. she was so hungry. she sighed deeply to herself. watching the 8 other girls servicing different cocks, all of them enjoying themselves. She slowly crawled back over to the hole in the wall.

She licked her lips to make them wet.
And pressed the red button.







hope you have enjoyed, just thought i should point out as far as i am aware this is all complete fiction and i have not based the character on anyone i know of - though the story of the video is true about a girl at my school - i would really appreciate any feedback and maybe i can make a series of this.