A Granddaughter Gone Bad?


Frank was fifty-seven, a hard worker at the textile mill for most of his life up until he retired just last year. He knew This was going to put a real strain on the money he got from his retirement fund and the lifestyle he and his wife shared in their home. He rubbed at the thick white stubble on his chin and began pacing about the living room. "What the hell are we supposed to do with her till Vicky gets things worked out at home for the girl?" Frank raved. Sarah reached out taking him by the shoulder, she pulled her husband to her, kissing him as her tongue trailed slowly over his lips. "Don't worry about Vicky, she'll get things ready for Megan and the baby at home. " "She just needs time to get a room fixed up for the new addition and to get herself prepared for all this, it'll be OK, you'll see," said Sarah. Frank drove his tongue into Sarah's mouth, his hands moving down over her thick hips, pushing the swell of his groin against her. He wondered how this would change everything they had shared together in their thirty-four years of marriage. "Mmmmm, Somebody's got themselves a nice hard-on going there. " "Just keep it in your pants for now and I'll make sure it goes to good use later on," Sarah teased. Upstairs Megan stared in the mirror looking at her emerald green eyes now red and swollen and the tousy blonde hair highlighted with pink streaks running thru it. "You really got yourself screwed totally this time you stupid punk bitch. " She spoke to her reflection. Shaking the hair from her face she began to undress so she could shower and clean up from the trip there. Pulling off her ICP T-shirt and baggy JNCO jeans she traced her hands over the swell of her tummy.

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  "I look like I'm a fuckin melon ready to pop open," she groused. Megan slid her black thigh cut panties off letting them fall to her feet as she reached down to collect her clothes, tossing them on the bed. Without warning her grandmother Sarah stepped into the room carrying an armload of fresh towels and sheets for the bed. "Oh honey, I'm sorry, I should have knocked, I didn't know you were getting undressed," she spoke somewhat embarrassed. Trying to cover herself with her T-shirt, Megan sat on the bed looking up at Sarah. "It's cool granny, I'm not much to look at right now anyway," Megan sighed. Sitting the towels and sheets on the bureau Sarah came over and sat beside her granddaughter on the bed putting her arm around her. "Hey your not going to be pregnant forever. " "You'll be thin and lithe in no time, in fact your still a lovely young girl just like you are," Sarah assured her. Megan leaned her head on her grandmother as she felt the T-shirt slip away. She was desperate to have someone to show they cared and that she wasn't the useless and ugly bitch she felt she'd become since all this began. "My, my, your tummy has grown a good bit since I saw you last month. " "I think it looks sexy on you, makes you kinda glow all over," whispered Sarah. "Oh granny, your just saying that, I'm so fat I can't even see my hood piercing anymore," Megan giggled. Sarah may have been fifty-three but she was still a very sharp lady and knew what Megan was talking about.


  "I knew you got your piercing a while ago honey, your Mom told me all about it. " "I know she has her cunny pierced as well so I'm not shocked by that at all," Sarah grinned. "Coolness, that kicks ass," "I didn't know you knew, can I show ya mine?" Megan asked coyly. "I guess that would be all right, we're both women here, you don't have anything I haven't seen before on you or myself. " Megan slid back on the bed spreading her legs as she pulled the large silver ring up with her finger stretching it outward. "See grams, that's what they call a captive bead ring, it's a fourteen gauge, that's the size of the ring," Megan said proudly. "The kind of piercing I got was a vertical hood piercing, I wanted a Christina, one that went up higher on my mound but they told me I wasn't built right for that one. ""Oooh sweetie that looks like it might have hurt quite a bit, it's so big," Sarah said in amazement. "Can I touch it, just to see what it feels like?" "I've never seen anything like it, it's wild as hell. " Megan told Sarah that it didn't hurt and took hardly any time at all to heal, in fact that it made her feel great when it rubbed against her. Sarah slid her finger thru the ring and moved it about feeling the sleek metallic texture of it. Her finger rolling the large metal ball freely over it. Shaking a bit she twisted the ring causing the ball to rise up and smash against Megan's fleshy mound. Her granddaughter let out a low moan and shuddered as the ball brushed against her clit causing Sarah's hand to slide against Megan's smooth young folds. "Oh darlin, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," grinned Sarah wickedly.

