A Babysitter's Fantasy


Grabbing a hold of both her wrists, I wrap her shirt around them once and tie it in a knot, then I take the rest and tie it around one of the bars on the headboard, her cries getting louder now, but I ignore them as I stand back up next to the bed looking at her restrained, practically naked body. Walking back out of the room, I go downstairs to the kitchen where I go into the backpack that I brought and pull out a digital camera and digital memory card, sliding the card into the camera; I turn it on and wait as it tells me how many pictures I have left. Going back into the bag once more, I grab two lengths of rope and stuff them into my pocket then head back up to the bedroom. Going back up to her bedroom, she's still crying, I raise the camera up and snap off the first few pictures from different angles and focusing on different parts of her body. I start off with a shot of the entire bed, showing how she is restrained, I then focus on her crying face, snapping off a few pictures to digitize the fear in her eyes. Then her panties, there wet, she's obviously pee'd herself in fear, I snap off numerous pictures of this as I find it incredibly erotic. Placing the camera down on the bedside table, I walk back to the foot of the bed, crawling up on my knees at her feet, I straddle her legs and reach for her panties, pulling them down to were here pants are, then turning around, I pull them both clear off her legs. Tossing them on the floor, I reach for the ropes in my pocket, tying a slip knot in the end of one; I put one of her legs through it, and then pull it tight around her ankle, repeating the process with the other. With the ropes in hand, I climb off the foot of the bed, and pull one piece of rope over each end of the bed, then loop them under it, puling them tight before tying them together. Coming back up I see that my plan has had the desired effect, and she is tied down to the bed, spread eagled and exposed. Walking back over to the bedside table, I pick up the camera and begin taking more pictures, another of the entire bed to show how venerable she is, one looking down from the top of the bed at her legs to see them spread wide open, and then a few from between her legs up at her hairless virgin slit. Placing the camera down temporarily on the bed, I strip off all my clothing and toss it beside the door, before picking up the camera again and climbing up on the bed between her legs. Reaching down I ran a finger up and down her little slit, still wet with pee. Taking two fingers I spread her little labia apart snap off more pictures of her little pussy for later enjoyment, taking my pinkie finger, I probe at her little hole, penetrating her as she moves her hips back and forth, trying to get away from my hand. Pushing harder with my finger, I got it in up to the second knuckle, she screamed at the unwanted intruder, but her cries fell on deaf ears as I continued to take pictures. Pulling out my finger, I slid back a bit and laid down between her legs, her little quim right in front of my face, sticking out my tongue I flicked it across her crotch, I had no idea if they would turn out but I held out the camera to the side anyways and snapped off a few pictures hoping that I had the camera centered properly.

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   I could still taste the pee on her and even though it wasn't something I had explored before, I found the tangy taste of her urine an incredible turn on and could feel myself getting hard against the end of the bed. Placing the camera down on the bed, I placed my hands on her waist to hold her still as I continued to lick her pussy, using my tongue to flick across her little clitoris and to even penetrate her little pussy. But I didn't stay long at that task as I had other plans for it and only a limited amount of time. Climbing out from between her legs, I picked up the camera and walked around to the side of the bed up near her head. Climbing up on my knees again, I moved across near her face, and took my rock hard shaft and placed it near her mouth. Even though she turned her head away from it, I let it lie on her cheek as I took a few more pictures of this scene, before I took my left hand and grabbed her by the chin and turned her towards my cock, taking a few more pictures as she held her mouth shut and tried to turn away again. Using my hand I moved it around to squeeze her cheeks, forcing her to open her mouth, and at that moment, I slid my hard cock into her mouth as far in as I could, although it only was a few inches of my 7" cock, it was still incredibly hot and I had to fight to keep from blowing my load just yet. Just as I was about to remove my hand and take some more pictures of her first blowjob, I felt her close her mouth on my cock and bite, screaming out in pain, my hand came down hard across her cheek with a loud slap, causing her to let out a muffled scream around my cock as I shoved it as far into her mouth as I could. Fucking her mouth for a few moments, I felt the cum begin to boil deep within my balls, and shoving it as deep as possible, I let the first rope of thick, hot cum spray into her mouth, before pulling out and letting the remaining ropes of cum splatter on her face, and moving down to spray some across her flat chest and little nipples. I snapped a few more pictures as she gagged on the thick load that I had left in her mouth, plugging her nose I forced her to swallow her first taste of cum. Standing back up at the side of the bed, I took a few more pictures of her cum covered upper body and face, before placing the camera down on the table while I made another trip out of the room. This time I walked into the bathroom, and opened up the medicine cabinet, seeing immediately what I had come looking for. Grabbing the large bottle of baby oil I closed the medicine cabinet and grabbed a towel as I walked back into the bedroom. Popping open the bottle of baby oil, I squirted a bit on my hand and then reached down and rubbed it all over my semi-erect cock, watching as it grew back to its full size. As I was about to put more on my hand, I noticed her urine soaked panties on the floor, bending over I picked them up and held them to my nose, inhaling the scent, I then picked up my pants and slid the panties into the pocket so that I wouldn't forget them when I left, and then dropped them back on the floor and turned towards the bed.

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  Climbing back up on the bed between her legs, I took the towel I had grabbed and spread it out just beneath her pussy, then I took the bottle of baby oil, I popped the cap and turned it upside down, and proceeded to spray a large amount over her pussy making sure to get it all over her pussy. Capping the bottle back up I tossed it onto the floor, and squirmed my way back up the bed until my cock touched her pussy. Reaching over to the table I grabbed my camera and snapped off a few more pictures of my hard cock lying against her little hole, I knew what I was going to do next. Taking my cock in hand, I began to apply pressure with my cock against her pussy, I watched as slowly her little labia spread apart and my cock forced its way into her little love tunnel. She screamed out in pain as her pussy stretched apart against its intruder, suddenly, the head of my cock slipped in past the entrance of her hole, I could feel the velvety tightness of her little kiddie cunt. Stopping for a moment to regain control to avoid blowing my load prematurely, I took the time to snap off some more pictures of my cock head in her hole and the expression of extreme pain on her face. I began to push my cock further into her pussy, with only an inch of cock into her pussy, I could feel my cock hit up against a rubbery wall of resistance, which I assumed only to be her hymen. I had passed the point of no return long ago and no amount of screaming, or little piece of flesh was going to stop me now, so I pulled out slightly, and then shoved as hard as I could and broke through her hymen, signalled by a loud scream coming from her. I looked down and could see that with her pussy completely filled, I had only about half of my cock buried in her, so I began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy, feeling the walls of her cunt trying to force my cock out with each stroke. It didn't take me long before I felt my second orgasm building, and before I knew it I could feel my cock expand as it blasted its load deep inside of her pussy, rope after rope sprayed out of the end of my cock inside her, there was so much that it didn't take long before cum started leaking out around my cock and down to her ass, before dripping onto the towel which had been laid down for this purpose and also for when I had sprayed the baby oil onto her cunt. Grabbing my camera I snapped off more pictures of her cum dripping pussy wrapped around my cock, then pulling my cock out of her pussy, I snapped off a few more pictures of the cum mixed with a little bit of blood dripping from her pussy. But alas I am forced to live with this as just a fantasy, never would I truly feel what it would be like to have her little cunt wrapped around my big cock, all I can do is write stories like this one about what I'd like to do to her during the time that I'm left alone with her while I baby sit for her parents. I could never in real life pull something off like this. The End. .


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