My French Teacher - Extra Credit


Topic: My French Teachermy hot french teacher, named haley. she was about 5\'8", and 115 lbs, 24, nice waist, and 20C bra, i think. i was 14, and had a 6. 5 inch dick. not the best, but still (my name was adam).
i stayed after class and i asked her if there was any extra credit. there was. She told me if i let her suck my dick, i get 10 points extra. a win win. so i said she could (why wouldnt i). so i closed the door, and walked back to her.
i sat down on a desk, and she unzipped my fly. and it flung out. she licked the head untill it was erect. "thats bigger than i thought" i said. she took out a ruler and measured.

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   "6. 5 inches, wow" she said. she started to suck it. she started slow, and sped up a lil. while she sucked, she moved her tounge around the head and poked teh hole with it.
i had never cummed before, didnt know what it was like, didnt know i had it yet. so, 5 minutes in, seemed like hours to me, i cummed. suprized the hell out of me, let alone her. she came up, cum dripping out down her chin . she swallowed.
she stood up and started to undress. she then said, as i quote, "adam, u let me fuck u and u\'ll get another 15 points" i couldnt say no. so i helped her take off her clothes. i took off every thing in a second, and was on the floor. she stradled me and titty fucked me.

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"oh, yes" she said as she neared orgasm. "oh god, yess"
"um, i\'m about to, umm" to late, i shot cum right into her face. she yelped in pleasure, and contined for a sec. the then moved and cowboyed my dick.
"uh, yess, uh, fuck it right" she said, and orgasmed. she cummed too, and the juices spred out onto the floor.
for what seemed like hours, really half an hour, we moved to different positions. at one, she was on her desk, i was licking her pussy. i stuck my tounge deep, she yelped. i wiggled it and she laughed. a couple more positions,  but that was it.
"hope u liked it" she said.
"fuck yea i did" i answered back
"iff u ever need extra credit again, dont fret to ask" she said