The day I found out I was double jointed


The day I went to see my friend and his mom said he was in his bedroom. That was the day I found out my cok was for more than pissing.
I went up to his room and I didnt sing out or anything, as I thought he would be just playing games on his computer. When I went in he was half laying on his bed with his pants down and playing with his cock. Shit he said I was just cumming and I didnt hear you. Just as well it wasnt mom. I said what were you doing as he pulled his pants up. He said jackin myself off. Dont you do it too. I said I have never tried. He said well I have ben doing it for about a month now. i said what is it. He said dont our cock ever get hard and I said a lot but it goes away after a while. He said dont you play with it and I said sometimes but I dont do that, and he said what, and I said pull it like you were.  
Hey he said well lets see it and I will show you how, its fantastic. I said isnt it rude or something and he said you dont let your parents know you do it but i have done it every day since i found out about it.

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I was a bit concerned but also curious and said what do you do, and he said get it out and I will show you. I said I wont get into trouble will I and he said we will just listen for mom, but she usually watches a show on Tv about now so she wont bother us. I said you show me what you do. He said lets both do it and he said come on drop your pants and I can show you. He began to undo his belt and as he did I did too and we both had our pants down about the same time. As I got mine down my cock was already hard and he played with his for a minute and it was hard too. He said I have just wacked it so it takes a few minutes for the feeling to come back.  I said whats whacking it and he said you hold it like this and pull the skin up and down as far as it goes. he began to do it and I followed him. He said doesnt that feel good and I said yeh, thats nice. He said it is like fucking a girl - thats what it does inside her. I said is this mastubating and he said it has a lot of names and you will learn them from different guys because some call it different names.
He said here let me do it for you it feels better when somebody else does it to you and he put his hand around my cock and began to strop it up and down and it felt great. He said after a while you cum and that is the best feeling ever, it makes you want to do it all the time he said. I lay there and let him play with mine and I held his and played a bit with it, he said that feels great you can do it to me afterwards.

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   He had only been going a few minutes and I said stop, stop it feels all funny and he said no keep going you are going to cum and after a few more pulls on me I had this amazing feeling and went all strange in my stomach and my knees went all weak and I thought I was going to collapse the feeling in my cock was absolutely amazing. I was out of breath and he stopped then and said wasnt that fantastic and I said shit I have never felt like that before and he said thats what happens when you cum.  My cock went soft and he said ok you do it to me now and I held him like he held me and began to stroke his cock for him. It felt great holding it and playing with it and after a few minutes he said I am cumming again now, god this is great and he went like me all strange. There he said you have had your first orgasm and from now on you can do it yourself. By now I was feeling good again and I started to do it again. This time I did it myself until I came and I found that when it was really at the best feeling my arm went all funny and I could hardly do it, my whole body was like having a spasm. There he said now thats two, I wa slike you and my cousin did it to me the first time and now I do it about four times in a day which is my best. We will have to see how often we can do it in a day, one day.  
He said when we get to puberty we start ejaculating stuff which spurts out like when we cum. I cant wait to do that he said. I said why does that happen and he said thats how you get girls pregnant, you put it inside them and that makes the baby. I said I have seen photos of blokes with their cocks in girls cunts and he said thats it, they are fucking and that makes babies. It doesnt happen every time but thats how it happens - I know.   
For the next couple of weeks I jacked myself off at least 3 or 4 times a day it was fantastic and we did it together a lot too.

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   One day I actually put his cock in my mouth as I had seen a picture of a girl doing it to a man and when I asked him about it he said would I do it to him and I made him cum like that too. He said he didnt realise you could cum doing it like that as well and then I asked him to do it to me and he was a bit reluctant but I said I did it to him. He was a bit hesitent but then did it to me, and after that we did it together with our mouth each time rather than our fingers. We worked out we could do it to each other at the same time and that was fantastic.
Now we are wankers which we heard is another name for guys who do it to themselves.