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She thought about it for about 2 minutes then said "Sure. with you setting the rules. I know the risks are lower than if I was to try to do it on my own. "So I told her to get her purse and we were going shopping for her some new clothes. special for the events to come
We went to the local clothing store. and started looking through the racks for clothes that could be easily modified for my ideas to work
The first shop we went to. I had the clerk fix her up with a garter belt and stockings. then told her to get 2 sets. and wear 1 set for the rest of our shopping trip
Next we went to a dress shop and found a black dress made from a stretch material with a plunging neckline. and I had her get it 2 sizes to small. and to try it on with nothing but the garter belt and stockings on under it
When she came out of the fitting room. it looked like she had been melted and poured into it . The neckline came down about 3 inches above the top of her breast and the bottom was about four inches above her knee, which was perfect for the plan I had
Our next stop was the fabric shop. where we bought 3 zippers and 2 buttons and a piece of fabric chalk. At this point she was a bit confused. and I told her to wait and see what they were for
Our last stop was the adult novelty store.

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   where I left her in the van and went in to pick up a collar. nipple clips. wrist shackles. and several sizes of dildos and butt plugs
When we arrived home
When she came back into the room. I told her to place the index finger of one hand on her navel. and the other on the garter belt. then I marked the point halfway between the two with the chalk. Next I told her to move the finger from her navel. and place it at the top of her pubic hair line. Taking a string. I placed it around her hips halfway between the 2 points and made a mark on each hip. and another mark 3 inches below the bottom of her breasts
Taking a yardstick. I proceeded to mark a line from the center of the V on the neckline of the dress to the upper mark I had made with the chalk. and a line from the bottom of the dress to the lower mark I had made on the hip on each side
Telling her to remove the dress. I then split each line and told her to sew one zipper in each cut.

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   with the upper zipper pull tab fully closed at the top. and the other 2 fully closed at the bottom. and sew the 2 buttons 1 on each side of the mark I had made under the breasts. so that they were on opposite sides of the zipper
While she was doing this. I went to the phone and made reservations at a local restaurant. a quiet place with good lighting and great food. and told the manager I wanted a table about the center of the dining area. with a good view of the other patrons. and promised to make it worth his while if he would "not see" any out of the ordinary happenings. so long as they did not disturb any of his other guests and called and reserved a room at the local motel. with the instructions to the clerk to leave the room open so we could get late night access without having to wake anyone up when we came in.
When the time arrived. I told Misty to get into her new dress. and took a piece of fishing line about 6 inches long. and tied loops in either end.

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   and looped it around the 2 buttons inside the upper zipper before closing it up completely
When we arrived at the restaurant. the manager had done me proud. The table he reserved for me was as close to the center of the dining area as it could get. and the room was 2/3rds full
about halfway through our meal I looked at Misty and told her, "You will now get up from the table and go to the bathroom. When you return to the table I want to see both of the bottom zippers unzipped as high as they will go and when you sit down. the back of your dress is to flair off the back of the seat and the front down between your legs. so that your bare ass is touching the chair. and everywhere we go after this tonight. the same rule applies"
She did as I told her. and the looks she got on the way back to the table was well worth the effort, nobody gave her a second glance on her way to the ladies room, but no one was about to miss seeing her on the trip back to the table
About the time we were ready to order desert. I told her "Unzip the upper zipper as far as it will go. but leave the string in place so the top does not flair out to far. " She asked- "Does this mean you want me to walk back to the ladies room?" "No. unzip while sitting right here at the table. " She did so.

