A night you cant forget


Sarah Wisely was sitting on the front steps when she heard her phone ring. She ran to answer it and it was her boyfriend Jimmy Coner. "Hey whats up?" Jimmy asked. "Nothing really just sitting out side. . "replies Sarah. "Well my parents are out of town for awhile. . why dont you come and spend the night with me. We havent got to see each other in a week or so and we really need to make it up because I dont think I can last much longer without seeing your beautiful face Sarah. " Jimmy asked. "Jimmy, I love you. . but you know my parents wont let me stay the night unless your parents are there! And even then we dont get to even kiss or anything because they are watching us like hawks!" Sarah said. "Well tell them you are going over to lissa's im sure she will cover for you. I love you too baby and I cant handle this much longer! My parents are gone and Joey is staying the night at a friend of his till mom and dad gets home from their trip.

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   Come on Sarah what do you say? You and me. . . alone. . . here. . . for a whole night!!" said Jimmy trying to convience her to come. "Well. . okay! I'll call Lissa and see if she will cover for me which your right of course she will. I coverd for her when she spent the night with Timmy for like. .


  4 days!" said Sarah in excitement. "Alright baby, call me before you come, okay?" asked Jimmy. "Alrighty I will!! Bye Sweetie!" said Sarah hanging up the phone. "Bye" said Jimmy. Sarah thought about what might happen that night. Shes never done anything more than make out and this would be totally new to her. Sarah called Lissa and Lissa agreed to cover for her. Sarah asked her parents and they said it would be ok for her to stay the night with lissa. But little did they know their 15 year old girl was staying the night with her 16 year old boyfriend to do only god knows what. Sarah called Jimmy and told him the good news. He was happy she was actually coming and getting to spend time with her. Sarah grabbed a bag and began packing her stuff. "What to bring, what to bring. " Sarah repeated. Sarah puts her sexii cherry pajama's in the bag.

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   She lays clothes out to the side to wear. She puts other things she needs in her bag and she begins to start her shower. She walks in her bathroom and takes off her clothes and takes her a hot shower. After her shower she shaves her legs and make sures her pussy is perfectly shaved also. She slides on her sexiest thong and admires her self in the mirror. She is really proud of her 32C breast. Sarah puts on the rest of her clothes, drys her hair, says her goodbyes to her parents, and gets on her bike to ride to Jimmys house. She pulls up to Jimmys front porch where hes waiting for her. He gives her a big hug! She puts her bike behind the house so if some reason her parents drove by they wouldnt see it was hers. Jimmy takes Sarahs hands and pulls her towards him. He slowly kisses her passionately. They pull away and Jimmy stares into Sarahs gorgeous eyes. Her blonde hair was flowing with the wind. Jimmy was getting a boner just looking at her. Finally Sarah spoke up.

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   "Wanna go inside Jimmy? *giggles* We cant stay out here for ever you know!!" chuckled Sarah. "Yeah, your right. " laughed Jimmy. Jimmy led Sarah to his room and they sat on his queen size bed. Something came over Sarah that made her get up and sit on Jimmys lap faceing him so she could kiss him. Sarah and Jimmy starts to make out there. Jimmy lays Sarah down on his bed and climbs on top of her and they continue passionately kissing. Slowly, Jimmy's hand starts to make its way up Sarahs shirt. He loved the fill of her sexy stomach. She had ab's from all her activitys she does at school. His hand made its way up under her bra and he was feeling her nipples and her breast. Her nipples were hard and Jimmy was starting to want more. Jimmy pulls his hand out from under her shirt and slides his hand down her pants. Still makeing out with Sarah, Jimmy feels her wet pussy. He starts to slowly finger her and play with her clit.

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   Sarah moans softly. Jimmy stops fingering her and pulls off her shirt revealing her 32C breast with a lace bra. " Hey now! I dont wanna be the only naked one! *giggles*" said Sarah. Sarah pulls off Jimmys shirt and she looks at his abs. She loves his solid rock abs. Jimmy takes off Sarah's bra and begins to suck her nipples. Sarah pulls off Jimmys pants and he was in his briefs. Jimmy pulls off Sarahs pants also, shower her perfect ass in that thong. Sarah spreads her legs. "Eat me out Jimmy. Make me cum!" Sarah begged Jimmy. He didnt have a problem with that. He slid her thongs off showing her beautiful virgin pussy. Jimmy began to eat Sarah out. Sarah was playing with her left boob, licking it and her other hand was on her clit.

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   Jimmy licked inside her. Sarah began to moan loudly. And she was saying "OMFG JIMMY! Oh! Your so GOOD! EAT ME OUT BABY! Im cuming! OH! GOD! Jimmy PLEASE dont stop!!". Jimmy didnt stop. He got a mouth full of her cum and he loved every drop. Sarah sat up and said "drop em". Jimmy took off his briefs revealing his 8" dick. Sarah didnt waste time. She licked the head a few times then put the whole thing in her mouth. She sucked it like a pro. Sarah sucking Jimmys dick made him weak at his knees. He moaned and you could tell he was loveing every bit of it. He started to cum and before he could get the words out of his mouth a ton of cum spilled in Sarahs mouth. She loved the taste of his cum. Jimmy pushed Sarah on her back and they made out for a min or two.

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   Then Jimmy whisperd in Sarahs ear "Baby you wanna try?" he asked. "Yeah, Iv always wanted to lose my virginity to you. But please take it slow this is my first time. "she replied. "Anything you want sweetie" he answered. Jimmy slowly slid his dick in her wet pussy. He told her it would hurt and first but then it would feel so good. She cried as her hymen broke. A little trickle of blood came out. But they didnt stop. He took it slow and first. And she was enjoying it very much. But Jimmy was so hard he couldnt go slow much longer so he went faster. He let out a bunch of cum inside her. They were loveing every minute of it.

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   After a while of them having sex. . they drifted off to sleep. Sarah woke up the next morning around 11. She slipped on one of Jimmys big shirts and went in the kitchen to make them something to eat. Jimmy snuck up behind Sarah in the kitchen a put his arms around her waist and kissed her good morning. Sarah went to take a shower and of course Jimmy took one with her. They played around. Sarah left around 3:30 and she got home shortly after she left. "How'd it go? Have fun?" asked Sarahs mom. "Sure did mom! Couldnt have been better!" Sarah replied. THE END!!!.