The End & The Beginning


Staring blankly to the screen of her laptop, Rebecca have her mind wandering. . .
She felt tired. The redness of her eyes explained her sleepless nights and maybe, if you observe carefully, you'll know she'd been crying.
Rebecca remain in that position, the thought in her mind kept her occupied for another 15 minutes, then she gradually take a deep breath and exhale heavily.
Yes, that's a sigh.
No, she don't have a solution for her problems. She don't have a choice, and it is beyond her control.


Someone rang the doorbell, and wake Rebecca up.
"What?. . . " Rebecca was surprise that she fell asleep.
Rebecca walk to the door, slightly tidy up her long hair and pull her skirt straight, then she open the door.
A bouquet of red roses shown infront of her.

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"Hey darling," Terrence greet, " I missed you. "
Rebecca accept the flower and walk inside.
"Are you ok? you look tired" Terrence close the door behind him, looked concerned.
"I'm fine. . . Just don't really have a good sleep" said Rebecca as she arrange the flowers into a crystal vase.
"Come here," Terrence look joyful "See what I've brought you. "
He open a jewery box in his hand and showing it to Rebecca anxiously.
It's a beautiful diamond necklace.
Rebecca doesn't seem impressed, still having that cold look in her face.
"Let me put it on for you. "
Rebecca turn around, combing her hair to one side of her shoulder, allowing Terrence to take her moonstone necklace off and place the precious stone around her neck.
When it was done, Terrence mark a kiss on her neck, then her shoulder, holding her tightly from behind.
Rebecca felt sadness arousing from inside of her body, flowing out through her eyes.

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"What's the matter darling? " Terrence hold her alittle more closer.
"Don't call me darling. Do you even remember my name? " She said quietly.
"Becky. . . . . " Terrence has this guilt all over his face.
"Your wife always have the first place in your heart. And your mistress have the 2nd place. I'm the 3rd. . . " Rebecca started to sob, "I'm always the last one come to you.


". . . . . . . . . . . "
"I'm so sorry Becky. . . I hope you could understand me.

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  . . " Said Terrence, " You are different. So different and so special. I know its too much to ask for, but. . . I need you. "
"At the same time, you need your wife and your mistress too! They are different and special to you too!"
Rebecca is at her edge of losing control, " I never knew you were married when we start dating, I tolerate it when you told me 3 months ago, and I never knew you had a mistress untill last week!. . . . What do you expect me to do? Sharing with 2 women??"

Terrence went silence. He had nothing to say. He felt so guilty. 


His wife is a lovely woman who enjoyed being a home-maker and embrace having kids.
He love her innocent and her smile every night during dinner, and her cooking. . . He could eat the food she cook until the end of his life. That is the reason he decided to marry her.

His mistress, his secretary. She was so smart, beautiful and seductive.
She has this attraction that he couldn't resist. And he's getting more and more addicted to this woman.
This woman helped him alot in his business and could continue bringing in more business deals for him.
So, in short, he needs her.

He met Rebecca in an online chat room. Rebecca was like a breeze of fresh air to him.
A College freshgrade, new comers to the working world.

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Its always a delightful thing to chat with her after a tiring working day.
She always knew how to ease his tension, comfort him and cheer him up.
He felt that he can be so honest to her, and can even say anything without thinking infront of her.
They finally agreed to meet up at starbucks on a sunday.
Rebecca was immediately attracted to this handsome, mature and successful middle-aged business man.
Terrence felt the same towards Rebecca, her sweet look, her soft hair and her night-tingale like voice.
A week after that sunday, they started dating.
They date in starbucks at first, then they date in cinemas. Terrence started to kiss her in the cinema.
Then, they started to date in hotels.
And They started to go travel together.
Rebecca felt that she was the happiest woman in the world, untill that day when he told her everything. . .


Terrence hold her tightly, and started to kiss her neck.

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Then gradually move his lips towards her ears.
He kiss so hard as if he was apologizing with his kiss.
He really don't know what to do. He can't give up any of these 3 woman.
The only thing he can do, is to give love equally to 3 of them.
Right now he just wanted to give his love to her.
As he continue to kiss her neck, his hands were on her tight tummy caressing.
He love the way Rebecca dress today, a red singlet and a long white lace skirt.
And as always, Rebecca wore nothing inside her singlet.
That, always arouses him.
His hands find their way to her bumps and start squeezing them.
"Rebecca, I love you. . . "
Rebecca still sobbing but letting his hand go all over hers.

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He pull her cute little singlet so low, untill her boobs escape from the top edge of the singlet.
"Lovely. . . " He moan.
Holding both of her boobs, he squeeze them gently and breathing heavily beside her ears.
"Oohh. . . Terrence. . no. . we can't continue to be like this. .

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"Sshhh. . . baby. . . just relax. . " Terrence is now working on her cute little nipples. He smile as he felt the nipples get hard in his hand and turn Rebecca's body over and start to kiss her lips
Its a gentle one on her lip, then he deepening it with sucking on her lips. His tougue make an entrance through her teeth and found its companion.
They both tremble when their tougues reach each other.
Their breath gets heavier and the kiss is getting more sensational.
Terrence carry her up and put her on the bed gently.
He unzip her long skirt.