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   and the waiter was obviously having a hard time keeping his mind on getting our order right while he was trying to write it down
After the meal was over. and I had paid the bill -- tipping both the waiter and the manager heavily for their patience. I told Misty " We are going to get up from the table together and I am going to put my hand under the back of your dress and on your bare ass as we walk to the door. You will not react as if this is in any way unusual. but keep your eyes forward until we are outside the door"
When we got outside she looked at me and said "This is the most fun I have had in 2 years. and I think the sense of danger makes it that much better" I told her that we were a long way from being through. and she had agreed to follow my orders to the letter
Walking out to the van. I made her stop at the front of it and went to the side door to get the bag of novelties I had purchased earlier
Walking back to the front. I told her to unhook the loop of fishing line and show me her tits. which I then put the clips on and the collar around her neck and the shackles on her wrists. Turning her around I told her to place her hands on the hood of the van because it was time to get ready to go to our next stop. When she did so, I took out a vibrating butt plug and a 6 inch vibrating dildo. and lifting the back of her dress. proceeded to place each one inside her before fixing them in place with a strip of cloth that I tied to her garter belt in the front and rear
Sitting her down in the van. I took her wrists and drew them behind the seat and buckled them together.

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   so that her exposed breasts were stuck ever further out. for anyone who passed us on the road to see.
We drove around town for about 45 minutes. before we came to a local strip club and I pulled in. I went around to Misty's side and released her wrists so she could get out. and told her to hook the fishing line back over the button. but nothing else. she was obviously very hot from the vibrators and wanting to get on with some real action. but I was not ready to give her that pleasure yet
Going inside I found us a table off to one side with a good view of the stage and told her to sit where I could reach between her legs whenever I wanted and went off to the bar to get us a couple of drinks. I ordered myself a rum and coke and then hit on an idea. Asking the bartender to give me the mixings of a screwdriver, but in separate glasses so I could mix it when I got back to the table.
When I got back with the drinks there was a girl standing there who worked at the club. She said her name was Angel. She was about 5'10". blonde hair and a figure that most girls would kill to have.


   She asked if we would be interested in a table dance? I told her that we would not be at this time but check back with me later and we might talk about it. or even something better. She left saying that she would be back after her turn on the main stage
Pushing Misty’s drink over to her. I told her I wanted to watch her mix her own, and she asked what was she going to use to stir it with? I reached between her legs and pulled out the 6" dildo from her pussy and told her "Stir it with this. then put it in your purse. you are done with it for the moment. but the other 1 stays where it is for a while"
Several people looked over to our table to watch her stir up her drink. but nothing out of the way was said and then we went on watching the show for a while until Angel went through her routine and came back to our table. I asked her about getting a private show for the 2 of us and she said there was a room in the back for that kind of thing but the rules said there was to be no touching the dancers. I agreed to this and told Misty to come back there with us and on the way back I told her, " Here is what you are going to do. when she takes off her top. you will open the top of your dress. when she takes off her bottoms. you will be sure she can see what’s under the bottom of your dress. and the whole time she is going through her routine.

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   you will have your hand inside my pants jerking me off. " Angel went through her routine in an extra slow manner. I think she was enjoying the idea of seeing Misty get me off while watching her and when she was through she came over to us and said that she had never been asked to give that kind of performance. I told her that we were out for the thrill of the risk. and to see how far we could go without getting thrown out of any place. She thought this was a really cool idea and said it was something she had thought about doing. but was scared of getting caught having sex in public places
I told her if she wanted to live out her fantasy to let me know when her act was over. and be wiling to follow my directions. At this point Misty gave me a strange look but did not say anything. After Misty hooked the string across her top we went back out to the main floor and about an hour later Angel came over and said "I think I will take you up on our offer. I get off in 45 minutes" I told her, "That’s fine. Meet us outside the front door as close to being naked as you can and be ready to strip down the rest of the way as soon as you get outside. Find a bag or something to put your street clothes in before you come out so they don’t get lost"
About 15 minutes before Angel was due to come out I took Misty outside and told her to pull off the dress at which point I hooked a leash to the collar she was wearing and lead her out to the van and turned the passenger seat around so it was facing the rear of the van and told her to stay there with her hands on the floor of the van and her feet on the ground. When Angel came out the door she was carrying a paper bag and was dressed in a robe. which she proceeded to untie and place in the bag with the rest of her belongings.

