The Family Picnic 2: The waking dream


 After a night went from a snore-fest from one of my fondest memories, I thought I slept pretty good that night. Having decided to take a risk I slept in the trailer with Paige that night. But before anything could really happen I snuck off to the side and called my brother Eric. Filling him in on most details, leaving out what I knew would freak out my brother, and how Amy just put the gun to my head(so to speak). After listening and having to tell him more then I wanted to (For my brother, he wanted to know about my losing of my virginity then I thought he would, but to be fair he did tell me about him and his first sex affair). I managed to convince him to come back and help keep Lucifer, (AKA Amy) in check and possibly help me out of this mess (or organize it a bit). He agreed on a few conditions, first was to actually meet Paige, since he actually left before really talking to them. Second was that the next time Amy tried to pull him down, I’d have to pull him out. His Third (and pointless) was not to tell Mom and Dad (DUH!). With all said and done I helped douse the campfire and went the trailer. Paige’s mom and dad decided to sleep in the same bed, while her older sister took the couch in the house, leaving me in practically a closet with Paige and two mats. We BSed for most of the night, had a few quiet fondles, and small chats about our lives. By 1:30 we decided to go to sleep, though I must have stayed up for 2 hours (Well, more like 15 minutes) recapping the last few hours and what I could do. For the most part I was almost home free, all I had to do was stay long enough to chat before Eric showed up, then we could counter plot. As soon as I closed my eyes, Paige woke me up saying it was already 10 o’clock. Pushing her off me, I had a head and I wasn’t sure why.

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   Yesterday seemed like a foggy dream now. After a few moments the fog started to lift, but not before I was already down the hall, I stopped mid stride, and with the most peculiar timing, Paige’s sister Chelsea walked around the corner in a towel. Now I had seen Chelsea before (Briefly) but now, I was shocked. She had the same features as Paige, only slightly taller and more mature, and If her towel was any shorter I’d have been seeing her pussy. With a small yip and a jump she ran back into the bathroom and slammed the door. Blinking a few times to be sure I didn’t see a phantom or was still dreaming, I felt a pinch on my bottom, with a slight jump. I turned to see Paige smiling, almost teasingly with a similar grin on her face as my sister had had, “If I catch you perverting on my sister again, we are through!” Hearing a bit of sarcasm, I would have believed her if not for the chuckle and her walking past me into the bathroom with a bundle of clothes, “Oh yeah, Iowa boy, I get shower next!” I was in disbelief, she was treating me like we had been together for months, when we hadn’t even known each other for a day. Shaking my head I walked over to my car to retrieve my spare clothes (I usually keep a set incase I have a long drive or just need them) And turning around to see my sister behind me, “What do you want bitch?” I said, a bit harsh, but it matched my head ache. She turned from perky to a slightly harsher mood , “Well if you want everyone to know about you and Paige, keep pushing me,” She seemed ready to go talk with the group over by the tables right now, “I was gonna cut you a deal, but after that comment, I think I’m gonna have a little fun with you first. ” Growling to my self I slammed the car door and walked to the house, saying a quick “Hi” to Peg and telling her I’m using the shower. After a nice 15 minute shower, I slapped on some deodorant an brushed my hair, I may have liked Paige a lot, but I wasn’t about to leave this place looking any nicer then I came. By the time I was outside again, I spotted Paige with a bunch of my cousins, helping them feed the horses. Getting hauled into chores with my uncles I didn’t time to say good morning. In about 15 minutes my brother showed up, alone thankfully. He had grin on his face that reminded of me of other times I had fucked up and let my sister find out, most of them I got away with by the skin of my teeth.


   “So, which ones Paige?” He asked, not even bothering with a hello. Sighing I pointed over to her, she was standing by her sister and they did look alike from this distance, “The smaller one, her sister Chelsea is the tall one. ” If I knew my brother, he’d end up hitting on Chelsea before all is said and done. Laughing he led me over to the van. “Well, we need to get away from Amy, and I don’t wanna become a middle man so why don’t we run the girls into town and show them around, we may not live here but we spend enough time in the area to give a tour. ” He said, we often double dated in Austin, since we already knew a bunch of people here anyway. Shrugging “Maybe later, I promised Peg to give the kids some more rides today. ” I said, stalling for time. “Can’t you just take Amy to town, I’d rather have some one keep an eye on her, she sometimes let evidence slip for the fun of it. ” Eric looked at me and sighed, “Well, lets at least say high to them, they are starting to stare at us,” He walked over to where the girls where standing, I followed close behind, yet still kinda shocked. He acted as if he had down this before, and it bothered me how cool he was with it. I may look up to my brother, but he can get a bit odd at times. Grabbing some food I introduced Paige and Chelsea to Eric, though he seemed to make it seem a bit bigger deal then a handshake. Immediately started hitting on Chelsea, complimenting her hair and eyes, and did all the gentlemen stuff, she barely had to breathe he did so much to comfort her, she didn’t hesitate abusing the privilege. Making small chat with Paige I filled her in on “our” plan, not really sure it would work, but assured her that Eric would help.