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   "I'm not hurting you am I sweetie?" Megan put her hand over Sarah's and held it there pressed against her mound. "No grams you didn't hurt me, that's what makes it feel so good, when it gets rubbed by the ring. " Sarah felt the heat from Megan's vagina on her hand, the softness of her pouty lips against her fingertips. She began to tremble as she stared at Megan's silken labia. She'd never seen anything so sweet, so tender, she wanted to keep touching it, to fondle it. Sarah shuddered as she thought how much she wanted to taste the velvety warmth of Megan's young pussy. "Granny, that's how I cum off, when I masturbate I play with the ring and rub it all around my clit. " "I use some of my toys and it really makes me squirt good," teased Megan. "You can play with the ring if you want, I need to cum off big time. " "Megan I don't think I should do that, it's not a good idea honey," Sarah rasped. "Please grams, don't stop. " "I don't want you to stop touchin it," Megan sighed. "I won't tell anyone, It'll be our secret. "Sarah stared down at her granddaughter's firm mound, the silky blonde curls of her pubic hair, the cherub lips flaring open. She could see small clear bubbles begin to seep between the folds and felt her own cunt begin to tingle and ache.

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   "Oh Megan, it's soooo pretty, your so pretty. " "I shouldn't be doing this but I want to keep touching it, to touch you and make you feel good all over," moaned Sarah. Sarah began to stroke the warm metal ring heated by Megan's body. Her fingers tracing the curve of it, spinning the ball around it as she slid it thru the opening in Megan's clit hood. Megan laid back opening her legs wider as her hands began to slide over the bulge of her tummy in slow circles. She moved her hands upward cupping her swollen breasts in her hands, feeling the nipples rise up hard against her fingers. Pinching the nipples now turned dark brown from her pregnancy she stroked and began pulling at them. Megan loved pulling the tender nipples and twisting them hard when she reached her peak and began to cum. Sarah continued to shift the large silver ring around thru the opening in Megan's clit hood, pressing the bead over it as she rolled it with her thumb. She could see the young girl's lips begin to part as thin traces of cunt juice began weeping out. Sarah felt her panty's grow damp as her own cunt continued to throb and itch deep inside. She took her other hand and began massaging her mound thru her slacks as her breath came in rapid bursts. "Grams, It's tinglin real good now, I'm gettin so wet. " "Please, kiss me, kiss all over my pussy for me," Megan Urged. "Oh God honey, I want to, your my granddaughter but I still want to, no matter how wrong it is.

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  " "Let me go lock the door so we don't get interrupted," Sarah whispered. She walked over and locked the door as she leaned back against it bracing herself, her legs weak and trembling. She gazed at the nude and pregnant body of her granddaughter beckoning to her, inviting her to commit the ultimate of sins. Megan watched as Sarah began unbuttoning her blouse and then removed it. The woman then unfastened her bra revealing her ample breasts as they sagged slightly down her chest. The nipples very long and thick, the color of deep umber. Sarah removed her slacks letting them drop to the floor, then slid her pink cotton panties down her full hips where they too fell about her ankles. She was still very attractive for a woman of fifty-one, her hair still raven hued with only wisps of gray streaking thru it. Her skin was a golden bronze, toned from laying nude under the sun's glowing kiss. The woman's pubic hair still jet black and thick, peppered lightly with soft gray hints blending amid the curls. "Grams, your still real hot lookin. " "I like seeing you naked, I want to kiss and touch you everywhere," Megan sighed. "Lay on the bed with me and let's play with each other. "Sarah went to Megan, laying beside the young girl on the bed. Reaching out she began tracing her hand over Megan's face and lips.

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   Softly she began whispering to her, seducing her with her touch and her words. "It's been so long since I've done this Megan, been with another woman. " "I've missed that so much," Sarah sighed. "I love your grandfather Megan but as he's always known, I love women too. "Megan reached out taking Sarah's face in her hands as she began kissing her trembling lips. She bit lightly at them, her tongue flicking over them as she slowly began working it inside her mouth. Megan's fingers curled into the silky cropped hair of her grandmother, forcing her mouth to press harder against hers. Sarah began sucking Megan's sweet slippery tongue between her lips, her hands caressing her shoulders and sliding down over her milk laden breasts. With her fingers she started tweaking the girl's tender nipples, pulling and twisting them upward as they rolled between her fingertips. Megan started sliding her firm round belly over the flat of Sarah's tummy. Pressing against the woman and locking her legs over her ankles as she continued to probe deep into her sucking mouth. Their legs slipped between each others as they pressed upward and began rocking, sliding over each others leg, feeling the pressure building in their loins. "Fuck yes grams, rub my cunny off good," whimpered Megan. "I wanna sixty-nine ya and just cum all over each other. ""Oh, my sweet baby, say my name, call me Sarah," pleaded her grandmother.