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   I took her out to the van and showed her the collection of toys I had brought with me and told her to pick any one she wanted to put in Misty's pussy. and that if she wanted to switch the plug in Misty's ass for a bigger one to feel free to do that also
She picked up a 10 inch dildo and rubbed it up and down Misty's pussy several times before shoving it in and then told me that she was starting to feel left out as Misty had all the toys. I told her that was not a problem, if she wanted a plug in her ass but I wanted her pussy open for other adventures on the way to our final stop. She said it sounded like fun but did not think she could take it without a little lube so I told her to pick the one she wanted and stick it in Misty's mouth for a minute and let her get it good and wet , which she did. I then told Misty "Get it good and wet. and stick it up Angels ass. so we can get both of you in the van and carry on with the fun tonight"
After this was done I put Angel in the passenger seat and told Misty to climb in and kneel on the floor between her legs. When the girls were both in position I told them "Angel. you can not touch yourself in any way. but Misty is to be sure that you are hot. wet and willing by the time we get to our next stop" and then shut the door before going around and getting in the drivers seat. I saw that Misty was a bit unsure what she should do but Angel was telling her "Put your finger in me and lets see where we go from there. " Before I got out of the parking lot Misty had 3 fingers working in and out of Angels pussy and Angel was moaning and saying how good it felt
After driving around about 30 minutes. over some of the roughest roads I could find. I noticed that Misty was starting to put her head between Angels legs and let her hands squeeze her tits.

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   At this point I felt that it was time for me to get in on the act so I headed for the motel. When we got there I pulled up in front of the room and told the girls to get out and go stand in front of the van while I opened the door to the room. When I got the door open I told Angel that it was only fair that she should help Misty get ready for a good fucking and to remove the dildos before we went inside
Angel dropped to her knees on the spot and pulled the butt plug from Misty’s ass before turning her around and working the dildo in and out a few more strokes before she pulled it out with an audible pop. While she was doing this I took Misty’s wrists and tied them behind her back again, then handed Angel the leash and told her she could take Misty inside and put her in any position she pleased and then come back and help me get undressed
When I stepped inside, Angel had Misty bent over the bed with her ass in the air and walked back over to me and told me she wanted to watch me fuck Misty like she was before she got into the action. She helped me pull down my pants and my hard on came poking out of my pants to stand strait out like a flagpole. all 8 inches of it. Walking over to Misty, I pulled her ass a little higher into the air and told Angel "You could be nice and help me get it in here. " Angel came over and spread Misty's pussy lips with one hand while guiding my cock into her pussy with the other. I pushed in a few inches and Misty pushed back at me, groaning and saying that this was what she had been waiting for all night. I teased her for a few minutes, barely working my cock in and out of her pussy while she kept begging me to give her more. After a few minutes of this Angel came up behind me and whispered in my ear "Give it to her and I will see to it you get off like you never have before. " After hearing that I wondered how things could get any better? I thrust as deep as I could and as hard as I could until I was buried up in Misty’s cunt. All of a sudden I felt Angels hands on my ass and felt her breath on my balls. I almost blew my load right there but Angel took my ball sack in her mouth and started to work it over with her tongue. She had such a grip on my ass I could not move if I wanted to, then I felt her move away and she came back up behind me and whispered, "Pick her up so I can slide under her.

