Love Long Lost


A Love Long Lost

“Would you like to come out to Vegas?” Scrolled across my messenger.

“ I would love to. Just tell me when and I’ll be there. ” I said

We set up a date and time and I was on a plane to Vegas. Let me take this time to tell you about myself. My name is Lydia and at this time I had just graduated high school so I was 18 years old. I had met Nick online through a friend-networking site. I was entering the Air Force and that is how I found Nick. I am about five foot three inches, short brown hair, brown eyes and 135 pounds. Nick and I had been chatting back and forth for some time now and he invited me to Nellis AFB for the Air Force Ball.

I got to the local airport and couldn’t wait to get on the plane. I was so jittery through security it’s a wonder they did not pull me out of the line in suspicion that I might be a local terrorist. The flight to Chicago’s ORD was swift, however the wait for my next fight took forever.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are still waiting for our pilots to come from Washington. ” The flight attendant announced over the intercom.
I rolled my eyes.

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   Could we just get this show on the road please?

“Ladies and Gentlemen, our pilots have just landed and we will be on our way shortly. ” The flight attendant announced after two hours of sitting on a plane.
My trip was not off to a good start. We soon got into the air and three hours later we started our decent and I could see all the lights of the Vegas strip ahead.

“We finally landed. ” I said to Nick over the phone.

“Okay. ” He squeaked as he hung up the phone.

I got on the train and headed to baggage claim. What would he feel like? What would he smell like? Were only a few of the questions flying through my mind. I finally made it to the escaladers that led to baggage claim. I took a deep breath, the moment I have been waiting for, and stepped onto the stairs.

As I road down the escalator, a uniform appeared in my sight. There he stood. Everything I had ever imagined, tall, dark hair and blue eyes.

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   I ran right to his arms. His smell was over whelming. It was a sweet smell, something I had never smelt before. His touch was warm and embracing. I knew this was love.

“Well hello there. ” He said as I gazed up into his warm blue eyes.
“Hi. ” I replied and leaned in for a kiss. To my surprise he kissed back.
“Your bags are going to come out over here. ” He said with a smile

Just for a second we looked deep into each other and all that we could do was smile.

While waiting for my bags, Nick stood behind me with his arms wrapped around me. The warmth of his body was radiating through me. Warming me from head to toe.

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   All of a sudden Nick bent down and raspberries my neck. All I wanted to do was laugh and close in closer to his grasp, which is what I did. I didn’t need to look, but I knew he was beaming from ear to ear.

We left the hustle and bustle of the airport and walked out to the car. The lights of the Las Vegas strip sparkled like a diamond and I was in love. Not just with the strip and the magic of Las Vegas, but with Nick.

The ride to base was quiet, as I could not tear my head away from all of the lights. It had been about 11pm when we arrived at the gate. I was so tiered because 11pm in Nevada translated to 2am back home. I was whopped, yet never wanted to go to sleep.
Nick parked the car, took my head in his hands and gave me the best kiss I had ever had. Warm, loving, caring and real. I thought to myself, I should see what I could do, but he beat me to it. I soon felt his tongue pierce my lips. I took a deep breath of ecstasy.

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   I could not believe what was going on. Nick broke the kiss,

“Let’s get your bags upstairs. ” He said staring into my eyes. I knew this would be the best week of my life.

We got upstairs and got my bags unpacked and I got settled in.
“How was your trip?” Nick asked
“Oh, the normal air travel. Slow, congested and bad food. ” I responded
“Lydia,” He said in such a soft sweet voice all I could do was take a deep breath and stare into his warming eyes.
“Yes. ” I responded.
He took my hands and looked right into my heart.
“ I love you. ”
“ I love you too. ” I said in the softest whisper my voice box could manage

Our lips met and we stood in the middle of the room arms wrapped around each other and tongues exploring each other’s mouths. His hands found my hips and he lifted me up and carried me to the bed.

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   Nick turned at looked at the clock and noticed that it was 2am and tolled me it was time for bed. He had worked a 12 hour shift that day and if we were to have a good time the next day, we had to get to bed.

Reluctantly we changed into our pj’s and did our nightly rituals. We climbed into a twin bed, which was a tight yet perfect fit. Nicks warm arms wrapped around my waste and he pulled me close, but not so close I could feel his raging erection. Nick kissed down my neck and nibbled on my ear a bit and slowly slid into slumber. But just before he slid off, I turned to him, kissed his for head and say

“Honestly my dear, I truly love you. ”