The Magic Wand


My husband and I have a bit of a gambling problem. . . . . We will bet with each other for sex favors on anything and everything. This time it was on what time the paper would be delivered Sunday morning. Well guess what he got lucky (this time) and I lost the bet! He had made the comment that when he won he had something very exciting planned! This made me a little nervous but not as much as it excited me. . . . After almost a week of teasing me about the bet, I followed him into the shower and convinced him to tell me what he had planned.
In a couple weeks some of his friends would be riding through to meet up with him. Staying the night here and then they would all continue on to a bike rally. While they were here I was to put on a naughty show for them. The show was me playing with myself.

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   The rules were that I was to use every sex toy in our toy box, and bring myself to climax as many times as possible. It was to be completely solo, the only hands allowed on me were my own. I had never done anything like this before, I was going to be on stage for 6 horny men (at least I don't think any one else had seen before).
This is the way he wanted it to play out. . . After their arrival, drinks, dinner, and while they were all catching up I would slip away so I could get ready for my debut. I was to be wearing nothing but a smile, laying on our pool table. with all my toys and ready to give the show of a lifetime. When I went to our toy box to gather my toys I hadn't realized how manywe had accumulated . . there was 2 rubber dildos (a 7 inch, and a 9 inch with a suction cup), anal beads, and 2 anal vibrators, a G-spot vibrator, plus 4 other vibrators of various sizes, multiple textured sleeves, some different bottles of oils, flavored lotions,. The only toys that I didn't get were the ones that are for him or the ones he uses on me like my handcuffs, blindfold etc. Once I was done gathering my toys, I started taking off my clothes and didn't realize how wet I was until I took my panties off,I guess I was looking forward to this more than I had thought, yet all I could think about was how nervous I was. After what seemed like forever, they finally made their way into our rec room where I was waiting.

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   The smile on my husbands face and the look on the other guys faces told me that this was something that they did not expect. I told them all to refresh their drinks, take a seat and enjoy themselves.
I didn't think I would make it to this point, but here I am with six horny guys around me. I picked up my G-spot vibrator laid back spread my legs, and closed my eyes. As soon as the vibrator touched my pussy it was like a magic wand! I was no longer nervous, and was enjoying myself and had one of the quickest and most intense orgasms I had ever given myself. When I opened my eyes again, all six guy did not have pants on and all with hard cocks in hand. Now I was really ready to start the show. . . The next toy was my 7 inch rubber dildo, I dipped it in one of the flavored lotions and began sucking on it (I love sucking cock) and from the expressions on their faces you would think that I was sucking on each of their cocks. I then picked up the 9 inch dipped it in lotion, and began to suck on it while I slipped the 7 inch into my wet pussy. Now I know how they felt because I had a cock in my mouth and in my pussy. I felt the beginning of my next orgasm, I took the 7 inch out and inserted the 9 inch deep into my pussy, and started to lick my cum off the 7 inch, I began cumming so hard that I felt it running down my ass. After using each toy and cumming in more ways and times I thought was possible it was time for the grand finale. .

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  . I got on my hands and knees with my ass towards the guys and proceeded to insert my anal beads, and motioned my husband to come over to me. I told him when I tell you to and not before to pull the anal beads out. I began to play with my pussy, I was alternating between stroking and fingering myself when I felt the next orgasm coming on, I kept telling him not yet, not yet I began tingle and my ass was tightening up just then my orgasm was over taking me and I told him now! The feeling of each bead being pulled from my ass combined with the waves of the orgasm was more than I could take, I pretty much collapsed right there. With my husband still standing there stroking his cock he then came close to me and shot his load all over my face. I told him that was against the rules, and now you owe me. . . he just smiled and said that he couldn't wait!
The next morning as the guys were loading there bikes, I gave them a little grin and suggested that they should come by for dinner after the rally . . . . . . .

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  I thought I heard someone say that they may not stay for the entire rally. I gave my husband a kiss and sent them on their way. I think I will stat rehearsing for the next dinner party. . . . . . . . .