Caught in the Act


Finally, Brandon pulled his shorts down past his cock with his left hand and started to stroke himself with his right. He leaned his head back and thought about fucking the woman on the screen. He gripped his cock and squeezed, imagining the women on TV sucking him off. His stroking intensified. He could feel his balls slapping against his own thighs. Brandon got closer to orgasm. He could feel his balls swelling. His hand moved faster and faster. After only three minutes of jerking off, Brandon shot a load of hot cum onto his own belly. "Ughh," Brandon said as he felt all tension release from his body. Brandon was now ready for bed. Morning came and Brandon walked to the bathroom. As he opened the door, he heard the water running. "Shit," he thought to himself, "Who's in here?""It's me Brandon. " He knew it was Ellen. "Well, hurry up," he demanded.

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   Just then the water turned off and Ellen walked out of the shower. Brandon took notice of his sister's body. A lot of times you'll here people saying that the young man never knew his sister was so developed. Brandon knew full well that his sister was hot. He looked at her 5'6" 110 pound frame. Not wanting to look too perverted, Brandon gave Ellen her towel. "Thanks, what time did you get home last night?" she asked. "I guess about 1 or so. ""Yeah, I thought I heard you come home," Ellen said with a smirk on her face. "What's that about?" Brandon asked. "Nothing. ""Will you hurry up so I can shower?" Brandon asked somewhat impatiently. Brandon had a motive her. Staring at Ellen perfect apple sized tits were close to giving him a hard on and he didn't want her to see that after all he was only in his boxers. Too late, Ellen noticed his cock starting to rise.

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  "Sure, I'll hurry up so you can do what you gotta do," Ellen said as she wrapped the towel around her and walked out the door. Brandon stood stupified for a moment, then hopped into the shower. "Man, she does have nice tits, and that ass," Brandon thought to himself. Once again, his cock grew. It had to be relieved. He lathered up his hand with soap and started to stroke himself off again. This time his thoughts weren't on the women on TV but on his sister. Brandon was imagining fucking her right there in the shower. He didn't hear the door open and Kristy come in. "Brandon?"Brandon stood in the shower looking like a deer in headlights. "What?""Are you OK?" Kristy asked. "WHAT?""You sound like you're in pain or something, why are you grunting?""Get outta here, I'll be done in a minute then you can use the shower," Brandon felt like a tool. His dick had gone limp and his sister had just caught him jerking off. He finished up and got out of the shower walked to his room and put on some shorts and a t-shirt. "Fuck, what the hell could happen next.

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   First my sister sees me getting a hard on, then my youngest sister hears me jerking off. " As Brandon descended the stairs, he found out what could happen next. "Holy shit! What are you watching? How'd you get that?" Brandon was in full sprint down the stairs to the TV room. Ellen and Kristy were watching him jerk off last night on video! Brandon ran to the VCR and turned it off. Ellen and Kristy sat on the couch laughing. "Quit laughing, who the fuck taped that?" Brandon demanded an answer. Ellen retorted,"We both did. Every night you get home and jerk off. We thought we'd tape you. " More giggles. "Have you ever taped me before?""No, this is the first time, but we wouldn't mind doing it again," Kristy said. "Wait a minute, have you watched before?" Brandon asked. "Well, yes, we have. Every night this week that you have come home, you jerked off, and we watched. You never knew did you?""NO, I wouldn't have done it if I knew you were watching," Brandon didn't know if he was more angry or embarrassed.

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  Ellen said to Brandon, "Look Brandon, don't be embarrassed. We both masturbate too. It's no big deal. We just thought it would be fun to tape you. To be honest, I don't know about Kristy but I went and masturbated right after we taped you. As a matter of fact about a year ago, Kristy caught me rubbing myself and I TAUGHT her how to masturbate. Really it's no big deal. " Brandon sat in shock. "Yeah, Brandon it's no big deal. Plus, we both know you were in the shower stroking your cock a minute ago anyway. " Kristy added. At that moment, Ellen stood up and turned back on the VCR. "Brandon, we like this. I don't want you to be angry so I will show you something. " Ellen turned to the TV and started to remove her shirt.

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   She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were fully erect. She stood two feet from the TV watching Brandon jerk off. Grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples. She started to moan. Kristy and Brandon both watched intently. "You see Brandon, there's nothing wrong with being horny and having to release your tension. Is there?" All Brandon could utter was a "Uh huh. " His eyes were focused in on his sister manipulating her own tits. She bent at the waist and pulled down her shorts and panties exposing her gorgeous ass and mound of pussy. She moved to the ground on her knees continuing to watch as Brandon was cumming on TV. She stuck a finger into her pussy and let out a moan as Brandon shot his wad on TV. "God yes, this feels so good. " Ellen turned to Kristy. "Are you going to join me?" Kristy was way ahead, unbeknown to everyone else she was already rubbing her clit through her shorts. "Oh yeah.

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  " Kristy ripped off her shirt and shorts and joined Ellen on the ground. Both girls were fully naked, masturbating right in front of Brandon. His cock was swollen so much that it hurt. His two beautiful sisters were fingering themselves right in front of him. Both girls were now moaning as their fingers dove into their pussies. "Oh Brandon, join us, please. " Ellen said as she stared up at him. "Yeah, Brandon, come down here and join us. "Brandon was in shock. But he wasn't about to pass this up. Brandon stood up and started to pull down his shorts. Kristy beat him to it. As he stood up, Kristy got on her knees in front of him. Ellen turned to watch. She pulled down his shorts and put her mouth on Brandon's shaft.

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  "Oh god," Brandon exclaimed. "That's it, suck his cock how I taught you," Ellen sighed as her fingers kept digging into her cunt. Kristy fully engorged Brandon's cock like she was a pro. Brandon grabbed her head and shoved it further on his shaft. Ellen crawled over to Kristy and started finger fucking her slit. Kristy moved to the rhythms of her sister's fingers inside her. Brandon watched in enjoyment as these two beautiful girls got it. Kristy was close to cumming. She pulled her mouth off Brandon's shaft and let out a moan that surely the neighbors heard. "Fuck me, Fuck me," she yelled. Ellen dove in deeper into Kristy's cunt. "Aggggg!" Kristy came. Ellen looked up to Brandon. "Do you want to stick that big cock in my pussy?" she asked. Brandon could only nod his head.

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   "Get down on the ground. " Brandon responded by flopping onto the floor on his back. Ellen got on top of him facing away. "My pussy is so wet even your big cock should fit," Ellen giggled as she said this. She lowered her dripping pussy onto Brandon's shaft. She bit her lower lip as his member delved into her. "Oh yeah," both Brandon and Ellen said as his cock penetrated her pussy lips. She got into a groove. Slow at first, taking all of his cock in long strokes. Brandon grabbed her hips and guided her up and down. Ellen moved her right hand to her clit, stroking it. "Let me," Kristy said. Ellen gave her a smile. Kristy moved her tongue to Ellen clit and started licking and sucking like an expert. Ellen threw her head back.

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   Brandon was pumping fast and furious. Kristy grabbed his balls and played with them. His balls began to swell. Ellen clit started to throb. They were both cumming. He pulled his cock out and Kristy inserted it in her mouth. Ellen's hips were still shaking from orgasm as Kristy drank down Brandon's cum. Kristy shared a kiss with Ellen so she could have some cum too. There was an awkward silence. Broken by Brandon's "Well, Mom and Dad won't be home til tomorrow. Tonight should be fun. " They all laughed. PRIMEMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.