Sex-Ed in a Small Town Pt 2


Sex-Ed in a Small Town: Part 2 The After School Class:      In the days that followed after Tracy and Susan let me know that their periods didn’t start, I had them find some boyfriends to have unprotected sex with, so that no one would think about what really was going on.   I soon had several young girls asking me if they could come in after school to learn all about their periods and bodies.
     Sherry a young sophomore came in and said that she knew that I could help her with her problem.   I asked just what her problem was.   Sherry is just fifteen-years-old and lives with her dad, since her mother left them when she was still just a young girl.   Sherry had to learn on her own what periods were and how to take care of herself.      Sherry wasn’t the only one to come to me with the same questions on how to properly take care of themselves sanitarily during their periods so I decided to bring them all together for a special class after school.
     Sherry arrived first wearing a small halter-top and mini skirt.   I looked her over and told her to pick a seat, as there would be more students coming in for the class.   Sherry sat in the seat right in front of my desk and let her legs fall open showing me her white panty covered Pussy.   I looked at her for several minutes without moving my eyes from her crotch until the next student arrived.
     When Tina a bright thirteen-year-old freshman entered sherry quickly closed her legs.   Tina took the seat next to Sherry and they both started to open and close their legs, giving me the chance to see both of their panty covered Pussies.   I noticed that the more they opened and closed their legs, the more transparent their panties became.   This gave me a good view of their little Pussies, and their pubic hair.   Sherry had her hair shaved into a little strip while Tina barely had any at all.

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     This continued until all of the girls who wanted to join the special class had arrived.   I had all the girls move to a set of chairs that I had already set up for the class, in a semi circle while I closed and locked the door.   I had given each of the seven girls a permission slip for their fathers to sign so that they could be in the class.   I gathered them and began the first session.
     I asked the girls what all they wanted to learn.   Sherry answered in no uncertain terms, that they wanted to learn everything, including how to masturbate.      I started by asking if any of them wanted to volunteer to be the demonstration model for the first class.   Tina jumped up and said that she would go first.   I had her remove her clothes and proceeded to point out all of the different spots on her, that were considered erogenous zones.   I then went on to point out how their bodies worked, and teach them how to use the current sanitary products.
     I finished the first class by having the girls practice putting sanitary napkins in their panties letting me see how much pubic hair they each had.   I dismissed the class, and as they were filing out of the classroom I handed them slips for a field trip.   Where I would take them to the store to show them all the different products available to them.      I was surprised to note that Sherry had stayed behind.   Sherry waited until the others were gone to let me know that she hadn’t left.

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    She walked back into the classroom and closed the door behind her.   Sherry then walked over to my desk and asked if I would show her the spots that were erogenous zones again.
     I asked her if she was sure that she wanted me to show her the zones.   When she assured me that she wanted me to show her, I had her remove her clothes.   Sherry quickly stripped down to her panties, and then asked do you really mean everything.   I told her yes if you want me to show them to you.      When Sherry was naked I took her over to the table in the back of the room and cleared a space for her to sit on it.   I started out by rubbing her right nipple and asked her if she could feel a tingling feeling.   Sherry said yes that feels so good do all of them feel that way.   I told her that they feel even better.   I slowly worked my way down to her navel where I started to rub her belly button causing her to shudder as I continued on.   When I reached her slit and started to rub my finger through it she exploded in her first orgasm.   I then started to rub her clit with one hand as I pushed a finger into her virgin Pussy.   This sent her over the edge again.   With her Pussy flowing so freely it didn’t take long for me to be finger fucking her with four fingers.

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     Sherry lay there moaning and sighing as I continued to make her feel good.   I stopped pleasuring her with my fingers and let her come down from the constant orgasmic pleasure I had her in.   Sherry soon had her breath and voice back and asked me if it got any better than that.   I asked her how far she wanted to go with this lesson.      Sherry said that she wanted to feel everything that she could.   I quickly removed my clothes and started to run my cock through her slit getting it wet with her juices.   When I was slick enough I told her that the next part might hurt a little bit but that if she could get through it she would feel even better.   Sherry said that she would try to get through it.
     I pushed in slowly and got the head inside her virgin Pussy and stopped so she could get used to the intrusion.   After she seemed to relax a bit I pushed in further, and started to pump in and out in short strokes going deeper with each thrust.   I soon found my cock hitting her hymen.   I reached down and started to rub her clit as I was pumping in and out.   Sherry soon was back on the high road reaching another orgasm.   I used the opportunity to shove my cock deep into her busting through her hymen.      Sherry tenses up a bit but is quickly back to her full on orgasm.

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    I increase my pace and Sherry is grinding right back into against my, matching my thrust.   I was so into my own pleasure that I shot my load deep into her unprotected womb.
     Sherry launched into a multiple orgasm as my seed hit the back of her womb.   I stayed hard as a rock and was soon pummeling her no longer virgin Pussy like it was the last chance I would get to have sex with this highly excitable young woman.   I continued to pump for another fifteen minutes until I could feel the seed boiling in my balls to let loose again.   I slammed in as hard as I could burying my cock deep in her Pussy, and let loose again with another huge load filling her already over full womb.      When I finished unloading inside her I quickly went soft and slipped out of her with a pop.   Sherry came down from her final orgasm and we both rested from our coupling.   Sherry said wow that was intense can we do it again.   I told her that we would have to wait until the next day as it was getting late and she should be getting home before her dad came looking for her.   Sherry gave me a kiss on the cheek and said that she loved the feelings that I gave her and couldn’t wait for the next class.
     We went our separate ways and went to our own homes for the night.   The next day when school let out, I was eagerly waiting for my seven new girls.   Part three  will start with this class day.

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