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  " at which point I reached down and caught Misty by the shoulders and pulled her up off the bed with my cock still buried deep in her cunt. She groaned when I did this, but then I felt Angel push her up a little higher as she crawled under the two of us. The next thing I knew, I felt Angels mouth close over my balls again but this time I felt her tongue dart out and start working on Misty's pussy. all I could do was hang on for the ride as Misty started bucking and squirming under me. and hollering "YES! OH YES. God Damn. FUCK ME DAMMIT!" At this point I could hold back no longer and I unloaded in Misty's cunt which seemed to push her over the edge as well and she started cumming like she had never been fucked before
When we stopped shaking I got back to my feet and unhooked the shackles that were holding Misty’s arms behind her back then I looked at Angel, who was licking our cum off her lips and she looked back at me and said "Now that you two have had your fun. I guess its my turn. " Then she looked at Misty and said "I guess you had better get him hard again and then pull this plug out of my ass so I can feel that cock split me open"
Just the thought of fucking Angel up her ass was enough to start my dick to stirring again and Misty was quick to come to my aid, wrapping her lips around my shaft and taking me all the way into her mouth. I felt my cock start to swell and groaned, "Damn. that feels so good" Misty started swallowing me with a vengeance, humming the whole time until she had me fully erect again and raging to go
When she came up, she looked at Angel and asked, "Do you want to give it to him of your own free will. or do you want to get it like I did. bound and helpless?" Angel replied. "He can have me any way he wants to. but I think it could be fun to not be able to control what happens to me for a change.


  " At this point I spoke up, "I don’t care what you two do. but if I don’t get my dick in some hole in about a minute, I will not be responsible for what I do" Misty looked up at me and said. "Ok. I want to see her get as good as I did one time, so keep that cock ready while I get her in position for you"
Misty pulled off the wrist shackles she was wearing and buckled them around Angels wrists, then fixed her hands behind her back and laid her down on the bed on her back. When she looked up she said, "Damn. you cant get to her ass with her in that position. I guess we will have to fix that. " Going around to the other side of the bed she climbed up over Angels head and reached down and grabbed her ankles, pulling them up until her ass had cleared the bed, Misty looked at me and said "Come over here and rape her ass. and when you stick it in. ram it hard. so I can be sure her mouth opens real wide when I sit down on her face"
Not being one to miss such a golden opportunity, I walked over and set the head of my dick against Angels tight bung hole. and put a little pressure on it to keep it from slipping off target. Looking at Misty I asked, "Are you ready?" "Hell yes. rape her ass. now!" I grabbed Angels hips and drove my cock strait up her ass as she started hollering, Misty sat down on her face and said "Damn.

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   I hope she does not wake the whole town up before I get the chance to cum again!" I started pistoning in and out of Angels ass with all the strength I had left. Misty rode her face for a couple of minutes, then said. "I don’t think she is feeling it enough. maybe I should see if I can get her mouth to work better. " About this time I noticed that she still had the leash attached to the collar she was wearing. She picked up the end of it and started to swing it around. "I wonder if she would get her mouth working better if I whipped her pussy with this?" Then she swung it across and smacked Angel across her wide spread cunt, missing my cock by a very small amount. Angel started bucking and squirming all over and Misty threw her head back and said, "Yes. that’s more like it. suck my cunt bitch. god damn. that’s it. fuck me with your tongue. ooooooooooooooooooooo yes. deeper.

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   that’s it!" After about 10 minutes of this, I felt my balls start to twitch again and I looked at Misty and said, "Put as much of your hand as you can in her pussy and jerk me off in her ass!" As I watched, Misty poked 3 fingers in Angels pussy and then started using her thumb on her clit. The next thing I knew, she was adding the forth finger. then the thumb and then I felt her hand turn so it was in line with my cock and start rubbing me through the wall between Angels pussy and ass. I had never felt anything like it, and told her so She said "Good. Now lets see if you have enough to blow that load deep in her ass before she cums!" and started working her hand in and out of Angels pussy while I was buried up in her ass
About five minutes of this was all I could take, and when I got to the point where I could hold it no longer, I let go of Angels hips and reached out and grabbed Misty by the collar. pulled her mouth to mine and swapped spit with her as we all three went through a series of earthshaking orgasms, finally spending ourselves inside each other and falling to the bed. Misty crawled over and released Angels hands from the shackles and the 2 girls crawled up on either side of me and we all went to sleep for a couple of hours
When I woke up the next morning, the girls were sitting on the foot of the bed talking in low voices. I started wondering if I had gone to far and was I going to end up regretting the previous nights actions
Misty looked around and said,"Oh good. You are finally awake. Its about time. " and Angel said "Get your butt in the shower so we can get ready to go. I have to go pick up my car and get some rest to be able to work tonight. " I started to stammer something about being sorry for the way I had taken advantage of them the night before, but found Angel putting her hand over my mouth and saying, "I wanted this, and I knew what the risks were before I ever decided to come with you last night. And Misty and I agree, if you two ever decide to do this again, I want to be part of the action, and maybe I can even join the two of you for dinner. "
A feeling of relief came over me.

