Movie Night With Kim


Topic: Movie Night With KimThis is a first attempt at a fictional story about an act of incest that develops between a father and his young daughter.   If this type of material either offends you, or is in violation of the standards of your country, state or community, then DO NOT read this story.  
Movie Night with KimMy wife Toni was called out of town to help her younger sister Tina, who had recently given birth to her first child.   Toni said Tina had had a rather rough time of it in the process.   Tina’s husband is serving in Iraq, so he couldn’t help and besides, Toni hadn’t seen her sister in two years and also wanted to see her new niece.   With Toni gone, that would leave me to babysit Kim, our thirteen year old daughter.  
Thursday night was movie night at our house and so off to the movie rental store Kim and I went.   I let Kim pick out two movies, knowing full well they would not be the type of movies I would choose.   It makes her feel like a big person when she does, so what the hell.   I was pretty tired from a full day at work and knew I probably wouldn’t make it through the first movie, let alone the second.
Kim and I returned home and since I knew the last movie wouldn’t end until late, I told Kim to get on her night clothes.   She moaned in protest, but I told her I was going to put on mine as well.   She took off down the hall giggling and saying that she would be ready before me.   Sure enough, before I even made it to my bedroom, Kim was in her nightshirt and was coming out of her bedroom just as I made it to her door.   “I beat you, I beat you”, she said, in a smug sort of way.   I told her she could get the first movie started and I would be there shortly.

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    I stripped down to my boxers and put on a robe and headed out to the family room.
I walked in the family room and Kim was lying on her tummy on the floor with her hands under her chin watching the movie.   Her nightshirt had ridden up to her waste and half of her right butt cheek was sticking out of her white cotton panties.   Just for a moment I thought, Kim you’ll soon have your mother’s ass.   My wife’s round firm ass was one of the first things I noticed when we first met.  
I settled back on the sofa and the next thing I remember I was having this really sexy dream.   In the dream this beautiful blond chick was playing with my cock.   She got my cock so hard that a cat couldn’t scratch it.   The chick would pull my cock down toward my legs and then would let it go.   Like a catapult my cock would slam back slapping my stomach with a smacking sound.   This happened two or three times, before I realized that THIS was no dream.
My eyes popped open just in time to see my daughter letting go of my cock and then hearing her laugh when it would spring back and slap my shorts.   I shouted, “Kim what are you doing?”  She smiled and said, “I’m playing with your pee pee Daddy. ”  She explained that when the movie was over, she looked back and saw me sleeping and my pee pee as she calls it, was peeking out of my underwear.   She said she came over to get a better look, but then when she touched it, it started getting bigger and bigger.

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     I was too shocked to say anything.   Then just as I was about to tell her how wrong this is, a small drop of precum leaked out of the head of my cock.   Kim saw it and with one swipe of her little finger, she wiped it off and then put it up to her nose and smelled it.   “What is this Daddy?”   I told her it was Daddy’s love juice and before I could say another word, she licked her finger and said “umm, this tastes good Daddy”.   I know I should have stopped this right then and there, but seeing my daughter taste my cum shot bolts of electricity throughout my whole body.   “Can I have some more Daddy, please, please, please?”  I told her if I let her have some more, she would have to promise never to tell anyone, not even mommy.   She agreed.   I told her that if she licked my pee pee like it was an ice cream, she would cause more love juice to come out.
Kim put her small little hand around my cock and then leaned over and licked my cock from the base to the top.   I almost blew my wad right then and there, but I didn’t.   She licked it several times and then shouted with excitement “Here it is Daddy, here it is. ”  She licked it off as fast as it was coming out.   Then she took the tip of her tong and stuck it in my piss hole and moved it around as though she was digging for every last drop.   God that felt good!  I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, so I asked Kim if she would like to have a whole lot of Daddy’s love juice and she smiled  widly and at the same time rapidly shook her head up and down.   I told her to put my pee pee in her mouth and suck on it and she would get a lot of love juice really fast.

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Kim slid her warm wet lips over the head of my cock and I was in heaven.   She started to suck me off as if she had done this a hundred times.   She gagged slightly a couple of times, so I told her not to take in too much of me and to breathe out of her nose.   I could feel my balls churning like crazy and then the pressure started to build.   I knew it wouldn’t be long now.   I warned Kim that Daddy’s love juice was about to come out any second now and to swallow as fast as she could when it did.   This news made her start sucking my cock even harder.   I couldn’t hold out any longer and shot stream after stream into my daughters little mouth.   She swallowed as fast as she could, but there was just too much, so some of it leaked out of the sides of her mouth.   She kept sucking until I couldn’t take it anymore.   My cock head was so tender it would jerk and so would my whole body, every time she moved her lips.   I took my hands and pull her off my cock head.   She wiped the cum off the sides of her mouth and licked her fingers clean.
Kim looked up at me smiling with some of my cum still on her lips and chin.   Then she said, “I love the taste of your love juice Daddy.

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  ”  “Did I do it good for you?”  I just smiled and pulled her face up to mine.   I kissed her sweet lips and then whispered in her ear that I loved her more than anything in the world and that she is Daddy’s perfect little angel.   Then to my surprise, Kim said, “Lets do it again Daddy. ”  I told her I could only make love juice once a day.   She frowned in disappointment, but accepted the fact that she would have to wait until tomorrow.
I told her that since she had been such a good girl, she could sleep in bed with Daddy tonight.   She clapped with joy and took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.   She jumped in bed and I removed my robe and joined her.   I kissed her goodnight and then she disappeared below the covers.   I felt her pull my cock out and heard her say, “Good night Daddy’s pee pee. ”  “See you in the morning. ”  Then she gave the head of my cock a sweet wet kiss, put it back in my boxers and came back up to her pillow.   My cock started to grow again, but I was just too drained to care.
THE END (or is it?)