My Career Pt 7


My Career Pt 7
Aunt Mai came home about 6:30 PM and had a couple of pizza's, a six pack of beer and a video tape with her. I'd been good all day and had not played with my cock so I was horny and ready to go.
"Pizza and porn, what a combination" I joked as I flopped onto the lounge.
"It's not porn it's something you can help me with this week as your not working. " said Mai popping the cassette in the player.
I grabbed a slice and a beer and settled back to watch the tape. Mai hit the play button and the next thing on the screen was a womens tennis match. I sat there with my mouth open and pizza hanging out thinking "what the fuck".
"I'm not big on womens tennis so can you tell me what's all this for?" I questioned Mai
"The women in the orange top is the hottest player on the tour, although she hasn't won a singles event yet, but enough runner's up cheques soon add up to big dollars. " said Mai
It seemed this was the woman dubbed i-Candy by the press. Her good looks, blonde hair and big tits had
bought her more attention than titles and her pictures were the most downloaded from the Net. Mai was explaining how she was in town this week to play in the singles and doubles events and her team of flunkies were here to look at property to buy or invest her money in. My job is to keep her entertained off the court and to keep her in a good mood to say yes to some properties we manage. If she spends any money on property then I'm in line for a bonus as part of the sales team.
"I don't want to sound picky but isn't she from Eastern Europe and I've heard she doesn't speak much English. " I gave Mai a look as I waited for an answer.

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"Actually, she speaks several different languages quite well. Her English is passable but I'm sure a smart boy like you can understand if a women wants to be fucked regardless of what language she asks it in. " Mai gave me a grin and ate her pizza.
For the rest of the evening Mai  filled me in with all the information her company had on Miss i-Candy. It seemed she was travelling with her doubles partner, an English player by the name of Maisy Oates, and there were some rumours of their off court relationship. Miss i-Candy had also been linked to a number of men over the past year but nothing long term, it looks as if she was the love em' and leave em' type. Mai also told me she was a party girl, but no illegal drugs, and a compulsive shopper of cothes.
It was getting late as Mai wrapped it up explaining that a company limo would be here next morning to take me to the tennis. I was also given a company credit card to "use wisely" and to get receipts for everything even a coke. The last things Mai said as she left the door was to dress neat but casual and think bonus.   rang early the next morning to tell me of a slight change to the plan. Two hired bodyguards would be driving the limo. They were not known to the company so she told me to play it careful. The limo arrived and the two guards got out. These guys were huge, easily six foot plus, but bulked up to more than twice my size.

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   There names were unfortunately Marco and Paolo and I was about to smirk when Marco spun me against the limo and frisked me police style to make sure I had no weapons, cameras or soundrecording gear. When Marco signalled all clear Paolo got in to drive and Marco opened the rear door for me to enter. He cimbed in after me and took a seat along the side. From his position he could easily reach me or look to the front to see Paolo.
Arriving at the tennis centre Paolo stayed with the car and Marco led me to a corporate box to watch the match. I looked at the official guide and discovered her correct name is spelt Alexcandia but she prefers Alex and not the i-C name. Her opponent was ranked about fifty places below her and the match took less than an hour and as soon as she left the court Marco tapped me on the shoulder to go. He took me back to the car and while I climbed in the back he stood by the door. Soon he opened it again and Alex and Maisy jumped in ahead of a troop of photographers. Marco held off the paparazzi till Paolo had the car moving and then jumped in the front next to his partner.
"You are guide for today?" asked Alex in thickly accented English.
"Tell me what you would like to do and I will try to arrange it for you. " I smiled at the two women facing me.
They were both tanned and fit. I could see firm thighs disappearing under their short skirts and long
legs down to their sandels.

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   Alex looked like her posters and it was hard to believe she had just finished playing tennis. Her blonde hair was done in a pony tail and hung across her shoulder. Her firm tits strained against the thin material of her blouse which was tied to reveal her muscled midriff and support her tits. A short denim skirt and white open toed sandels completed her out fit.
Maisey was dark haired, which was cut short at her neck. She let it hang loose and it waved as she moved in her seat. Her black t-shirt had a scooped neckline and showed ample cleavage pushed up by her bra. She wore a check patterned, pleated mini skirt that barely covered her pussy as she sat facing me.   The two of them touched heads and whispered to each other while occasionally glancing my way.
"A spot of lunch and some shopping. " suggested Maisy who had a great accent and smile.
I picked up the phone and told Marco to head towards the harbour area as the ladies wanted lunch. Both girls had short skirts, and long legs they also had big tits and tight tops. They sat on the back seat and I was on the side seat. Maisy began to rub her hand on Alex's thigh edging higher on each pass till her hand disappeared under the skirt.