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   After a while Paige ran to the bathroom and Eric and Chelsea went off to the stable to chat in private. I jumped in a conversation with the guys, and eventually got into a one-on-one with her dad. He liked me, but I got the feeling he knew a bit about what happened yesterday, but he was judging the lake as a puddle. Turns out after in a few weeks he’s going out to New Mexico to visit his brother, and needs someone to help care for the horses with Paige. Bluntly he asked me since he knew I got along with his daughter and knew my way around horses. I agreed to it with a small some of money, he insisted on paying. I figured I would just give it back to Paige or buy a necklace for her. By the time I got up to get another pop the conversation had switched from current events to cars, and I could have gave a damn. Paige jumped me at the cooler, demanding to know what my dad said word for word. Giving a slight summary I walked over to the barn as a small group of kids was developing and I knew it couldn’t be good. Looking into the barn a few kids where trying to wrestle Eric to the ground, to no avail, and Chelsea was laughing her but off, and the more I looked at her, I thought her top was a bit more crooked then it should have been. Shrugging I walked pass an old shed still talking with Paige. It was on the edge of my aunts property but it was out of earshot and over a hill. The kids wouldn’t come out here if unless they thought something was gunna bleed. Stepping into the shed I turned around and wrapped my arms around Paige.

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   I hoped the adults would think we where at the barn and not look for us. Kissing her as my hands started to groped her ass. After a short while she leaned back and took off her top, revealing a black lace bra, it held her breasts together and almost looked a sexy as she did when she wasn’t wearing it. Unzipping my pants I pulled them down at about the same time as she undid her bra. Her tits where better then I remembered them, but I wasted no time grabbing them and sucking on them. She moaned softly, undoing her own pants while leaning against the shed wall. When I stepped back I stood and stared at her, just in her panties, she looked like a goddess, though she didn’t give me much time to admire, quickly yanking down my boxers, she started to stroke my dick and proceeded to suck on it. Groaning I pulled off my shirt and put my hands on her head, giving her unneeded guidance. Out of the background I heard a stereo suddenly fire up and start blasting oldies, like god himself was endorsing our lust. Giving a loud grunt I blew my load into her throat, she pulled out in shock and got a good portion of it on her face as it shot out in streams. Wiping off her face with her shirt, she stood up and pulled off her panties, revealing her beautiful pussy. Hopping up on a bench she spread her legs for me to feast, “Dinners ready, hope you like it…” She said as she motioned me in, she didn’t have to tell me twice. Diving into he pussy I wasted little time teasing it, though took it at a pace I knew would keep her feeling good till my dick was brought into play again. She held onto my head as I gave her the full works, not sparing anything. It didn’t seem like long before she came into my mouth.

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   Tanking a short breather, she hopped down from the bench and kissed me on the lips. “They do teach you well in Iowa,” She said as she got down on her hands and knees in front of me, catching on quickly I got behind her and grabbed her hips, and slowly rocked my cock into her. She moaned with every thrust, and was eventually breathing out of control as I rammed into her. She came before me, but not by much. After I filled her with my cum I pulled out, surpassingly still ready to go. She rolled over and looked at me almost pouting. “Why did you stop?” She asked. Spreading her legs, she spread he pussy lips and grabbed my cock. Compiling I stuck my cock into her and fucked her hard as I dared, she screamed with pleasure with every thrust, I watched fascinated as her breasts bounced. This time I came first as she squeezed my cock with her lips, and she through her head back as her 3rd orgasm shook her body. Looking at my watch I realized it was late. “Come on, I think we are going to a movie, so if you would put your clothes back on…. ” I said, standing up and fishing our stuff out. She stoop up and grabbed her my boxers and through them on, “er, those are mine…”I said, dumbfounded, she just smiled. Pulling my pants on, I guessed I had to go commando.

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