Worth the Wait


(This story may not be like any other that you read, this is my first time writing a story, so please go easy on the reviews.   But don't lie to me if it's not the best. I have changed the year of this story to protect our real age, and I also altered our names. For those of you who are just looking for sex. . . I'm sorry, but this story may not be for you)In mid August of ----, I met the woman that I knew would be with me for the rest of my life.   At the time we were extremely young, and some would say that what we did when we were together to be "wrong" because of our age (only 15). We simply knew that we were in Love, we spent every moment that we could together.   Whether it be talking on the phone or over the internet.   But the times that we really remember were when we were both together, when we could touch each other physically.   The only problem that we encountered was the fact that we lived 2 and a half hours from one another, being as hard as it was, with people telling us that "long distance relationships never work out", isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. But we Loved each other with every ounce of energy that we could afford. At the time we would do things that normal teenagers that were dating would do, go to theme parks, out to the movies, or even to the mall.   But there were also some things that we did that weren't exactly normal for our age group. Things that you couldn't see Cassie and I doing.

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    There were times when we got rather intimate and sexual. At the beginning of our relationship we had promised that we wouldn't have sex until we were married, and with horomones like ours, that wasn't an easy promise. Anyway, back to the story. . . When we would lay together, watching a movie or just cuddling with each other we would start to kiss.   And I'm definately not talking about an ordinary peck on the lips, this was full out war between the tongues.   We would start to get so full of passion that clothes would just seem to slip right off of our bodies.   First it would be our shirts(usually I would manage to get Cassie's off first, but sometimes she could get to mine before i got to hers), then somehow our pants would slowly work their way down our hips and legs, until I was left in my boxers (not that they were doing me much good, as my stiff dick was poking through them) and she was left only in her thong.   My god was that a sight to see, she was by far one of the most beautiful girls that I had ever seen.   Her breasts has the most rounded figure and half dollar sized nipples that I could have sucked and licked for hours.   On occasion i did suck her lucious breasts for a half an hour at the least.   After I was done with her nipples and breasts, we would kiss again, her on top of me, skin on skin, and god, that was the most wonderful feeling in the entire world ( well all right there were quite a few other feelings that could give it a run for its money. As we kissed, i would work my way down, past her breasts, past her stomach, until I reached the wonderful world of the vagina.   I would lick and kiss her clit as if there would be no tomorrow, and ever so slowly I would tease her by going around and around the entrance of her vagina, and when she was as wet as possible, my tongue would plunge as deep as it would go, feeling the warm, wet, and tight feeling of the softest flesh on a woman's body.

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    Ever so slowly i pushed my middle finger into her, trying to ignore her moans of discomfort.   I knew that she would Love it after she gave it a chance.   As I worked the finger in, I would lick at her clit some more, this is where it hit her, her first orgasm with me, the first orgasm that I had encountered with a woman.   The smell was overwhelming and made me lick her more, I counted 1 more orgasm as I licked her. Feeling that she had been satisfied, she sat up and pushed me on my back.   I didn't know what to expect. . . maybe a handjob at the best.   Boy was I wrong, as soon as her face came close to my throbbing dick coated with precum I knew what was about to take place.   I was going to recieve my first blowjob from my first True Love.   As she lowered her head down over my member and took her first lick of dick :) this made shivers run up and down my spine.   She seemed to like the taste of my precum as she stuck the head of my penis into her mouth and sucked hard.   Oh my god!!!  If you haven't had your woman give you head, I strongly reccomend that you do it, and do it soon!!  She slid my dick into her mouth, it hurt at first as she scraped it up against the braces on her teeth, but i just told her to watch her teeth, and she realized that she had hurt me and was much more gentle.   In and out, her saliva all over my penis shaft and head.

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    I knew that it wouldn't be long until I blew my load, so I asked her where she wanted it, she didn't reply she just kept sucking my cock, in and out, in and out, three times more and BAM! I was off like a rocket. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, strands of cum shot out of my dick into my Cassie's mouth. I think this is one of our more erotic/ Romantic encounters, and I'm hoping that there will be many more. If there is positive feedback I may write more as it occurs. -Ryan.