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   As the skirt fall on the floor, a sexy black thong show infront of him.
He touch her legs so carefully, embracing the beauty infront of him.
His hand slowly went up from her tight, reaching the sexy black thong. He noticed a small spot of wetness on the thong.
He smiled.
He continue to caress both of her thighs, looking at his lady, with her boobs showing at the top of her singlets, desire showing in her eyes.
She's just too stubborn to express her urge in words.
She unbutton his shirt and undo his pants.
Till today she still blushes when he's naked, but secretly wanted his. . .
He likes her that way. After so many sensational love-making, she's still as adorable as an innocent virgin.
He suck her nipple gently, cricling around it. Finally, the first moan escape Rebecca's lips.


Terrence repeat it aggressively while one of his hand glide down and touch her private part.
"Baby, you're soaked," Terrence smile and kiss her nipple.
Rebecca moan in delight. She felt that more fluid is flowing out from her body.
Terrence took her hand and put it on his crotch, hinting her to rub him.
She obey the order like a tame little kitten, rubbing him and feeling his hardness.
There's this fire in her throat, that makes her thirsty.
He became so hard and it show from his boxer.
She took his last piece of clothing off him.
This is it.
They smile looking into each other's eyes.
Terrence continue to rub on her clit with her thong still on.
"Mmmmpphhhh. . .

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   baby. . . . " Rebecca moan sexily.
She's feeling it.
She's feeling it.
It is coming. . .
"Oohhhhhh~~!!" She felt like something explode in her body.
"Wow," Smile Terrence, " you cum alot baby. . . "
That is true, 'cause her thong is now totally soaked.

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She blushes and cover her face with her hands.
He remove her thong, "Now, lets begin. "
He rub her sensitive clit with his hardness, reactivating her urges.
Rebecca gasps for more air as he do that.
He gradually thrust into the deepest of her.
"Oohhhh. . . baby. . . . . " She moan, no she almost scream.
Terrence started to thrust very slowly, enjoying the sweet moan of his precious lady.


He felt her tightness around his hardness everytime he thrust.
And the path is getting more and more slippery each time.
"Mm. . . . Mmm. . . Mmmm. . . . " Rebecca kiss him deeply expressing her joyess.

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  . . . You're so beautiful. . . . "
It started to rain outside.
The 2 of them wouldn't notice it. They are too busy to enjoy their sweet moment.


Rebecca's heart felt so full right now.
She's surprise that she could have her mind cleared up when they're in her bed.
Lying beside Terrence in the bath tub with warm water and rose petals, She wanted to remember all of this.
Terrence is lying comfortably, closing his eye, seems like he's having some rest.
Rebecca look at this man that she love, alittle greyish on his hair doesn't affect his good looking at all. 

She can't hold herself from kissing his sexy lips.
And she had a decision in her heart.
So now, she's going to enjoy herself.
Terrence love the way her toungue playing with his, and he knows what does that mean.
Covering his hands on her boobs, he gently squeezing them.
She sit on top of him, teasing him by rubbing her sexy butt on him.
He was amazed by her action. He become hard again.
Folded his arm behind his head, Terrence enjoy rebecca's special services.
Rebecca rub her boobs on his hairy chest, and try her best to please him by rubbing her clit on him.
"Baby, do you like that? "asked Rebecca.
"Mmph. . . yes I do.

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  . Alot. . " Terrence said.
Rebecca stand up and get out from the bath tub, walking to the shower.
Terrence followed.
Facing the wall, Rebecca arched her back towards Terrence and look back at him.
"Come on baby, its your favourite pose. Isn't it? "
"Oh my god. . . "
Terrence grab her butt and thrust fiercely in her.
"Oohhh yess. . .

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  . "
He thrust so fast, and so hard that Rebecca thought she can't handle anymore.
"Mmm. . . you're so sexy baby" Terrence is not gonna let go.
As he go faster and faster, Rebecca's moan had turn into screams.
"So good! So good! baby. . . Don't stop! Ooohhh. . . . "
They felt their body so hot that the shower couldn't cool them down.

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It is so juicy. . . .
Finally they reach their edge and with a grunt, Terrence explode all his cum in her.
After the climax, they satisfy each other with kisses and carresing. . .


Sipping his coffee, Terrence look at Rebecca with a smile.
"Feeling better darling? "
"Oh yeah. So much better. " Rebecca smile back.
Terrence glance at his watch, "Well, I had to go now. I'll see you tomorrow? Becky?"
Rebeccal place a kiss on his lips deeply, " Yeah sure. "

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  " Terrence move his way to the door with a satisfying smile on his face.
"Wait," Rebecca hesitated, " One more hug?"
She gave him a long hug. She hold him so tightly. As though she's gonna lose him if she let go.
"Ok, you should go. " Rebecca smile and open the door.
"See you later, darling" Terrence peck on her face and then left.

Rebecca had made up her mind.


It was early in the morning.
Everything in the apartment are still the same.
Rebecca checked all her things, making sure that everything were packed.
Standing infront of her door, she turn around and take a last glance of the apartment.
The red roses are still sitting in the vase, the diamond necklace resting in the jewery box on the table.
"This is the end," she told herself, "And a brand new beginning. "

She smile, feeling relief.

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   She walked out of the door with her luggage, and never look back.


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