After the game


Charles Collins opened the note with a trembling hand. "I'll seeyou after the game", it said. "Don't get changed. " The note wasn'tsigned, but he knew exactly who it was from, for he had repeatedlyasked his friend Peter to go up to the barn with him after rugby. To-day, at last, Peter had agreed, and Charles knew that the moment hehad longed for was close. The game seemed endless; at half-time, Charles would gladly havewalked off the pitch, even though the score was level and his chancesof selection for Saturday's match hung on the outcome. His mind waselsewhere, however, and more than once his captain had shouted to him"Charlie! Wake up!" as his eyes had wandered to the touch-line insearch of his friend. Every scrum seemed to bring temptation - a wan-dering hand, the faint smell of youthful bodies. But Charles knew thathe must wait, patiently, and that it would be worth it. At last, the whistle blew. "Don't change" the note had said - sohe stayed in his rugby kit and headed off for the pavilion. Therestood Peter, a little away from the others, and as soon as he decentlycould, Charles left the team and headed in Peter's direction. "Comeon, Charlie", he said, "We have to be back by five, and it's half-pastthree now. " So the two of them set off for the Barn - an isolatedbuilding on the school farm, unused nowadays except by lovers andsometimes by those seeking a quiet place for a cigarette. It was ten minutes walk from big field, and Charles and Peterwalked fast. As they got out of sight, Peter put his arm roundCharles' waist, and as they rounded the corner of a field, theystopped and Peter pulled Charles to him.

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   They kissed - a long, pas-sionate kiss which expressed all the unsaid things which they had feltfor the three months during which they had shared a study. As Peter'stongue explored Charles' mouth, their eyes met and their young bodiespressed hungrily together. "Come on, then" said Charles, pulling awayand grabbing his friend's hand. They ran to the barn, and hurried inside. All was quiet, and in notime at all Peter was on his knees in front of Charles. His handsstroked Charles' bare legs, slid up inside Charles' shorts and fondledhis thighs. Quickly he unbuttoned Charles' shorts and slid them down,and he kissed the front of his friend's jockstrap, running his tongueall round and through Charles' sparse pubic hair. With both hands hepulled the jockstrap down, and exposed Charles' stiff penis: Charlestook off his rugger jersey and stood nearly naked, blond and godlikein his muscular nudity. Off came the boots, socks and the rest, andPeter's lips closed round the erect prick. Charles felt that he couldhave popped there and then, but he knew that he must restrain himself,and after a minute or two he withdrew from Peter's mouth, bent downand eased Peter to his feet. Embracing him, he whispered "Now you undress", and slipped hishands down the back of his friend's trousers, grasping the firm but-tocks. Peter quickly released his belt and unzipped his flies, and asCharles knelt down, his friend's trousers slid down to his ankles, andwith them his pants. Peter's cock was, if anything, harder thanCharles', and Charles took it eagerly in his mouth. Peter quicklystripped off the rest of his clothes and stood proudly nude as Charlessucked him. After a minute or two, Charles came up for air - "Lets liedown" he said, and they lay on the hay which remained on the floor ofthe barn.

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   It was quite cool that afternoon, but the two fifteen-yearolds did not notice. They were quite hot!Each took his friend's cock in his mouth, and played with hisballs. Neither of them had sucked a boy before - their sexual experi-ence was limited to wanking and mutual exploration after dark in thedormitory - but both took to it at once, and both boys' cocks disap-peared into their mouths with regular thrusts. Peter began to grunt,and Charles knew that he was about to come; Charles felt the sap ris-ing too, and their thrusts synchronised. Suddenly, with an enormoussense of delight, Charles felt the spunk shooting up his cock. He dugit deep into his friend's mouth and shot, just as Peter was shootinghis load too. Both boys enjoyed a mouthful of cum, and both enjoyed afantastic sensation of satisfaction as they pumped the spunk into eachother. When it was all over, they rested for ten minutes, and thenCharles said "Well, was it what you expected?" "Better," replied Pe-ter. "I know we must go back, but we must come here again - or can wedo it in the study, now we know what we really like?" "I'll do it any-where, with you," said Charles.