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   "I wanna be your lover and cum with you every chance we get. "Megan reached down cupping Sarah's supple ass cheeks and began pulling them open. Taking her finger she started rubbing the woman's crinkled ass ring caressing it, massaging it. She pulled it back to her lips tasting Sarah's heated musky scent and then lapped at it. Rolling it over Sarah's lips that she too could smell her own ass fragrance. "Oh, shit yes baby, finger my ass," whimpered Sarah. "Let's finger fuck each others ass, do it all God damn it. " "You sweet fuckin bitch, I want it all with you. "Both women were burning with an insatiable desire for one another. They wanted to fulfill their every need, their every thought, no matter how wicked or perverse it may seem to others. Sarah lapped at her finger, coating it with saliva as she spread Megan's warm rear and began tickling against her rippling shit ring. Both women were working their fingers around the others glowing pucker as jangling shocks ran down their legs. As they became dilated they each probed deeply inside the others warm greasy orifice. Twisting their fingers, massaging them over the slick thin membranes of the others ass. "Oh hell yeah grams, oh shit, I mean Sarah," gasped Megan.

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   "jab my fuckin ass, dig way up in it and fuck the hell outta me. " "Yesssss, Oh God Damn it, yesssss, I'll fuck it so good baby," Sarah hissed. "Ream my ass too, ram your finger up my shitter. ""Your grandfather, I mean Frank, loves to ass fuck. " "I love it when he shoves that prick right up there and shoots it full for me," Sarah Panted. "God, just think if he could fuck us both up the ass, cum right up both our shit holes. ""Hell yessssss, grams, Sarah, just dick us both in our ass and spray em full of hot juicy load," groaned Megan. "I'll do it all with you, any fucking thing you want. "Sarah began licking at Megan's soft warm neck, her lips kissing and nibbling as she moved down over her swollen breasts. With her lips she began pulling the girl's nipples into her mouth sucking the tips steadily. Her teeth raking lightly up and down as she swabbed over them with her tongue. Suddenly Sarah's mouth tasted a sweet misty expulsion like liquid sugar flowing over her teeth and tongue. She knew that Megan was already getting milk and sucked furiously wanting more of the rich creamy nectar to swallow. Megan felt her grandmother's knee thrusting up hard against her clit ring, rubbing against the slickness of her cunt mound. She pressed back even harder with her own knee, grinding it as she felt Sarah's cunt cream leek over it.

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   Sarah kept working on the girl's breast pulling spray upon spray of watery milk out as she drank it sizzling from it's flowing source. She moved between each nipple, biting and pulling, twisting and sucking till her mouth became flooded with the rich foamy milk. "Sweet Christ your gettin milk," Sarah hitched. "Oh baby girl, taste your milk with me, it's so fuckin sweet and sexy. "Sarah's mouth filled with Megan's warm breast milk, she pressed her lips over the young girl's and split them with her tongue. Their mouths locked over one another, Sarah released the milk mixed with her own saliva into Megan's mouth. They lapped at it and passed the sticky sweet liquid essence between them, neither wanting to relinquish it. Wanting to exchange the frothy silky wetness of it over and over. "Fuck, Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum off Sarah," Megan panted. "Let's eat each other out, I wanna suck your pussy off and feel you cum in my mouth. " "Hurry Megan, Hurry baby, eat my cunt, suck my pussy juice out while you cum," Sarah rasped. Hurriedly the women released their passionate embrace and slid down facing each others feet. Megan began brushing her lips over Sarah's toes and the soles of her feet. Feeling the heat from her body as is coursed thru them. She began licking the woman's soles, kissing them, moving to her toes to take them within her mouth and bathe with her tongue.