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   Alex made a comment about oats for lunch and Maisey asked could she have candy. They kept making these remarks to each other as Maisey flipped the skirt up to show me how she was massaging Alex's pussy through her black lace panties.
Alex lay back in the seat and spread her legs wide for Maisey. In turn Maisey increased the pressure she was applying. She left red marks on Alex's thighs as she gripped the flesh tightly kneading it like bread dough. I just sat trying to cover my increasing erection. Maisey began licking Alex's legs, running her tongue from knee to crotch, I could hear the smacking of her lips as she kissed the cloth covered mound of Alex's sex.
Alex reached in to pull her panties to one side to give Maisey access to her clit and she released a loud moan as Maisey slipped a finger into her cunt. My dick was fully throbbing from watching this action. Maisey had now positioned herself on her knees between Alex's legs still working her tongue and finger over Alex's pussy. With her other hand Maisey was now rubbing her own crotch. From where I was sitting I had a great view of her panty covered arse and the material vanishing up her crack. The red material against the white skin of her arse just accentuated the curve and fullness of her backside.
Maisy's head was really working on Alex's pussy and while I couldn't see exactly what she was doing the smell and the sounds of sex filled the car. Maisey had pulled her panties clear of her cunt and was working a finger around and around so I took my chance.

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   Spitting on my hand I greased my cock, and then in one motion I was off the seat and behind Maisey slamming my cock into her slippery love hole.
The car hit a bump on the road and that action caused my cock to slide completely into Maisey. She screamed  a long low "yeesss" as I began pounding away on her backside.
Alex opened her eyes to watch me fuck her friend and shouted at me to do it faster and harder. She told me to "fuck this bitch" all the while she had hold of Maisey's head so it never left her pussy.
Maisey's cunt was hot and tight, I could feel her flex her muscles and squeeze my cock as I continued to plunge in deep and hard. I was hard balancing behind Maisey as the car bounced along. I had my legs spread wide and one hand pressed against the roof to hold me in place.
Alex was losing it severely as she told me to keep fucking Maisey and for Maisey to "keep eating candy". Maiseys arse was firm and full from all her tennis playing and I could feel her clench her muscles to maintain a hold on my cock. Her cunt was on fire and my cock could feel the heat. I sucked one of my thumbs till it was coated in saliva and pressing against Maiseys butt hole pressed and popped it in as my cock kept up the pace on her cunt. Maisey's moan vibrated through Alex's cunt as she sucked and licked away. Alex was breathing hard and I was sweating from the heat generated by the three of us. All the bouncing around of the car and the aroma of sex finally tipped me over the edge and shot a load deep into Maisy as I pushed hard against her arse.

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   I pulled nearly all the way out and slammed forward as I felt the next jet shoot along my cock. Maisey's head had nearly been crushed flat as Alex's legs clamped shut around her. Alex gave a long sigh and a shudder passed through her body as Maisey got her off as well.
I pulled my shorts back up as the girls adjusted their underwear and skirts. Alex looked at Maisey and then they both looked at me and in nearly perfect English Alex deemed me worthy to be their guide for the week. At this point the intercom buzzed and Marco asked which restaurant we would be eating at.
This made both girls laugh and I told Marco of a place to go to. I then grabbed the car phone and rang Aunt Mai and asked if she could organise a table at the restaurant for us. A few minutes on hold and then success. A minute after confirming our reservations we stepped from the limo straight to our table. Now this is something I could get used to in a hurry.
It was over lunch that Alex made the suggestion of my becoming a personal trainer. It was the latest fad with women wishing to lose weight but who didn't want to go to a gym. The girls talked tennis for a while as they had a doubles match tomorrow. After lunch it was shopping and I became a bag carrier as they made their way through the city's exclusive shopping district.

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   After that Marco drove the girls to their hotel and they both gave me long deep kisses as they exited the car telling me that they would think of what they would like to do tomorrow. I was then taken home and as I got out of the car Marco told me to be ready 9:00 AM sharp when they would be back.
I could see this being a long, tireing but enjoyable week.