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    After fucking my 13 year old cousin Nora on thanksgiving, and finding out she was pregnant, my mind was tearing itself apart. I didn't know what to do, who to tell, and what to say to her, but above all else, I wanted to fuck that tight little ass of hers again.     The opportunity arose on Christmas Eve. Dinner went as usual, but my mind was somewhere else. I couldn't stop thinking about Nora. Earlier that week, my girlfriend broke up with me when I screamed out Nora during a blowjob. Naturally, she thought i was cheating on her and broke up with me on the spot, but i couldn't tell her otherwise. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make. All throughout dinner Nora was looking at me, playing with my feet under the table, until after about a half an hour I couldnt take it anymore. I got up from the table, said I needed to use the bathroom and walked down to the bathroom in the basement. I close the door, and immediately pull out my throbbing boner and start jacking off. I'm get going pretty fast, when all the sudden I hear the door open. I panic, here I am, at a family dinner, in a bathroom furiously stroking my raging hard on in front of the door. I look up expecting an older family member to be looking at me in shocked disbelief, but instead, there's Nora. Now, since the last time we talked we established that she was, in fact, very pregnant, and there was no doubt in either of our mind who was the dad, she was a virgin before me after all. Instead of talking it out, I merely said, well at least we can fuck whenever we want now right? This wasn't the right thing to say, and Nora ran off in tears.

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   That was a week ago, and we hadn't talked since. Nora walked in the room with that sexy smile only 13 year olds can give, knowing their budding bodies turn on older guys and knowing it goes against everything for those same guys to admit it. I immediately pull my cock into my pants and start to zip them up, but she leans down and grabs my hands. "Let me help you with that" At this, she pulls my penis out again, slowly rubs her fingertips along the shaft and gets on her knees. Without saying anything else, my thirteen year old cousin is on her knees with my cock in her mouth, giving me head like it's her job. She's learned all the tricks, sucking on the head, licking down the shaft, even fondling my balls. After six or seven good deep throats, I explode into her mouth and pull out. Nora leans forward and licks the cum off of my head, swallowing with a grin. "I want more. I tried getting some of the guys at my school to do shit with me but all the boys my age are prude and no one older will fuck a thirteen year old. No one but you. " What can I say at this point? My dick is wet with her spit, so I package it up and tell her to come upstairs to my room. We walk into my rooms together, and get straight down to business. As we're undressing, Nora looks at me and says, "Kyle, what about the baby? We have to discuss this before we do anything else!" I look at her and laugh, leaning into her and sticking my tongue into her mouth in mid sentence, pulling off her pants at the same time. "Besides," I say, "we can talk later.

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  " She starts to struggle, but eventually gives up and finishes undressing, plopping down on the bed with one of the sexiest displays of innocence I've ever seen. On one hand, she is a thirteen year old cousin of mine, who I've grown up with, but on the other, she is a naked nymphomaniac who wants my cock. I go with the latter and jump on her and shove my cock between the little mounds that will eventually become a pair of breasts. At this point, im straddling her chest, and begin to tittie fuck the shit out of her. She starts to moan and we sync up our thrusts. My cock, sliding through her tits, which i have to shove to cover my 8 inch hard on, explodes all over her neck and face. "Damnit Kyle, if i'm already pregnant why don't you just fucking come inside me!" I can't say no to this, and my stamina is up to the task, so i reposition myself and slide my cock into her pussy. To fully describe the feeling of fucking your thirteen year old cousin, or any thirteen year old for that matter, is impossible with words, but it was the most amazing thing in the world. Her pussy was so tight, I had to try three or four times to shove my cock into it, and by the third time she was moaning loud enough to shake the walls. "Nora, shut your fucking mouth or I'm done. " She stopped moaning, but immediately bucked her hips up to mine, shoving my cock into her pussy. In and out I thrusted, again and again. Let me tell you, the words coming out of this girls mouth could turn a sailor to christianity. "Fuck me Kyle, Fuck me so hard, I want you all the way in side me. " I willingly oblidge, and shoved my cock as far into her teenage pussy as it would go.

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   Pulling it out and pushing it in again and again. As I came close to climax, she let out one final moan and came all over me. There was so much juice, it ran over my dick and went all over the bed. I couldn't hold on anymore, and shot my load as far into her as I could push. Exhausted, I fall over on top of her, still inside her. Nora leans up and says to me, "You know the drill, now I want it in my ass. This time unload there to. "Normally, I'd need some time to recover, but having someone so young, and my cosin none the less, say this to me, my boner is up and ready to go for round three. I pull her ass over the bed, so her legs are hanging off the side and spit on my cock, which was already so saturated with pussy juice it was a wasted effort, and stick the head into her ass with a moan. This time, unlike last, my dick sank all the way into her ass without a struggle, and I picked up and started humping her doggy style like it was my job. Now, if her pussy was tight, then fitting my 8 inch cock into her ass was a miracle, because that ass held on and would not let go. I thurst into her as hard as I can, enough to make her scream out in pain, and pull back out. "More, Fuck my ass Kyle, I want your cum inside my ass!" Never saying no to a lady, I stick my penis back into her asshole, and hump her butt two or three more times before i unload my hot jizz all the way into her ass. This is when she dropped the bomb. "Kyle, I want to keep the baby.

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