a gymnasts first time (part 6)


i woke up in the morning to my alarm going off. shit, i thought. i had to get up. it was the big competition that day. i rolled over and turned the alarm off. i felt Jess's hand still on my pussy. "hey wake up" i said lightly kissing her. "mmmmm. five more minutes. ""no. up now. we have the comp today. ew're gonna be late. ""oh shit!" she said jumping from the bed and heading for the shower. i stood up and stretch my arms above my head. i had to concentrate on gymnastics today.

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   nothing else. but somehow i couldnt. all i could think about was the wild night jess and i had and jason's big cock fucking me. after jess had a shower i had one and we helped each other get read for the comp. we met the rest of our team downstairs in the lobby of the hotel and headed for the bus that would take us to the competition. i was so nervous all the way there. i was stressed. i didnt want to mes up. whn we got there everyone headed inside to warm up but i slipped off and headed for the bathroom. i walked into a stall and locked the door. i slid out of my warm up suit and took off my leotard. i hung them on the back of the door before putting the lid down on the toilet and taking a seat. i propped my feet up on the walls of the stall and eaned back against the wall. i ran my hand down over my breasts and across my toned stomach before reaching the top of my pussy. i played wth the outside of my pussy teasing the lips ever so softly.

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   then i began to circle my clit with my finger. i rocked my hips into my hand and ran my fingers ino my pussy. i fingered myself for a good ten minutes before and orgasm rocked my body and cum came dripping out over my hand. i leaned myself up and put my leotard and warmup suit back on before slipping bak out of the bathroom and runnign in to meet my team and began warming up. the competion went great. my team tok away first place overall with at least one of us coming top three in each eliment. i took out first in beam an bars and jason seemed very pleased with me. that night we went back to the hotel and went to our rooms to have showers ad get changed for our victory dinner. jess and i walked into our room and got undressed. "man today was amazing!" jess exclaimed. "yeah i reckon. ""hey where did you disappear to when we first got there?""uuuhhh. . i had to take care f something""you went and got off in the bathroom didnt you?""what? how'd you know. ""duh, ive done it too.

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  " she laughed. "so do you think you'll go 'celebrate' with jason tonight?""i hope so. " i gave her an evil grin. "what?" i walked owards her and pushed her against the wall kissing her deeply. i worked my lips down her neck and to her nipples. i sucked on the nice and hard, just the way she liked it, then i worked all the way down to her pussy. she opened her legs up so i could get my head under head and suck on her clit. i sucked harder and harder until she pushed me away. she looked down at me. "not yet. "we got up and went for a shower before getting dressed and heading down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. i was wearing a short, tight black skirt and a tight blue tank top with sequins on the straps and well as black pump heels. i left my hair out because i knew thats how jason liked it. we sat through most of dinner like normal until jason said,"well if you'll excuse me i need to go take care of some business. by the way han you're parents asked you to call so you better godo taht now.

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  " he winked at me and imediately i knew my parents hadnt called. "oh. yeah ill go right now. " i said getting up from the table. jeason and i walked out of the restaurant and into the elevator. "you did great today. ""thanks. " "seeing you in that leotard made me want you so bad. " i turned to face him. "well now im all yours. "
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