The Night He Showed Me Everything (Chapter 2)


" Wow Amanda you are so amazing" He said as he lifted his hand out of my pants and began kissing me passionately. I rubbed his face as I felt his hard cock through his pants. " MM your big aren't you?" I said as I rubbed my leg back and forth across his rod. I pushed him off me as I pulled my top down and pulled my thong up. " I guess Ill have to find out later" I said as I stood up and pulled my jeans back on and started walking to the car. "Wait!" he yelled as he came running behind me. "Don't go off without me. " And with that he grabbed me and held me close as he kissed me passionately on the lips and grabbed my ass. "Lets go to the movie" he said as he grabbed my hand and we walked to his car again. He opened the door like he did the last time and waited for me to get in. I could still see his throbbing cock through his jeans. Man he looked huge. Once he got into the car I couldn't resist the huge bulge in his dark jeans. I just wanted to whip it out and suck it but I knew I had to control my self so I slowly leaned over and began rubbing his cock through his jeans as he kind of froze. "You want me to rub it don't you?" I said as I began to rub harder. "mm Yea baby I do" he said as he leaned back.

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   I began to kiss his neck and worked my way up to his ear. "Lets wait till the movie. " I said as I broke away with a little tug on his ear. " DAMN Amanda you are something else" He said as he started the car and began rubbing my thigh. His strong muscular ruff yet soft hands were so big that it engulfed my thigh just like his body engulfed mine. We pulled out of the parking lot and drove to the movies just talking and laughing. At every red light stopping and kissing and then driving off again. We got to the movies just in time to start. Matt paid for my ticket and his as we went into the theater to see " Honey". I told him I didn't want anything to eat and thought it was best to just go see the movie since it was about to start. He opened the door for me and it was already dark and not to crowed either which was perfect. I walked in and look back at him as he followed close behind. I looked back at him and asked him where he wanted to sit?"Here in the back. " he said as he grabbed my hand and led me to the two seater. He held my arm up as he let me go in to sit by the wall.

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   "Now here's a nice seat huh baby?" He asked as he grabbed me and pulled me close. What's so great about these seats is the middle arm rest comes up so you can really cuddle. Matt pulled my face up to look at him as he slowly began to work his strong muscular velvet hands down my body and began rubbing my ass. "Its so cute. " he said as he grabbed it and smacked it a little, looking into my hazel eyes. He leaned down to kiss me and I felt butterflies start going in my stomach. He made me feel so good and beautiful. Nothing like how other guys did. I kissed him back strong and passionately. I then began to rub my hands up his shirt feeling his six pack and firm chest. God was his body sexy. His arms so firm and strong and tan. I began to rub on his lower stomach as we kissed even stronger. He began to run his fingers across my neckline and down across my tits feeling my erect nipples from the cold of the theater. "I have wanted you for so long Amanda.


  " he whispered softly as he looked my in the eyes and then down at my pushed up tits. He looked back up at me and smiled and I smiled back. He then reached down and slide his hand up my shirt and looked around to see that no one was watching. He began to rub and caress my tits as it sent my juices raging in between my legs. "Mm you have such nice tits Amanda" He said as he looked down again into my shirt and watched himself play with my tits and then looked at me again. I brought his face to mine and began to kiss him again and I slowly pulled his hand out of my shirt and back to my ass. "Now its time I repay you. " I said as I began to rub his cock through his jeans once again. "I need to see how big your cock is. " I then looked at him and began undoing his pants. I smiled and then looked down to make sure i got everything unbuckled. "I love giving hand jobs but he doesn't know that. " I thought to myself as I reached in his boxers and pulled out his at least 9inch cock that was dripping with precum. "Oh my God, mmm oh I just want to suck it. " I said as I began stroking it up and down hard and slow.

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   "Mmm oh my god I love it. " I said as I looked up at him. "Put your leg up so no one can see" I said as I began to rub the precum all around the head. "Ohhh baby" He whispered out as he lifted is leg onto the seat in front of him and closed his eyes. I'm So Tired that I cant finish the rest and I wont be back for a couple days and I want this to be out so I can get comments. Thanks for all the other ones. I hope this has improved. And spelled correctly. hahaThanksManda.