Getting caught


We had been fucking every day during the school vacation often two or three times.
This afternoon we were in her house doing it doggy over the arm of the lounge. I was almost there I could feel the orgasm building up when we heard the front door open. I wanted to pull out and scarper off but my orgasm came fast and I was beginning to fill her up. Her mother walks in and here I am shooting cum into her 13 yo daughter doggy style. She screamed at me to get off her and it ws easy then I had spent everything and it was all inside her.
After that her mother almost went beserk and we both stood there with no pants on and cum dripping from my cock and it was beginning to run down her leg she said mum I have to go to the toilet.
Once she left the room the questions started flying at a 100 miles an hour. There were so many but basically she wanted to know when we started how often we had done it etc.
Lorrie came back still naked from the waist down and thing calmed down a lot. The drama subsided and it became a question and answer session about our sex life. Her mother was astounded that we had done it so often.
Any how it ended well, Lorrie had not begun periods so there was little or no risk of pregnancy. I said I knew that but I had condoms ready for when she started. Her mother said I dont know about that , this will be the last time you do that together, and Lorrie said no mum it wont, I want to do it because I like it.
The discussion/arguement went on a bit longer and we all agreed that if we were to do it it had to be indoors in her bedroom and we were never to mention it to anybody else.

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   Should I say her mother made the rules and we agreed to them.
The affair lasted 4 years and as soon as Lorrie had periods her mother put her on he pill. Her mother often saw us having sex together and she became quite accostomed to us doing it and saying little if anything while we actually were engaged in it. Afterwards she often asked how we were enjoying it and was quite amazed it had lasted as long as we had.
Lorrie and I ended it after 4 years amicably, she met a boy she liked and went to him.
The irony was last year now 10 years since Lorrie and I started and got caught,  I met her mom accidently and she invited me home and obviously the discussion was about Lorrie and my sex life .
I couldnt believe it when she came to me and kissed me in what I thought was going to be a friendly kiss but before I realised it it was passionate. She whispered that she wanted me to sleep with her and she made me an offer and even though she was 20 years older than me she still looked good and kept a good figure playing tennis a lot. At first I said no, but we talked for a while and soon I came around to her way of thinking.
Now I had slept with her daughter and was no going to sleep with her, the mother of my first conquest.
I did and it was every bit as good as the times I had with Lorrie, in fact it was better, because she showed me ways and means i had never tried. Making love to an older woman should be compulsorary, what she taught me will make me a better lover for life.
We continued to meet and sleep together quietly for 5 or 6 months before the story of the two of us got out, ironically to one of her tennis ladies and I got an offer from her and by now I was willing to go with any woman twice my age, they were fantstic.
For a couple of months I tried to keep them both happy without the other knowing but it was too much and I ended up losing both of them after they realised what I was doing.
Lorrie got in touch with me and told me how much I had hurt her mother.

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   Evidently she knew we were lovers as well.
Now I seek older women and have no problems being a toy boy for most of them.
more about the experiences with them later if anybody comments .