An Expatriates Young Love (Chap 4)



We both slept through the night and I awoke in the morning with her still held tight to my body. I just held her, smelling her and occasionally kissing her forehead. She was stirring and I did not want her to awake alone this morning. I had no doubts that we would continue our explorations today and I was truly looking forward to it.

Thinking she was still asleep I nuzzled against her and softly, almost in a whisper, told that she was my special one and thanked for making me feel alive again. When I went on to say that I would miss her dearly when she finds her true love, she suddenly opened her eyes and scolded me.

“Popi, I do love you and I will never leave you,” She said. “You are the man this Catracha wants. ”

I knew better than to argue with her and instead turned the tables on her.

“So you were pretending to sleep and just wanted to hear an old man talk to himself,” I said. “Trying to make me think you were asleep when you should be making me breakfast. ”

Looking surprised, Anita sat up saying, “Lo siento, I’m so sorry – quieres el desayuno? I’ll get it now. ”

She started to get up but I held her tight. “Sweetie, you are my breakfast. ” I said and immediately latched my mouth on her tit.

Anita laughed and reached down to hold my already stiff cock starting to stroke it.

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   I moved, turning my body to not only bring my face to her pussy but to bring my cock near her face. As my tongue made it’s first trip along her smooth slit, I felt her cover my cock head with her mouth. We mutually pleasured each other in a slow deliberate way, but she still had a hair trigger and soon was cumming in my mouth. Once again her taste was sweet and I drank all she could give me.

After cumming several times in the last day, my own stamina was beginning to ebb. I was no young stud anymore but at least I was staying hard for her. She came several times again while I was still holding the course.

Then she pulled away and turned to look me in the eyes.

“Popi, make me a woman, please,” she said.

How could I turn down a request like that?

I knew the easiest and least painful way for her was to be on top, that way she could control my entering her the first time. I told her to squat over me and slowly sit on my cock, letting it go in her only as fast and as far as she wanted.

She did as I said and very slowly my head pressed into her, moving the walls of her pussy open. She went very slowly, at first only a half-inch but then as we approached a full inch I felt her barrier. She was very wet, her juices literally streaming down my cock. She stopped and pulled back a little bit.

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   Then she leaned down and as she kissed me she pushed down hard and I broke through her cherry as she impaled herself all the way on me.

I think she even surprised herself as she screamed into my mouth. She held still and hugged me very tightly for a few minutes but then ever so slowly she started to move her hips. It was just a few millimeters at first but she was picking up steam quickly.

Within another minute she was slamming herself up and down on my cock like a woman possessed. I still let her control everything, as I wanted this time to be hers. As she developed a rhythm I began to thrust back into her. We paced each other and once again her hair trigger sent her into orgasmic bliss long before I was ready to come.

She had already shown she could be multi-orgasmic and now she was about to find out the real joy of that ability.

As her first orgasm went through her body the second was already building, and then the third followed by the fourth and fifth. Her hips were a blur now moving on animal instinct.

For nearly 20 minutes she was growling and crying, she pleaded for more, screaming both “Madre de Dios” and “I CUUUUUUMMMMMMM” over and over. Incredibly she was even wetter now, her juices covering me and soaking into the bed linen. And still she came, like a demon possessed she rocked on my cock and now I could feel my own orgasm approaching. My own pressure was building up more than I could ever recall.

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   I pushed up into her, meeting her thrusts with my own so that out bodies slapped loudly together.

When I came she was still in the midst of her own ecstasy. I could feel my semen start deep inside and travel the full way through me before exploding deep inside Anita’s womb. Spurt after spurt boiled up out of me with powerful jets. This was the most intense orgasm I had ever had; I just hoped my heart would hold out.

We collapsed into each other, covered in sweat and panting for breath.

“So… was…. that…” I struggled to say between breaths, “what. . . you were… hoping for?

She just looked at me and nodded, then held me in tight embrace and started to cry. Needless to say I was a bit worried about this reaction – had I hurt her? Did she regret what had just happened? I didn’t know and I was truly worried. I just held her and tried to comfort her.

“Anita, are you okay?” I asked softly, “Did I hurt you?”

She just continued to cry uncontrollably, I was truly concerned now and was thinking about how to get her to the nearby town’s clinic.

Finally she started to calm down and with tears still streaming down her cheeks she sputtered out her explanation.

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“Ti amo Popi,” Yo tambian ti amo. ’’ She said.

Now it was my turn to cry as I looked down at my angel, “I love you too. I love you too”