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   Sarah began doing the same with Megan's small feet, her tongue worming between the toes as she licked and sucked them, worshiping them for her. Each of them moving slowly up the other's legs, nipping at them, softly fluttering their lips along the curve of their legs. Reaching the heated depths of their sex they both began kissing over one another's full mounds. Their faces skimming over the slick matted curls of pubic hair as they breathed deeply, inhaling the musky aroma of each others sex. They had become as if feral, their only thoughts animalistic in nature, seeking the bliss of tasting each others spilling orgasm. "Megan honey, tongue it, suck it out of me," Sarah pleaded. "Oh fuck baby I want to spray your God damn face with my cream. "Megan buried her mouth over Sarah's fluttering lips. Lapping thickly between the folds tasting the woman's creamy secretions. Gripping both Sarah's legs with her hands she raised them up exposing the coral bud of her ass, spearing her tongue inside. "Eat it Megan, eat my dirty ass out you fuckin bitch," Sarah howled. "Oh baby, just thinkin of you lickin my hole as Frank reams my ass. " "Lickin his prick as it drills way up me. ""Grams, Sarah I mean, I wanna lick his cock while he fucks you. " Megan groaned.


   "Make him fuck my shit hole and cunt too, God yesssss. " "I wanna fuck his prick and suck it off with ya. "Sarah began lapping ravenously at her granddaughter's slippery crease, spreading her legs wider as she delved between the young girls ass and slit. Her fingers hooked to the edges of Megan's ass ring as she drove her tongue in flashing circles around it. She could feel Megan's ripe breasts squeezing against her legs as trickles of warm milk leaked down them. Megan began fingering her grandmother's sloppy fuck hole. Two fingers plunging in an out as she heard the woman's juices slosh about inside her. Each thrust of her fingers erupting splatters of tangy thick cream over her hand. Megan lapped her fingers and palm dredging up the salty sweet juice that splayed out. Sarah's fingers tugged at Megan's clit ring, twisting and rolling it over the enflamed nub. The tip buzzing with the rush of blood swelling into it. Locking her mouth over Megan's frothing slit she punched her finger deep thru the young girl's anal crevice wriggling it over the oily inner walls. Megan had reached her crescent and was beyond restraining herself as she pried her grandmother's folds apart burying her tongue within the soaking cavity of her sex. Lashing at the gush spilling out she raked her tongue over and around scooping up as much of the wetness as she could swallow. Her face awash in the pungent flow she whimpered as her cum hit with a concussion that nearly took her breath away.

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  "Cummin grams, oh eat it out, I'm fuckin cummin," Megan choked. "suck it outta my pussy hole, all out of me. "Sarah's face was showered with a cascade of watery spray as the girl trembled, her legs buckling. Misty gouts of Megan's climax flowed over her eyes, her hair, as she opened her mouth to accept all the young girl could release for her. Sarah's orgasm tore through her as Megan ate greedily from the steaming wallow of her cunt. Her belly tensed as the fluttering sensations welled up then pounded their way deep into her loins. Her toes curled tightly as she felt the avalanche of seething cunt cream stew out over Megan's lips. She clutched at Megan's hair grinding her face into the runny slit, wiping her with it, fucking herself on her granddaughter's lips and chin. Megan's legs locked over Sarah's shoulders as she continued to erupt. Choking Sarah with the sheer volume of the girl's climatic sprays. Both women drank deeply and savored the rich sweet nectar they had brought boiling out from one another. Sarah's face and hair were dripping with the sticky flood as she kissed and lapped the slippery droplets from Megan's thighs. Megan used her finger's to ruck the luscious flow from inside her grandmother's fuck hole. Plunging them in her mouth she sucked her fingers clean of each precious drop. "You sweet nasty little bitch," panted Sarah.


   "Oh fuck, how your grandfather would love to feel your cum wash over his cock and balls. ""God how I'd love to eat his load right outta your well fucked hole. ""Hell yeah grams, I wanna do it all," rasped Megan. "I wanna suck his prick and taste his cum, then snowball it with ya," "Just swap his spunk right between us. " Sliding down to her grandmother Megan kissed over her face and eyes and she clung to her shivering with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She licked the warm deluge of her climax from Sarah's face sharing it with her. Both their tongues thick and covered with the honeyed nectar, they fought hungrily for it with each another. "I love you grams, I mean Sarah, I love you with all of me," Megan whispered. "I'm so glad I'm here to stay awhile. "More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.