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   This would work out ok. But little did I know that the adventure was not quite over yet, until I came out of the shower and found both girls still sitting on the bed stark naked
I asked, "Aren’t you two going to get dressed so we can leave?" Misty looked up at me and said, "No. We talked about it and decided that we are not quite ready to call it quits, but we have to leave here, so we are going to walk out to the van just like we walked in. stark naked. and we are going to stop at the door and let you put the plugs back in our asses before we get in. " I said, That is a bigger risk than we planned on. when we came in last night it was dark. and most people were in their rooms. now the sun is up and people are all over the place" "So what, If you go open the door and have everything ready when we come out. all you have to do is plug us and we all get in and drive off. " I finally agreed to this idea and went and opened the van door. then called to the girls telling them to come on
They came strolling out the motel door as if there was no rush and no reason that anyone should find anything wrong with their state of undress and walked up to the front of the van and stopped with their hands on the hood, looked at me and said, "Plug us here so we can get going. " Seeing that there was no point in starting a argument with 2 naked women in the middle of a motel parking lot, I picked up the toys and walked around behind them and proceeded to put the plug in Angels ass. then in Misty’s. With this done the girls walked to the door of the van and got in, Misty climbing in and laying down on her back on the floor of the van and Angel climbing in on top of her in a 69 position.

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   I shut the door and ran around to the drivers side to get out of there before the cops showed up, which I am not sure if anyone bothered to call them or not. but why take chances
As I pulled out of the motel lot. Angels voice came drifting out of the back "Give me time for one more good orgasm before we get to the club to get my car. " so I drove around for a few minutes while they were getting each other worked up good but I was still worried so after about 15 minutes I pulled up in the club parking lot beside the only car left there. which I assumed must be Angels
Going around and opening the door to the van, I found the girls going hot and heavy. Angel looked out and said, "Damn! I didn’t get to cum. I guess you will have to fuck me right here in the parking lot. " With that statement she climbed out of the van and went over and laid down on the hood of her car with her legs in the air. As I stood there looking at her, Misty came up behind me and reached around and unhooked my pants then pushed me over to Angel and pulled my pants down around my knees. My cock was raging for action, so I took Angels legs and put them on my shoulders and Misty guided my cock into her pussy. As soon as I was firmly inside Angels cunt, Misty lowered her head and began sucking Angels tits while I was fucking her pussy for all it was worth
After about 10 minutes Angel had a screaming orgasm and I pulled out of her pussy, at which point Misty went down on me and finished sucking me off. Angel got dressed and walked back over to the van with us. Misty made no move to get dressed and when I asked her if she was going to. she said no. she was not ready to call it a day yet, at which point Angel reached in and turned the passenger seat of the van back to the forward facing position and Misty leaned into the side door and let Angel remove her butt plug and replace it with the largest one I had brought with me, and then shove a 12 inch dildo up her cunt.

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   Then she climbed in the passenger seat and let Angel bind her wrists behind the seat again. Angel then looked at me and said "Take her home. and don’t let her get dressed until the sun comes up in the morning. "
Misty and I drove home. and I let her wrists loose, at which point she said "lead me where you want me. and lets make the rest of the day special. " So I grabbed the lead on her collar and led her in the house. We went to the bedroom and spent the rest of the day pleasuring each other
It has been a couple months. but we still hear from Angel a couple times a week. and we are thinking it might be time to do it again soon. Only this time she is talking about maybe getting another couple involved in our antics. we will have to see what happens